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The most common problems found in vacuum cleaners are low suction force, excessive noise, burning smell, vacuum not turn on, and overheating. These issues can …

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Read our latest vacuum blog articles to find out handy vacuuming tips and advice from extending the life of your vacuum to what kind of vacuum cleaner is …

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Hi, my name is Mea Archer, owner of the vacuum cleaner blog, the niche website that I have developed to provide the most up-to-date news, reviews and the latest advice and information for all things vacuum cleaner related.

This site exists primarily to assist you in the purchase of a vacuum cleaner so that you make an informed decision and a best-value purchase. The aim of the site is to provide quality product reviews that have an attention to detail and take account of published product reviews and testing together with real user feedback to provide an unbiased opinion. With a focus on quality content, the goal is for the website to grow and become a reliable, respected, and trusted resource for consumers looking to purchase a new vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum cleaners can be a significant household purchase and with the varied range of vacuum cleaner types on offer these days many households are choosing to make multiple purchases to service their differing needs. The problem with vacuum shopping is that there are so many options and it can be difficult and time-consuming to find the perfect model for you and your home.  You need to decide between upright, canister, robot, handheld, stick, and even convertible vacuums that can be both upright and canister or both handheld and stick. You then have a choice between bagless or bagged models within each of these vacuum types.

Essentially, we do the hard work for you by carrying out the research so you don’t have to. We want to make it easy for you to achieve the best value purchase with consideration of cost, reliability, brand, ease of use, reputation, quality, and customer support.

Over time this website will also expand as a resource for other products and information related to vacuums and cleaning around the home. Above all, this site exists to add value to the internet. We hope to make this website fun and interesting to explore. The design and content will be to a high standard so that the site is a nice experience for users.


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