Dyson DC25 Vacuum\015 Brush has stopped turning. Internet research says broken wires from circuit is common cause of this. I want to access that area of vaccum to check for broken wires\015

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This genuine Dyson vacuum part is the reset switch for the Dyson DC24 and D25 uprights. This switch needs to be activated if you experience a power surge while vacuuming, and your vacuum turns off as a result.
If your vacuum cleaner`s motor is running smoothly, but the agitator brushroll isn`t rolling as it should, you may have a faulty drive belt. Replacing a drive belt is a fairly simple task, so if you`re unsure where to start you`ve come to the right place for advice.
To reset the Brush bar press the Brush bar control button twice or switch the machine off and back on.
If your dyson vacuum isn`t turning on, don`t panic – there are a couple possible causes. It could simply be that the vacuum overheated and shut itself off. If that is the case, wait 24 hours and turn it back on. However, another problem with dysons are failed power switches.
What`s the switch on the cleaner head for? You can use the switch on the High Torque cleaner head to further adjust the suction. Slide it towards the `+` for maximum suction for ground-in dirt and large debris on durable floor coverings.
Press and hold the power button on the machine and the remote together for 10 seconds. The LED screen will count down from 10. Once this count down has been completed, the machine will have been reset.

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Riccar 1700 melted connector to circuit board…
ANSWER : It might be an easy fix but should be done by a qualified Riccar dealer.

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I have an Eureka Express canister vacuum – I believe it’s model 8284 – that just stopped working. Plug it in, turn it on, and absolutely nothing happens. I took it to the local sew and vac place and they say it’s a circuit board that is no longer available. I’ve looked at all the parts lists and diagrams for that vacuum and I would swear there isn’t a circuit board there. (I wouldn’t have even thought that in 1989 they would have used circuits.) In any case, I absolutely love this machine a
ANSWER : Given the age of the machine weighed against you fondness for it, unless you can find a fault with either the switch or the cord, there is little else that can be done. With time the electrical lead can break down and one of the wires in the cord can break. Check both the live and the neutral wires for continuity from the plug to the switch. Check the switch for continuity across the input terminals and the output terminals. There is one other thing to check and that would be the brushes. You will probably be told that brushes are no longer available for that model, but some kindly parts outlet may match up a pair of brushes for you.

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Bissel Proheat 2x circuit board
ANSWER : Use this link: http://www.4cleanerfloors.co.uk/cgi-bin/product.pl?PID=1278118_amp;brand=Bissell_amp;model=_amp;part=
.I had the same problem. Ordered a PCB from Bissel it took 2 weeks to arive. I fitted it, then it blew again, turned out the brush motor was short circuiting. Ordered a new motor it took 10 weeks. I have now had to order the second circuit board.
.Over 3 months to get this vac fixed – my advice is – don’t buy Bissels!

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Dyson dc25 power switch wont stay on – Dyson DC25 All Floors Bagless Upright Vacuum
ANSWER : Hi Chett,

I’m sorry to hear you’re having difficulty with your DC25. If the switch doesn’t seem to be working correctly, I’d encourage you to get in touch with us directly as we’d appreciate the opportunity to provide further assistance.

You can reach us on 0800 298 0298 (UK), or 1-866-693-9766 (US). Please have the machine to hand when you call, so one of our advisors can run through some troubleshooting with you.

We’ll look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,

Dyson Online Customer Support

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Have a Miele S658 Blue Moon that cuts out intermittently, sounds like most of the solutions to similar problems indicate the circuit board has gone bad in the hose mechanism…….can just the circuit board be replaced or does the entire hose have to be replaced?
ANSWER : Probably needs a new hose.

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How do I buy a Dyson DC25 manual – Dyson DC25 All Floors Bagless Upright Vacuum
ANSWER : You can get the manual on the link below.

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How can i get my dyson dc25 to stand up – Dyson DC25 All Floors Bagless Upright Vacuum
ANSWER : Video of what pholefono is talking about

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Dyson dc25 power switch will not stay on – Dyson DC25 Animal Bagless Upright Vacuum
ANSWER : I called Dyson because I had a similar problem. When I pushed the red button down on my dc25, but it would not stay down. The vacuum would turn on when the button was pushed down, but of course when I let go of it the vacuum would shut off. The helpful telephone tech. Recognized the symptom right away and told me to push down on the button fully and let It flick up like a lighter. I about fell off my chair when that worked right away! Anyways for what it’s worth, she said sometimes the mechanism in the buttons gets consnarlitated (my tern, not hers!) and this resets the spring.

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