nd the lights blink, when closing it automatically reverses just as it fully closes and then the lights start to blink again. I checked for obstructions and tried to reset the limits of travel per the manual, it still does the same thing. Any ideas on what to try next?

How to Identify and Fix Common Vacuum Problems ?

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The purpose of the safety sensors located on the bottom corners of your garage door is to automatically reverse your door if they detect motion underneath the door. If the opener cannot detect that the safety sensors are properly working or connected, then the opener lights will flash and the door will refuse to close.
Remote controls and/or keypads stop working. The circuits that detect the remote signals could be damaged. Change the batteries in case those happened to die out at the same time. If new batteries do not help, it`s most likely the result of a lightning power surge.
After regaining power, pull the emergency release cord towards the door. To prepare the garage door to work on electricity again, pull the release cord toward the garage door in order to re-engage the garage door in its down position. Its spring lever will be compressed and the two mechanisms will reconnect.
Batteries for your keypad should be relatively easy to find, such as at home stores. If your garage door keypad won`t light up, is blinking, or you need to put in your PIN multiple times before it works, these are all signs that you likely need to replace the batteries.
Check if the service light indicator is flashing. The most common reason a garage door opener will beep or flash is that it is due for scheduled maintenance. Like a car, your garage door opener is made up of many moving parts and requires regular servicing to ensure it continues to operate at optimal capacity.
If a power outage happens, it is necessary to reset the garage door and reconnect the garage door opener. There are times when you need to go out somewhere in an emergency and due to a power outage or a faulty battery operation, you have to manually operate the door as it is the last option left.
Garage door opener FAQ

Yes, unplugging a garage door opener will reset it. Unplugging the opener erases the programmed settings. You will have to reprogram it again once you plug it in.

If the surge protector has a reset button, push down on the reset side of the button. If this does not restore operation, disconnect or turn off all connected equipment and try to reset it again.
Make sure the opener is plugged in and the garage circuit breaker is in the correct place. Make sure your door has not been manually locked by mistake. Replace the batteries of the keypad or remote control. Confirm that you`re within the recommended range and position when using garage door remotes.
Your garage door might be operating on battery power. Whenever that happens, the opener will beep to let you know it`s running on the backup battery. This will usually only happen during a power outage, but it can happen on its own, too.
When a garage door opener is opening or closing with battery-backup power, it beeps to let you know. This is because it`s important for a homeowner to know if battery power is engaged when it should not be. Low Batteries: A garage door opener also beeps if the battery is running low.
If the LED is blinking rapidly, the PIN was entered incorrectly. After the LED stops blinking, re-enter your PIN ad try again. Any keypad button will control the door for 30 seconds after the door starts moving.
While the exact process varies, most models with a button will have you push the button for around five seconds. Another common process requires you to hold the button down until the LED light begins to blink. For many garage door opener systems, that`s all you`ll have to do when reprogramming.
Garage Door Opener Makes Unusual Noises

A telltale sign of a damaged garage door opener is strange sounds. If you start hearing your garage door opener make noises that you`ve never heard before as it opens or closes the door, it`s likely that it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Motor Is Burnt Out

When you`ve tried all of the other options and still haven`t fixed the problem, it means you most likely have a burnt-out motor. At this point, it`s time to call a professional. They`ll have a look at your garage door opener, and after verifying the cause, will repair or replace your motor for you.

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After a brief power outage my Marantec 4700 garage door opener has problems opening/closing. When opening it stops at the fully open position and the lights blink, when closing it automatically reverses just as it fully closes and then the lights start to blink again. I checked for obstructions and tried to reset the limits of travel per the manual, it still does the same thing. Any ideas on what to try next?
ANSWER : This is not a sensor issue, I have a similar problem, sensors work fine, garage door is still fully functional, all operations, including safety sensors work properly, just the overhead lights flash. I suspect there was damage to the power board due to a power surge, going to order a replacement to see if it works, will let you know how it goes.

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My garage door opener will start to close then stop and go back to the open position. If I put pressure on the door as it is closing sometimes it will close all the way and sometimes it will return to the open position. Can you help me. Thanks
ANSWER : Sounds like the pressure sensor is being tripped – this is a safety feature on most makes in the last 10 years.

Find the make/model of your device and it probably has some knobs on the main unit to adjust.

For example, on the Chamberlain Power Drive 3/4 HP Chain Drive Garage Access System model PD752D:
Section on “Adjustment”, “Adjust the Force”, page 28

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I have a Liftmaster garage door opener and the garage door faces south. Normally the opener works great except at certain times on a sunny day.The sunlight is not directly hitting one of the sensors but the door will comedown as far as half way and then it will go back up and the lights will flash. If I go inside and use the button I can hold it down until the door is fully closed. However, sure is a pain to have to take the car out, go back into the garage, shut the door and then leave the h
ANSWER : Sounds like a problem with a limit switch or something getting in the way of the electric eye that interrupts for safety reasons. .Clean the electric eye transmitter and sensor of debris and cobwebs and make sure the wires are attached properly..Check the operation of the lifting media track or chain. Has it been lubricated recently?.If possible, clean the switch in the transmitter in the car, it may be shorting out.

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Press the power button on – good got a green light (new battery)
press the clean button – got a green light

iRobot runs for a couple of seconds and stops, then starts, then stops. After two or three times I now have a red light on for the Status.

All of the wheels seem to be clean. I used compressed air to clean the underside. But still have the start stop problem.

ANSWER : How many times does the red light blink before it pauses?

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I have a Roomba 560 (it’s still in warranty !!) and, after my summer vacation, it has a problem.
When I’m charging Roomba, the orange light blinks (and this is normal!) but this orange blinking continues forever…. the light doesn’t change to green.
If I detach Roomba from the charger, the light become green and it works normally until the light changes to red and I have to charge it again.



ANSWER : The problem is not with the charger itself but it is with the battery inside the Roomba. It sunds like one or more of the cells has gone bad so its not holding the same charge as it did. I would recomend sending it in while the warranty is still valid so they will replace it. Your charger and the Roomba itself should be fine.

A few tips to keep the battery working longer:
Only charge the battery when it is drained all the way to zero. It will help keep the battery active.

Only charge the battery until it is full and then disconect it from the power source. It will keep it active longer plus it will help keep your electric bill down.

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Won’t start. My son was using the vacuum & Didn’t change the bag. The vacuum was making the full bag smell, but the light was’t on & it didn’t stop. I stopped him, changed the bag, checked the filter, closed the compartments & turned on the vacuum. Nothing happened. I checked to be sure that it was plugged in, that wasn’t the problem. I’ve let the vacuum “rest” for several days, It still won’t start. Any suggestions?
ANSWER : There is a reset button at the back of the powerhead. The user manual can be downloaded from the electrolux website, although I didn’t find it very useful. There was some info on how to change the powerhead drive belt.

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I hit the button and just the light comes on,then i hit the button again and the door closes almost all the way but opens and light keeps flashing . the sensors are on and clear of obstructions . it is a wayne dalton quantum 3212 garage door opener.
ANSWER : Hello ccap….. It sounds like one of those sensors has gotten out of alignment with the other. check to see if there is a steady green light on each sensor. If not, adjust until the light is a steady green. Joe
.Thanks for choosing Fixya!

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I have a raynor flight star garage opener. Had a lighting strike 4 days ago. All power is good. The opener even has a little green light on the switch that is attached to it. However the opener is not responding. Is there a way to reset on the motor by taking off the housing? I don’t see any reset button on the out side of the housing.thnx
ANSWER : You could always try unplugging the unit and plugging it back in. If that doesn’t work the logic board is probably fried and unfortunately there is no replacement available for it any longer. You would need to buy a new opener. I’d recommend Liftmaster.

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