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If you do not have a code for your device, then you can: Download and open the One For All Setup App on your smartphone (iOS & Android) and look up for your device. This Setup App gives you the full access to our code database, where you can download the latest codes for your device.
Searching The TV Manual

Your TV`s product manual is the starting point when seeking the 4-digit code for your remote. Manufacturers typically include these codes in a manual section for setting up and using universal remotes.

Hold down MAGIC until the light blinks once and then twice and stays lit. Use the DEVICES key to select the relevant device mode. Enter 992, the light will blink twice. Press the Magic key once, the light blinks once.
Make sure there are no obstructions between the device you wish to control and the remote itself. Most remote controls use infrared (IR) technology, which means they need to be aimed directly at the device you want to control. If something is blocking the remote, your commands will not work.
Remove a battery from the remote and press a button to discharge the remote entirely. Reinsert the battery – the LED should blink twice. Press the digits 2 and 8 simultaneously within 6 seconds – the LED should blink twice. Enter the code 9 8 1, the LED will blink 4 times.
What to Know. It`s not necessary to purchase a device-specific remote as a replacement remote for one that`s been lost. A Universal TV remote will work with any device model for almost all manufacturers and may be compatible with multiple devices.
The universal TV controls from One For All are suited to all brands and most of your home entertainment devices. Brands such as Samsung, Philips, Sony, Panasonic and LG. You can conveniently connect up to eight different devices in your house.
In programming your universal remote without a code, you`ll need to: Hold down the SET and Zero (0) buttons on your universal remote four times at the same time. This step is crucial, and this part is where most people fail. You`ll then notice the LED light indicator (usually red) turns on steadily.
Regardless of which universal remote you choose, the majority use a series of unique code numbers to identify the various commands for whichever device you`re trying to control.
TV remote controls work in a similar way but using a type of light called infrared (or IR for short). The remote control has an LED light in it which flashes really quickly to emit a message which is then picked up by the TV. The remote is called the transmitter, and the TV is called the receiver.
As long as your smart TV has an Infrared sensor (or whatever connection type your remote uses, like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi), your universal remote should work with it. But some universal remotes will control only your TV`s power, volume, and channel up/down buttons.
Check whether you need a fresh pair of batteries. Perform a Power reset: Un-plug the TV power cord for 60 secs (or 2 minutes for Android TVs) and plug back in. Alternatively, for Android TVs perform a reset by holding down the power button on the remote control for 5 seconds.
-In all sections, when you are instructed to press a [DEVICE] button, that means you should press either the CBL, TV, or DVD button, depending on which device you are programming the remote to operate. Turn ON the component you want to program (CBL, TV, or DVD).
This device allows you to control the different types audio and video devices in your home, which will make watching your favorite show or movie as simple as it should be. Browse the top-ranked list of simple universal remotes below along with associated reviews and opinions.
Set up your virtual remote

On your Android phone, open the Google TV app . Near the bottom right, tap Remote . At the top, tap Scanning for devices. Choose your device.

PIN-Master can store codes which consist of digits, letters and other symbols, hence all sorts of Passwords and Login codes can be managed. You only need to remember one Master Code.
One For All is the worldwide leader and inventor of universal remote controls to suit any lifestyle.
The types of devices that a universal remote can control include TVs, CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disc players, home theater receivers, soundbars, cable and satellite boxes, video game consoles, and streaming devices, such as Roku and Apple TV.
The Magic Remote is compatible with the following series and models of LG televisions: OLED Models: Z2, G2, C2, B2, and A2 series. QNED Models: QNED99, 90, 85, and 80 series. NanoCell Models: NANO80 and 75 series.
With Tile, you never have to deal with the hassle and inconvenience of a missing remote. A Tile remote locator keeps you from having to wander aimlessly all over the house before you can enjoy your show. Instead of a lengthy search, tap the Find feature in the app, listen for the ring, and go get your remote!
The One For All Smart Control 8 resembles a stock remote you`d get with a TV but can do a lot more. It can control up to eight devices via infrared and will work with everything from a TV to a set-top box to a Blu-ray player. It also features customizable shortcut keys that you can program via a smartphone app.
If you continue to see a light when no button is pressed, the remote control may need to be replaced. If it does not light up when its specific button is pressed, the button may be broken.
One For All is the worldwide leader and inventor of universal remote controls to suit any lifestyle.

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I lost the remote and went and got a universal and i dont know the code to set the dip switches on the new remote,how do i program it?
ANSWER : MAy I ask what you need the new remote for. Once I have this info I will be able to help you program it.

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I tried to get a lock code for my nokia E71, but i wrote the code in wrong. Now it wants me to give it a puk code. Cant find the puk code anywhere.
ANSWER : Just ring your TelCo provider and they will give you one over the line

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We bought a TV from Walmart years ago. It is working great but the remote is broke and we can not find a universal remote that reconizes the name SV 2000. Can we order a remote for this brand of TV
ANSWER : Just get as generic remote and if your code isnt in there go to the auto scan mode like it tells yo in the guide

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ANSWER : I suggest you check with the manufacturer for that particular remote. If they are available they will be the only place you can find those codes. Or find the book that came with the remote

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I lost my codes for my universal remote i need answers asap!
ANSWER : Hi Coourtneeylyn,

You can find the code sheets for the GE Remotes made by JASCO Products at the following website:

Please let me know if you should have any further questions!


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I have a Hampton Bay Midili fan which I just installed about a month ago and it was working fine. A few days ago when I flipped the switch on the light flickered on and off consistently until I turned the switch off. The remote also stopped working to control the fan and light. Since this model only can be controlled by the remote I am worried I will have to replace the remote already after only 1 month!
ANSWER : In many of these remote controlled lamps you cant use the new spiral light bulbs .. you can only use standard incandescent lights .. if thats not the trouble then you may indeed have a bad controller (in the fan) .. there is probably at least a 90 day warranty maybe as much as 3 years .. make sure the wire nut power connections are secure inside the fan.. if one of the the wires in the fan are not making contact then you will see a similar problem .. once in a while i have seen strong external RF signals interfere with the controller but thats rare and usually doesnt last long ..
.i would : 1. check all the connections .. 2. replace the light bulb to make sure its not flakey or the wrong type .. 3. try to get the fan replaced in warranty ..

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I just received my Hepa filter in the mail today. Product #XSH621 – Hepa filter for EP619 & EP621 :005-04 When bought my vacumn, I was told that the filters were free and all I do is pay Postage. Today I received one filter and it lookes like I got charged the postage for two filters. The packages slips: One stated order #11152282 The other order # 1151940 If I get charged for two I expect to receive two. Can you help me with this matter or where can I go to get resolution. Catherine Fantini e-
ANSWER : This isn’t really a problem that can be fixed here on Fixya rather than advise you as a buyer. You’d have to contact the people/company you have purchased the filters from and take it up with them regarding the postage. Hope you get a decent reply.

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ANSWER : You didn’t say who the manufactor is, but go to there web site and see if you can buy direct, you will need your complete model number. If you can’t find, then you might try a repair place and see if they can order one for you.

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