Beam Industries Wet/Dry Auto Central System Vacuum\015 Bought replacement harness and can’t figure out how to simply place harness back in with hose and get contact board to reseat and replace the hose set properly. Any diagrams for this? any tricks? Without saying, but I will, feel pretty stupid. Seemed easy enough when I unscrewed and opened up. The harness just a connector, switch and contact board for copper rings on hose that sits and attaches within the Beam Soft Touch grip housing. Any help would be appreciated.\015

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BEAM Central Vacuum Systems use specifically designed tubing installed in the walls of your home to carry 100% of the contacted dirt, dust and allergens away from your living area to the central power unit commonly located in the garage, utility room or basement.
This lightweight crushproof standard vacuum hose is 35mm in diameter.
Central vacuum systems work by creating powerful suction using a motor located in a remote area, such as a basement or garage. This motor is much larger and more potent than traditional portable vacuums.
Only a BEAM Central Vacuum System in your home is clinically proven to improve the indoor air quality by up to 52%.
You Will Love Beam Central Vacuum Benefits

Convenience – Beam vacuums do some of the work for you because their permanent self-cleaning filters never need replacing – just inspecting. You won`t find dust particles clinging to the filter surface like traditional vacuum filters.

On January 1, 2007 BEAM Industries became BEAM by Electrolux Central Vacuum Systems featuring the central vacuum brands of BEAM, Eureka and Electrolux. BEAM Central Vacuum Systems are attractive, affordable built-in appliances that appeal to homeowners as well as the commercial sector.
Beam`s patented GORE-TEX, HEPA standard filter is self-cleaning, but still requires maintenance as sharp particles can still damage the GORE fabric.
Smaller diameter vacuum hoses are often more navigable and flexible, not to mention lighter, and for specific applications, there are performance benefits. Larger diameter hoses can pick up more significant debris, and with less possibility of clogging.
Vacuum hoses tend to be anywhere between 3/16 inches in their inner diameter and 5/8 inches.
As a central vacuum manufacturer we use the 120 and 240 volt motors. The 120 and 240 motors will not be adversely affected if used with lower voltages. The 120 volt motor will be fine on 110 volts. Likewise, a 240 volt motor will be fine on 220 or 230 volts.
9) How much suction does the central vacuum system have? The simple answer is 2-3 times the suction of the standard upright vacuum. To be more specific our Vacu Central 100 has 114 inches of water lift or sealed suction, while our Vacu Central 200 has 136 inches.
Central Vacuums are Powerful

To put it in context, central vacuums generally have 500 to 1000 air watts, whereas ordinary vacuums have 100 to 200.

The best vacuum ever constructed on Earth was done at CERN at reported to achieve a density of about 1000 atoms per cubic centimeter. While this is astonishingly low, it is still over 2 million times more dense than interstellar space!
Vacuum technology is the use of vacuum or high-vacuum for optimum insulation of transfer lines or systems. A thin vacuum environment is created inside the pipe or system by constructing these with a double wall and extracting all the air between these walls with vacuum pumps.
Industrial vacuum cleaners use alternating current (AC) power to drive a high pressure fan to generate negative pressure. The created vacuum pulls in particulate matter and air that passes through a series of filters to be deposited into a bag or collection space.

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Beam Soft Touch handle electric harness replacement
ANSWER : Set the bottom part of the handle down(not the part that the screws go in)the contact board will fit into slots on the left side of thehandle half, the switch will go where the cutout is for it on the top, the plug is notched to fit at the lower front part of the handle. Then put the the tube into the hose and set it into the handle. There is a ribe near where the tube sticks out of the handle, it fits into a slot just before it sticks out. There also is a stop for the hose to up against so the contact rings can’t slip off. Then put the other half on and screw it down.

The mechanical off/on in the handle is not working with the electrical on/off switch upon removal of the handle you can cut the machine off by hand but after ensuring the the handle is re-placed in the proper position the machine will not turn off so what new handle or is the rocker switch has worn is now to hard for the mechanical switch to operated
ANSWER : Hi there it’s SmartAlec from here. You are spot on in your diagnosis however i have fixed heaps of these and i have found no way to tell wether its the switch or handle untill you try 1 or the other part. If you are in Australia i can get the parts for you. Hope this helps, regards Alec

The power brush floor rug attachment on my Eureka 6997 A Oxygen Canister Vacuum goes on an off as I use it. I replaced the The power cord from the handle has 2 plug in connections:
1 at the handle / upper wand
1 at the lower wand top of the power brush attachment

I replaced the entire wand assembly and it worked great for a year or so and now it’s doing the same thing again. I was told to keep the power switch on the handle set to off when connecting the power brush attachment or it will bu

ANSWER : This is from the prongs not making a good connection causing an arch inside the plugg causing what looks like rust on the plugg. I would try snugging up the connection by squeezing the female section to get a better connection on the prongs when it is plugged in together.

How do you remove the Handle from the Hoover Windtunnel Deluxe to replace the switch?
ANSWER : Removing the handle assembly should be easy after removal of the two screws. It may be binding or hanging up on the self-propel cable…or the plastic may just be stuck/binding. Note that the handle slides in and out of the vacuum unit along the same axis as the two screws (i.e. slides straight off the back towards you when you are standing behind the vacuum). Try to pry it off gently w/thin-bladed screwdriver or butter knife (careful now!). Not sure about the smoking issue but you may have a severely plugged filter and the unit is overheating as a result. Check that out immediately/first to avoid fire or expensive motor burnout.

My 8 yr old kenmore vacuum works well – however the hose has worn under the handle where there is a hole (resulting in decreased suction power). I’d like instructions on opening the handle and bypassing the worn piece of tubing rather than replacing it for $129. Some of the handle screws remove easily but the last one doesn’t loosen easily.

Have you tried spraying the stubborn screw with WD40 and let it soaked for a while? Other than these screws holding the handle together, there would no other way of opening it up.

Hope this be of initial help/idea. Pls post back how things turned up or should you need additional information.

Good luck and kind regards. Thank you for using FixYa.

Bisell Healthy home vacuum stopped working. The troubleshooting guide said there could be a problem in the connection at the handle. None of the phillips screwdrivers we have seem to work in removing the screw that holds the handle to the vacuum. What size phillips screw driver should we be using? If the screw is stripped, how can we get it out to replace it since it is not easily accessible in the handle?
ANSWER : You should use a p2 size phillips. there is only one screw right in the center that holds the handle assy on. frequently that screw backs out and allows the handle to slide back and loose connection. make sure the handle is tightly pressed in and the center screw is tight. that should fix your problem. let me know if it doesnt

Hoover on off switch won’t turn off. I have to unplug the vacuum to stop it. I have dismantled the handle and now I can’t get the inditation in the handle to fit over the little silver knob. I saw there was an on/off switch under the handle that is controlled by a piece of the handle.
#1 question for the manufacturer is why don’t they put the switch on the outside instead of having gimicks that turn it on and off… arghhhhhhhh
ANSWER : Don’t know what model you have, but sounds like you will need to replace the switch. As far as your question, you will have to contact the manufacture for an answer. We only provide solutions to your problem and a model number would have helped.

Our dustbuster (dont’ have model number with me-sorry) won’t turn off when I pull back on the switch handle. I disassembled the unit and realize that the tab on the switch handle that pulls back on the internal switch handle to turn it off is not strong enough for its simple task. Does B&D have a proper replacement part?
ANSWER : If you can provide a model number, I can check availability of the switch and can either order it for you, or supply the B&D part number and you can order it from most local vacuum shops in your area or from Black & Decker direct online: