The Best Bagget Vacuums on the Market

Ideal apartment. After these words, every reader had an image in his head. Someone imagined high-tech style, another closer Provence, the third – art deco. Everyone has their own tastes, but almost certainly each of you has presented a clean, tidy interior. To maintain the purity of dreams, a huge number of various devices were invented. These are elementary brooms and high-tech air purifiers, but the most popular is still a vacuum cleaner. At us in the country basically the configuration with the separate block of the motor and a dust collector and the flexible hose coming from them basically is used. Over the ocean, the more common are vertical vacuum cleaners, which we’ll talk about in this article.

The device of such a vacuum cleaner is to some extent even simpler – there is one rigid pipe on which the engine and a container or a bag for garbage collection are attached. Thanks to this arrangement, the vacuum cleaner takes considerably less storage space, and its use is a little easier. Maneuver is much more convenient, because you do not need to pull the case with all the main components. Finally, there are 2 in 1 models, with which help you can put things in order not only at home, but, for example, in the car.

Of course, each design has its drawbacks. Vertical vacuum cleaners have less power, they make a little more noise. And the cost due to low popularity is still quite high.

In what situations is it preferable to use a vertical vacuum cleaner? First, the owners of two-story houses or apartments with a complex configuration. Removing the steps with a traditional vacuum cleaner is another pleasure, but with vertical models it will be much easier. Secondly, this type is suitable for families with young children, in which you need to quickly remove some area, without wasting time to unwind the wire and prepare a dust collector.

With our selection of the best vertical vacuum cleaners for the home, our traditional rating will help. Study and choose!

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Representatives of the first category can be safely recommended to people who have never dealt with vertical vacuum cleaners. Thanks to the work from the network, these models produce good power, but they do not lose the main advantages of the class, and hence the transition from traditional vacuum cleaners will be as painless as possible.



Unfortunately, we often have to bump into models whose value is greatly overstated. The vacuum cleaner from Krausen is just one of those. Yes, here is a very high-quality engine, which at a low power consumption provides a high suction power. Also, it is worth praising Green Power for the large volume of the container. But with the ease of use there are big problems. Claims are both to large dimensions, because of which to maneuver with a vacuum cleaner and clean up under furniture is hard, and to an insufficiently good absorption of dust.


The Germans from Kercher are known primarily for their high-pressure washers. But, as you can see on the example of this model, they also get good vacuum cleaners. According to users, the VC 5 Premium, despite the low-power (500W) motor, perfectly copes with its main task. It is also worth noting the compact dimensions and interesting technology of “magnetic parking”, thanks to which the vacuum cleaner occupies places a little more than a conventional mop. True, for such a compactness you have to pay with small inconveniences – the cord is unwound manually.


03. VITEK VT-8103

Vitek products are known in our country due to their low cost with good characteristics. At the same time, quality, judging by the responses, does not cause any complaints, which is generally fine. Even more striking is that in the most compact and lightweight case, engineers managed to fit a very powerful by the standards of a class motor – 1800 watts. Of course, its efficiency leaves much to be desired, but still. The only thing that is worth to find fault with is the lack of a HEPA filter.