The Best Canister Vacuums on the Market

Technically, a simple solution to vacuum cleaner equipment with plastic dust collection containers produced an unprecedented in the market segment. Gradually, such models began to displace vacuum cleaners with textile dust collectors. This happened for several reasons. First, the durability of the use of plastic, many times greater than the time of use of tissue and paper, played a role. Secondly, it became obvious to everyone that it is easy to clean a plastic “glass”, which cannot be said about replaceable textile bags. In addition, the filter capacity of container vacuum cleaners (thanks to a cyclone filter) is much higher than that of a comparable model. Of course, the improved version is not without its drawbacks. The main one is increasing the noise level of the work. Nevertheless, it completely offset by the efficiency and ease of maintenance that noted above.

At present, the vacuum cleaner market literally oversaturated with models with plastic dust collectors. Make a choice in this situation is very difficult, but the solution is there! We have compiled for you an intuitive and exhaustive rating of the 12 best vacuum cleaners without a bag that guarantee a high quality of cleaning.

What’s the Best Canister Vacuum

The popularity and popularity of classic container vacuum cleaners greatly facilitated by good reliability: there is practically nothing to break! They are extremely simple to use, unpretentious in service, and the price will have to pay even to budget consumers.

Scarlett IS-VC82C03

Regarding the Scarlett IS-VC82C03, the users have one general impression: it is very powerful and at the same time “incredibly” quiet. At not the highest (to put it mildly) price level, the model is equipped with an engine for 400 W of suction power. This indicator would not be so praise, consume the device more electricity. Expecting to hear a strong buzz of the working engine, users are confused – instead of it, the noise of the air flow is clearly heard.

Scarlett IS-VC82C03

We did not manage to avoid drawbacks either. Container with a filter contains only 1.1 liters of garbage, which is enough only for one-time cleaning. In addition, the package does not provide a turbo brush, which effectively removes wool from the surfaces to be clean.

A good example of the fact that Chinese technology can also be of high quality. Midea VCS43C2 – a combination of high power, great capacity and futuristic appearance. The dust bag made in the form of a separate capsule, which allowed to significantly increasing its size (relative to competitors by rating).

The vacuum cleaner’s motor consumes 2200 watts per hour, but the suction power is 400 watts, which is very high for a vacuum cleaner of this price category. Nevertheless, you will not hear a strong roar of the working motor – manufacturers tried to minimize this component they actually did.