The Best Cordless Vacuum on the Market

Only everyone rested from the multivariate – and each company began to make vertical vacuum cleaners. Models the sea, and only seven could surprise. About them and tell.

Bosch Athlet 25.2V: the long battery life

The Bosch Athlet has very decent battery life, without recharging: from 60 to 75 minutes, that is, it is suitable for cleaning a fairly large room. This vacuum cleaner is 2 in 1: it has a removable module that can be used with a nozzle for upholstered furniture, a slotted nozzle and a hose. For a long time, the lithium-ion batteries are responsible, there is a switching of the power supply modes of the electric brush, a hygienic filter. Of interesting – sensors that detect when dust begins to reduce the suction force. In this case, the filter is cleaned automatically. Yes, the vacuum cleaner can stand without support – this is important for breaks in cleaning. Charging Bosch Athlet takes 3 to 6 hours.


Bosch Athlet BCH6L256

01. Bosch Athlet BCH6L256


In Bosch Athlet a removable portable vacuum cleaner is heavy, it can not be held by the handle, but it is necessary to put on like a bag: for this, there is a belt in the set. Yes, this option is more powerful and effective, but you need to adapt to it.

Vertical wireless vacuum cleaners usually have a very small dust bag – 0.4-0.6 liters, and here – a liter. There is another non-trivial thing for this type of model – the EPA fine filter (now NEPA class below 13 is called EPA), here is class 10. The model is beautiful, powerful, well cleaned, has 3 modes – floor, carpet, turbo. In the mode for a smooth floor, 1 hour works, carpet cleaning – up to 35 minutes, in the most powerful turbo mode – 20 minutes. Athen Evo has lithium-ion batteries installed. A very clear indicator of the modes and the level of battery charge is noteworthy – you definitely will not make a mistake. The brush has a built-in electric brush for cleaning animal hair, its roller can be easily removed and cleaned, and the nozzle has LED lighting. The model also stands well without support.

Dyson V8 Absolute

02. Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum

And, probably, the widest functionality among all the vertical vacuum cleaners (unless the floor does not wash, this too is – below). In addition, it is a model for which the suction power is announced by the manufacturer – 115 W, it is a lot for vertical vacuum cleaners, usually the suction power is so low that they do not sound it).

This model is 2-in-1 (the tube can be removed and put on any attachment to the body), and the choice of nozzles depends on the specific model (there is a Fluffy nozzle for cleaning small and large debris from different surfaces, there is a basic electric brush with direct drive, electric brush for furniture and car interior, etc.). But the “chip” is Dyson V8 – cleaning the dustbag completely without contact with dust: the user sharply lifts and lowers the cyclone unit by a special handle, and he pushes the garbage out of the container, which simultaneously opens the bottom.

Cleaning the dust container in Dyson V8 Absolut


Declared 40 minutes (not in turbo mode) the vacuum cleaner works, but some competitors can work longer without recharging. Can not stand without support. Expensive.