The Best Handheld Vacuums on the Market

A few decades ago it seemed completely impossible, because how can you put a dust bag in a compact wireless vacuum cleaner? The first step on the road to wireless cleaning was the invention of a cyclone vacuum cleaner by J. Dyson in 1978. In 1992, a well-known company was opened, which offered consumers worldwide effective. The next step was to place the cyclone in a compact case and deprive the vacuum cleaner of the wires – the first wireless vacuum cleaners were create. The idea was pick up by many manufacturers around the world, but Dyson products are still considered the standard, the kind of Apple in the world of vacuum cleaners. Running ahead, we note that you can get acquainted with the current models of wireless vacuum cleaners of the company and buy what you like in the official online store, while we will deal with the basics of choice and the main innovations of the sphere.

The wireless vacuum cleaner touches the surface only with a brush – the motor, filters and battery are in the housing, and here the problem arises of the most rational use of a small space. Dyson, for example, patented the engine with a digital control: by using a neodymium magnet in a compact motor in combination with digital pulse technology, it is rotate at a speed of up to 110,000 rpm. This is a very high figure, which allows you to be a mobile vacuum cleaner powerful enough to clean the apartment.

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Wireless vacuum cleaners from Dyson also have an increased suction power – due to the special design of the cyclone, the smallest particles of dust and mold are caught. Experiments show that Dyson wireless vacuum cleaners collect as much dirt as full-size analogs and a large filtration system allows clean air to be emitte at the outlet.

The company has come up with many interesting solutions – they invest a lot in research and development of prototypes, because the main motto of the company is to produce things without compromise. Of the 7,000 employees, 3000 are engaged in the development of new solutions – this speaks volumes.

Now on the shelves are represented vacuum cleaners of several generations: DC45, DC62, V6 and V8. The V8 series, for example, features increased autonomy – it can take about 40 minutes to vacuum. For all these innovations have to pay – the company does not hide that its devices are expensive, although the price can fluctuate greatly depending on the series and configuration. The manufacturer is trying to create an ideal vacuum cleaner, so the savings are inappropriate here. If the funds allow, then it is better to choose Dyson, if not, to look for more budgetary counterparts, and our material will help you find your bearings in existing offers of different price categories.