The Best Stick Vacuums on the Market

Stick vacuum cleaners. Like, they have a small capacity, they are not suitable for serious cleaning. Nevertheless, many people use them as an auxiliary (for easy cleaning), and some also the basic vacuum cleaner (when on the floor there are no carpets, but linoleum or parquet). What to look for when purchasing and which models are the most popular in stores – you will learn from our

What’s the Best Stick Vacuum

How does the stick vacuum cleaner differ from the usual one?

Pros of the stick vacuum cleaner

  • high mobility due to small dimensions;
  • many additional functions;
  • stylish design.


  • Disadvantages of a vertical vacuum cleaner
  • power is lower than horizontal;
  • Battery-powered models are quickly discharged.



HILTON BS 3127 – budget and affordable for many model. In this case, the “Hilton” has advantages and except for a low price (the device costs significantly less than the competitors represented). This is, first of all, a large container for collecting dust. Its volume is 2 liters. This is the best indicator in our review. Also, the vacuum cleaner is fairly compact. Its dimensions are 21x20x31 cm, and its weight is 1.7 kg. In a set with it there are three brushes – combined for a floor and a carpet, slit and special for upholstered furniture. But the turbo brush, which is good for assembling wool and larger garbage, is just not there. But you can buy it separately.

Another interesting feature of this vacuum cleaner is the smooth start of the motor. Usually in vacuum cleaners when you turn on the motor starts to work at full speed, subject to excessive load. In the presence of the same soft start system, it accelerates gradually, because of what wears less. So the device will last longer.

Still, the budgetary nature of the model is manifested in several shortcomings. Firstly, it’s working from the network, not the battery, like other vacuum cleaners. Although the length of its cord is 4 m (there is no automatic winding system), it is not enough for comfortable work in large rooms. You need a surge protector and also with a short cable. Or you need to use it in a small apartment, because running with it from the outlet to the outlet in a three-room apartment will not be very convenient. Secondly, it does not have the best suction power. Judging by the reviews on the Internet, it works well only on smooth surfaces. But with carpets and upholstered furniture, even despite the presence of a special brush, this vacuum cleaner does not do very well. Minor debris, wool and villi remain untouched. Thus the case of the device is heated quite strongly.

In general, this model can be recommended to owners of small apartments, in which there are no carpets. Then it will be easy and pleasant to clean them. And for large rooms it is better to choose the following models – more expensive and qualitative.