The Best Vacuum for Laminate Floors

Washing vacuum cleaner will clean any smooth surfaces from linoleum to tile, as well as soft furniture and carpets and help create a pleasant microclimate with clean air in any room. This universal modern helper, easily able to replace a bucket with a mop, performs the following functions:

  • dry and wet cleaning;
  • polishing surfaces;
  • removal of stains;
  • deodorization of the room;
  • humidification of rooms;

What is the Best Vacuum for Laminate Floors

Vacuum for Laminate Floors

A home washing vacuum cleaner is not suitable for washing carpets if it is not possible to dry them in fresh air after treatment. Untreated coating with a pile will get an unpleasant smell, it is possible and the appearance of fungus and mold.

Frequent wet cleaning with a vacuum cleaner is contraindicated in natural parquet coverings that have not been treated with moisture resistant antiseptics. Moisture, accumulating between the planks, can initiate the process of decay or deformation.

The principle of the detergent cleaner involves the need to wash the tanks after each use, and this prolongs the cleaning time.

If you want to buy a washing vacuum cleaner, be prepared for the fact that its cost will be higher than the cost of the usual, while it is large in size.

High suction power causes better cleaning. This is especially true for laminate and parquet, which are deformed from excess moisture, so it is important to carefully remove all water from such surfaces. The optimum value for domestic conditions is 400 W (able to cope with animal hair), for industrial cleaning – 1,000 W (you can even collect building debris). Do not confuse suction power (the strength with which the device sucks dust and liquid) and the consumed (maximum load on the grid) are two different indicators.

2-Vacuum for Laminate Floors

To prevent dust from getting back into the air, manufacturers use special methods to collect and retain small particles. Successful is a three-stage filtration system, where, following the dust collector, dust settles on the motor filter, then air passes through an additional anti-allergenic filter. Good work of the vacuum cleaner is also guaranteed:

  • built-in aquafilter: microparticles and small specks settle in a container of water;
  • carbon fine HEPA filters;
  • Separators that capture particles with water droplets.

In the washing vacuum cleaner there is also an ordinary bag for dry dust assembly. It is necessary – a reservoir for washing liquid (special agent is mixed with water), which is sprayed with a brush during harvesting, and a tank where dirty water is collected. Well, if the manufacturer has completed the device:

  • a brush for dry cleaning with a lint height adjuster;
  • slotted nozzle to vacuum hard-to-reach places;
  • a nozzle for cleaning upholstered furniture;
  • brush for pile surfaces with the transition to cleaning the smooth floor.

Also, some models can be equipped with a turbo brush for combing the pile, a foam nozzle for polishing furniture, an electrostatic whisk for cleaning electrical equipment, a vacuum nozzle for thinning long carpet nap.