The Best Vacuum for Tile Floors

The most popular floor covering is laminate. For gentle cleaning there is a washing vacuum cleaner for laminate. But the choice of vacuum cleaner should be considered and weighed. It should wipe the surface, without violating the integrity of the coating.

What is the Best Vacuum for Tile Floors

Water is the main enemy of the laminate, since the coating consists of wood and a polymer coating that protects against dirt and moisture. The space between the seams can be flooded with water, which will lead to swelling of the wood, it will not be possible to restore it. There are special putty for laminate joints. Before application, the floor is wiped with a special mop to remove excess moisture and degreased. Then the mastic is placed in the cracks and dries for 15 minutes. The protective layer is updated periodically. Mastic protects the floor from unwanted moisture and prevents microbes and dust from spreading out from the cracks.

Vacuum for Tile Floors

Is it possible to wash the laminate with a vacuum cleaner? This question is of concern to many.

First of all, in order to choose a vacuum cleaner, you should look in the instructions to the device. Where it should be stated that the vacuum cleaner is suitable for cleaning such floor covering as a laminate.

Also worth paying attention to such parameters as:

The suction power of the atomized liquid must be at least 450 volts. This is important, because the remaining moisture will accumulate over time and damage the coating.

Dimensions and weight of the structure.

  • The filtration system.
  • Detergent consumption for cleaning.
  • The drying function after wet cleaning must be present.
  • The volume of the water filter and the presence of a carbon filter for air purity.
  • It is desirable to have rubberized wheels, so the laminate will not be scratched.

The price of a washing vacuum cleaner can be different and will depend on the manufacturer, model, functions, modification and configuration.

cleaning-ceramic-tile-floors-Vacuum for Tile Floors

The most famous and popular companies are manufacturers: Karcher, Lavor, Samsung, Phillips, Nilfisk, Soteco, Cleanfix, Delvir, Thomas, Electrolux.

If the vacuum cleaner does not have a drying function, then it is necessary to wipe the floors with a dry cloth to remove excess moisture. Do not spend too often wet cleaning, even the most resistant laminate can not withstand this amount of moisture.

The function of the vapor is better left to clean the tiles, tiles and carpets.

Good reviews can boast a vacuum cleaner from the German firm Thomas. This is an assembly for cleaning almost any surface. The model has nozzles for washing parquet and laminate, a closed filter, a fine filter for exhaust air, nozzles for cleaning carpets and upholstered furniture. It washes remarkably well and sucks in the remains of water with the correct location of the nozzle.

Also good reviews from the robot vacuum cleaner IRobot. This intellectual assistant is filled with a detergent and starts cleaning with a rag, not missing a centimeter of the treated area.

Excellent reviews and the model of the company Bissell. This is a two-in-one model, in the form of a demountable mop vacuum cleaner. This device is designed specifically for smooth floors. If you reduce steam power, you can clean the floor and get rid of some germs without affecting the coating.