The Best Vacuum for Vinyl Floors

Floors – this is the part of the house that is most prone to pollution, so it is so important to constantly produce wet cleaning, especially if there are small children in the house. However, frequent washing of the floor takes a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, in the modern world, there is a technique that simplifies this monotonous and dirty work. Such wonderful gadgets include a washing vacuum cleaner. With it, you can ideally clean the floor in a short time. But is it possible to use a technique with a wash function for such a whimsical material as a laminate?

What is the Best Vacuum for Vinyl Floors

A washing vacuum cleaner is a device that greatly facilitates the daily work of many modern housewives. However, the owners of carpets, laminate, tiles and parquet are still not sure whether it is possible to use washing technology for their floor coverings. It is impossible to give a definite answer to this question, because everything depends on the quality of the material that your floor is finished with.

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If your home is dominated by a tile covering, then you can safely wash the floors with a special vacuum cleaner, because the tile has a high resistance to moisture. To the quality of technology for such coatings there are no special requirements.

Parquet – a very whimsical material that does not tolerate the effects of moisture. Owners of wooden floors are better to give preference to manual cleaning, or annually to process such finishing with protective compounds. Floors covered with laminate can be vacuumed only if the material that has been used has high humidity. This can be determined by recognizing the brand and the type of laminate.

If you have moved into an apartment where laminate flooring has already been laid, and you do not have documentation about its moisture resistance, you can check its interaction with the washing vacuum cleaner by treating the area of ​​the floor covering in an undistinguished place.

If the technological characteristics of the laminate indicate its instability to moisture, then you can still afford a washing vacuum cleaner, provided that you annually rub the seams between the floor elements with a water-repellent putty.

Whatever high-quality laminate you have, in any case, moisture can seep into its seams. To avoid such a trouble, choose only the equipment that meets all the requirements, and also cover the joints between the laminate with water-repellent putty.

Even the most advanced housewives often confuse steam cleaners with vacuum cleaners. This is understandable, because both devices are designed for wet floor cleaning. Let’s try to understand what a steam cleaner is, and how it differs from a washing vacuum cleaner.

Steam cleaners treat the floor with a powerful jet of hot steam, they not only remove dirty stains from the surface, but also kill microorganisms, insects and many allergens. They can clean not only floor coverings, but also furniture, car seats and children’s toys. The only drawback of this mechanism is that it can not absorb scattered rubbish, nor does it collect the steamed dirt. That is, after processing the floor with such a device, you will have to additionally work with a rag or a regular vacuum cleaner.


A laminate can be cleaned with a steam cleaner only if it is not treated with wax, which can swim under the influence of high temperatures, but more heat-resistant varnish. However, in this case you also need to adjust the temperature and the intensity of the steam supply. By the way for cleaning the laminate not all models are suitable.