The Best Vacuums for Wood floors

Glittering with fresh shiny varnish, the floors from natural wood look very presentable in any interior, regardless of its style. They are appropriate in rooms for various purposes: in the bedroom and kitchen, in the living room and the corridor. That’s just how much trouble and worries they bring to their owners! About this, as no one else knows zealous housewives. And, this is not surprising, since on a smooth surface like a mirror, every speck strikes the eye.

But the most important thing is that you can not get too involved with washing the floor in this case. The fact is that from frequent contact with water, which penetrates between the elements of the parquet, inevitably there is deformation and corrosion of the tree, the floor can begin to creak under your feet. And that is not all! Under the influence of moisture, the lacquer coating is gradually being washed and dyed. How to find a way out of this situation? How to make sure that the parquet floor is always perfectly clean and shiny? The answer is obvious: you just need to buy a vacuum cleaner for parquet.

Which Vacuum Best for Hardwood Floors

Almost daily on the market of home appliances for cleaning purposes there are innovative products from world famous manufacturers – vacuum cleaners of various types intended for care of laminate and parquet, these are:

  • traditional dry-cleaning units;
  • specialized apparatus for wet cleaning;
  • maneuverable and compact robotic vacuum cleaners for parquet.

Each of these species has its advantages and disadvantages. But the most important thing is a significant difference in value. It is understandable that a traditional vacuum cleaner of the traditional type with the brush for parquet coming in the kit will cost much less than the unit for wet cleaning. Let’s consider each of these types in more detail.

In this case we are talking about the usual unit for dry cleaning, a set of such a device includes variations of various nozzles for the care of delicate surfaces. Their main difference is that they do not scratch the delicate surface of the floor. But that’s not all. Cleaning brush for parquet cleaning for parquet are necessarily equipped with silicone rotary elements, which contribute to the fact that during operation the device maneuvers easily on the surface being treated without damaging it.

If you are somewhat limited in means and plan to stop your choice on the traditional budget model, we recommend that you pay special attention to the quality of the attachments in the kit when choosing the unit. In this case, questions about the brand of the device and its power can be considered as secondary factors affecting your decision. Long-standing practice of using traditional vacuum cleaners indicates that any unit perfectly copes with the cleaning of dust and dirt from an even and smooth surface.