Bissell 1725-1 Little Green ProHeat Wet/Dry Vacuum\015 Is there a diagram of how the brush attachment goes together?\015

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48 oz. tank means you can clean more between refills. Tools & Formula Included. Comes with 3″ Tough Stain Tool, HydroRinse Self-Cleaning Hose Tool and an 8 oz.
Our Little Green® portable carpet cleaners provide a quick and convenient option for removing pet stains on carpet, upholstery, area rugs, stairs, and other soft surfaces. These carpet spot cleaners are lightweight and easy to grab the second stains strike, so they`re perfect for busy pet parents.
Using formula cap on the clean water tank, pour 1-2 capfuls of formula (2.5 – 5 fl oz) into the tank, for stained and heavily soiled carpets use 2 capfuls. For all other rental and full size extraction machines. Use 2.5 fl oz to each gallon of hot top water. Repeat as needed.
The Bissell Little Green Cleaning Machine works like a wet vacuum and will suck up some water from upholstery, but it won`t get everything. Prepare for your couch or rug to be fairly damp post-cleaning and need several hours to dry.
Instead of having to wait for your tap water to become hot and filling the machines tank, you can store the cleaner ready to use and it will warm itself up after you plug it in and turn on the heater.
Bissell Little Green ProHeat Machine – Portable Carpet & Upholstery Steam Cleaner.
Your BISSELL Steam Mop has been designed to be used with tap water although to prolong its life the use of demineralised water is strongly recommended.
A: Yes it can be used as a vacuum without water.
Can I use cleaning formulas other than the BISSELL brand? It`s possible to use others, but we recommend against it. Our formulas contain no dyes, phosphates or optical brighteners, and will produce optimal cleaning performance when used in combination with BISSELL carpet cleaning machines.
A couch is just one of many things our Little Green machine can clean. Our portable deep cleaners can deep clean rugs, carpeted car mats or anything else that`s small and in need of a good scrub.
On the average, it will take approximately 2-4 hours for carpet and upholstery to dry after being carpet cleaned. To expedite the drying process, you will want to use a fan and increase your air circulation.
The Bottom Line

Our pick for the best overall portable carpet cleaner is the Bissell Little Green Pet Deluxe Portable Carpet Cleaner, 3353, because it`s lightweight, easy to handle, and doesn`t make a lot of noise.

Fill tank with hot tap water to the water fill line. Add two ounces (1/4 cup) of BISSELL formula to the tank.
Remove dirty tank, then remove and fill the bottom clean water tank with hot tap water. Not boiling water. The cap on the clean water tank also has a measuring cup. Add 2 cup fills of shampoo to your clean hot water.
Yes, you can clean a carpet with just water. Using water alone is an eco-friendly and cost-effective method that removes dirt and stains from carpet fibers. However, success depends on water temperature, agitation techniques, and proper drying. Consider professional help for stubborn stains or regular deep cleaning.
Remove dirty tank, then remove and fill the bottom clean water tank with hot tap water. Not boiling water. The cap on the clean water tank also has a measuring cup. Add 2 cup fills of shampoo to your clean hot water.

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My model F5906-900 — problem is the brushes have stoped working… I pulled the brush assembly out by holding the two tabs, and all seems clean and the brush assembly rotates easly… onced the brush assembly is removed. What I did notice is the female driver slot (found in the main assembly unit) that drives the brushes seems stuck..Is that normal when the machine is not hooked up to power? How can I get the brushed going??? it is a good machine, but the brush options is important too it’s ab
ANSWER : (1) Assure the Brush Control on the hood is NOT set to the OFF position.
.(2) Remove the brush assembly by pulling/unlatching it from base on each side.
.(3) Does one of the brushes have the drive pin present? It should be about ¼ inch square, and two inches long. It attaches the brushes to the drive mechanism.
.(4) Remove and clean the intake filter. One the base of the cleaner, behind the brushes, squeeze the two red abs together and pull the panel down to access the screen. Clean the hair/debris off the screen and reassemble.

Roomba keeps saying clean brushes yet are clean!
ANSWER : Make sure you take off the little cap at the end (the one that spins — just grab it and pull it straight off) and clean under it too. The rest of the brush may look perfectly clean but what happens is that hair gets stuck under spinning cap and, like a slowly growing washer, it pushes the whole brush toward the gear box. When it gets pushed over enough, the large yellow ring starts to rub against the side of the brush deck making it harder for the motor to turn the brush and you get that “remove and clean brushes” message.

Roomba Discovery My Roomba turns on and moves but the brushes won’t turn. Someone told me that I had forgotten to put in the yellow and black end bearings, but I did. Help, I miss my Roomba
I have a Roomba 530, I have had it for 2 weeks and really loved it. I have followed all the cleaning instructions etc.. Then the Roomba wanted it’s brushes cleaning “please clean Roombas brushes” So thinking that something was stuck I removed and cleaned the brushes, (yellow tabs on and in place by the way)
ANSWER : I read somewhere that you need to clear the software in case there is a glitch. To do this, take the battery out and then, simultaneously hold down the “spot” and “clean” buttons for 30 seconds. Replace battery. This has worked for my Discovery model.

No suction from my Little green machine – Bissell THE BISSELL LITTLE GREEN MACHINE Vacuum
ANSWER : Hello and welcome to FixYa;

Make sure the collection tank is not full,

that it is seated correctly

the handle is locked upright to ensure a good connection .between the tank and the rear cover gasket.

Check for any damage with the collection tank cap.

Check the divert knob is set to the tools setting.

Check the motor duct for suction (To locate, remove the water tank. .The motor duct has a rubber gasket that is oblong) with the power on, .place your hand over the hole for suction..

If there is still no suction, call BISSELL Consumer Services toll free .at 1-800-237-7691. A representative from Bissell will help you from there.


How do i use the little green bissell – Bissell THE BISSELL LITTLE GREEN MACHINE Vacuum
ANSWER : <font size=”2″>.BISSELL User&rsquo;s Guides can be downloaded at </font><a rel=’nofollow’ href=””></a><br /><font size=”2″>.On the front page under Customer Service click on User&rsquo;s Guides and enter the model number of your unit.<br />.User Guide will be displayed as a PDF file.<br /></font>

Bissell little green machine will not spray – Bissell 1425 Little Green ProHeat Handheld Steam Vacuum
ANSWER : The Pumps on these go bad after a couple of months. They rust and will .sometimes spray and other times not then eventually not work at all. If .your a handy man pull the top off it and remove the pump motor and .replace it yourself. The part number is 603-5029 you can put this number. in google shipping and get it to your door for about $15 and replace it. yourself or have a friend do it. Ebay has tons of them once again just .put in the part number and a list of them will come up.
.Thanks and have a good one
.Sincerely, CRTN

Bissell 8920 proheat x2 brushes not turning i only noticed this after i finished cleaning.. or kinda cleaning because of the brushes ntot turning.. water comes out fine suction is fine but its not scrubbing so its not as clean as it could be. manual part works well water coming out hot. I did take it apart and cleaned off all the hairs in hopes maybe that was it.. put it together still nothing.. No idea how the belts should look onit and i cant find a picture or a video showing how belts look o
ANSWER : Hello,
.Here’s a link to a very helpful video that shows you step by step on how to access and replace the belt on your machine. When the brushes stop spinning, but the rest of the machine works fine, this is a tell-tale sign that your belt has gone bad.
.Video Showing how to access and change belt:
.If you open up your machine and find that the belt is still engaged, or you replace it and this doesn’t fix your problem, please feel free to use the comment form here on this repair page and I’ll be happy to walk you through some more advanced diagnosing.
.If you found this helpful, please be so kind and rate my repair helpful, or leave some feedback. This is really appreciated.
.Chris Jones

Dc07 problem I have a dc07 cyclonic vaccum and like this model,however, for some reason,it has been very dificult to push and pull for the past month or so. i have completely cleaned the brush assembly,cleared any obstructions in the hoses,and, cleaned the filter.I also checked the belt tension,wich i thought was fine but to no avail.Be advised that the brush assembly is spinning and suction is excellent. It just feels like the brush drags along the carpeting. this is a great vacuum cleaner and
ANSWER : The dyson uses two belts, one from the motor to a clutch and then from the clutch to the brush roller, the belts that they use are not much better then any other belt ( those you should change yearly ) but you cant just change the belts you have to change the entire clutch assembly itself ( you can get it at sears ) but it is not an easy job you might want to take it to a repair center.