Hoover F7425-900 SteamVac V2 Widepath Upright Vacuum\015 I already cleaned all the brushes and the red pull out tag on my hoover. the brushes still won’t turn.any suggestions?\015

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Should the brush not rotate freely there may be debris tangled around the ends of the brush, carefully remove any obstructions or replace the brush with a new one. We recommend that you fit a new belt and brush once per year to keep your Reactive vacuum working efficiently.
`Tripped` reset systems are the most common reasons for a brushbar not turning, but there are some other less common reasons too. These include: If the bearings on the end of the brushbar have seized, you won`t be able to turn it at all. This will often result in a broken belt as well, so be aware of this.
If the product is not making steam please check that there is water in the tank fitted at the top. If the product is not making steam please check that there is water in the tank fitted at the top. Pull the tank up and fill it up with water. Please do not add any cleaning solutions to the water in the tank.
Inspect the vacuum hose for any small holes, kinks, or cracks. Any cracks or holes will decrease the amount of suction in the hose and will not allow the carpet extractor to properly remove liquid from the floor. The hose will need to be replaced if there is damage.
The powerful airflow from the vacuum can help shake dirt and debris loose and pull them into the vacuum. Without the fan, a vacuum couldn`t work at all. But the roller brush is critical, too. It`s necessary in dislodging deep dirt and stuck debris, and it helps clear a path for air to carry dirt into the vacuum.
The most common cause of loss of suction is that the filters have become blocked. They may require cleaning or replacing. Another cause could be that the vacuum cleaner hose is blocked.
If your roller is not spinning, the first step is to remove the roller and free any debris. Refer to your model`s user manual on how to remove the roller from your vacuum head. Debris can also be left on the vacuum head it is important to also clean this area including the sides where the roller brush connects.

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Hoover steam vac, brushes won’t rotate, have cleaned filter by brushes, removed brushes and they rotate okay when off steam vac, tried to ajust level for carpet cleaning and brushes still don’t move
ANSWER : There are three things to check when experiencing ‘no spin’ on the cleaning brushes. 1) Check the small pull out filter screen under the machine. It must stay clean for air to pass to the turbine which powers the brushes. 2) Check that the long shaft on the brush assembly is not broken off. This shaft inserts into the turbine motor and powers the brushes. If you’re handy you can replace just the long shaft brush rather than replacing the whole brush assembly. Look for the brush on Ebay 3) If you’re handy you can dissemble the machine and inspect the turbine motor which powers the brushes. In all cases the bearings seize in the turbine. You can often free them up and re-lube them to get more service from them or simply replace the turbine assembly. Don’t throw your Steam Vac out because the brushes no longer turn…you can fix it!

Parts replacement We have a Hoover Steam Vac that has a broken part #10 in your picture or Part # 37271035. Does this part cover the whole top section of the Vac? Is it hard to replace? Where can you get the best prices on Hoover parts? I have been on Hoovers website and they don’t even recognize this Steam Vac. which is hard to believe they don’t even recognize their own unit? Thanks Ray
ANSWER : This the hood or top cover. There some screws on the bottom as well as on the top, then it comes off.

My model F5906-900 — problem is the brushes have stoped working… I pulled the brush assembly out by holding the two tabs, and all seems clean and the brush assembly rotates easly… onced the brush assembly is removed. What I did notice is the female driver slot (found in the main assembly unit) that drives the brushes seems stuck..Is that normal when the machine is not hooked up to power? How can I get the brushed going??? it is a good machine, but the brush options is important too it’s ab
ANSWER : (1) Assure the Brush Control on the hood is NOT set to the OFF position.
.(2) Remove the brush assembly by pulling/unlatching it from base on each side.
.(3) Does one of the brushes have the drive pin present? It should be about ¼ inch square, and two inches long. It attaches the brushes to the drive mechanism.
.(4) Remove and clean the intake filter. One the base of the cleaner, behind the brushes, squeeze the two red abs together and pull the panel down to access the screen. Clean the hair/debris off the screen and reassemble.

The steam mop was only used 3 times.stopped working. It has now stopped working altogether. I have only had it for a month. I did not save the receipt because after the third time working I thought it was okay. I am very disappointed and have a hand shop vac of Sharks which has been working for a year. I have been discouraged from buying another one of your products now that the steam mop has quit working after 3 times. I followed the exact instructions how to use it. Model S3101/ 120V 60HZ

Here is a tip that I wrote about the Euro-Pro Shark Steam Mop and why it maynot be getting steam to the head…

Euro-Pro Shark Steam Mop Problem

Here also is a link to get any of the Shark Manuals that you need.



Brushes don’t work on my hoover steam vac v2
ANSWER : The bearing on the inside of the turbine is rusted. You will have to take the hood of the unit and unscrew the black piece that has to rub hoses going to it. Then take apart the black turbine. Inside you will find 2 white gears and a small 1/2inch bearing. Use wd40 to uncease the bearing. After this put the take pliers and make sure the metal post will turn. Spray wd40 on everything you see including Hoover for making such ****. After this put put everything back together. Now the best thing to do is get some automotive bearing grease and put a large amount on bearing and and other metal parts. Put everthing back together. Clean any hair off the brushes and you are ready. Now the bad news if your gears are worn you will have to replace the turbine. Go to an internet website and the part number will be 91001019. I know all this because I spent 6 years working for Hoover and they found it cheaper to send our jobs overseas.

Power nozzle not working on my vac but does on another vac
ANSWER : If pushing the reset button doesn’t help try having your local Aerus dealer check out the 2 prongs in the power head where it all connects. Sometimes they go bad.

Hoover steam vac v2, brushes won't turn. – Hoover F7425-900 SteamVac V2 Widepath Upright Vacuum
ANSWER : Hello,

The Hoover SteamVac’s are notorious for .this exact problem. There are several things that can be causing this .probelm.

First, what you’ll need to do is take the brush block .out of the machine. To do this there are 4 clips on the brush block. You. will need to turn the machine upside down, and pull down on the brush .block to where it won’t pull out any farther. There are 4 clips, 2 on .top, and 2 on the rear of the brushes. (See picture I have circled one .of the clips in red). Simply press these .clips at the same time, and pull the brush block out of the machine. I’d. say that 60% of the time that I see this problem, the main issue is .that the brushes just need to be cleaned. If you have pets in the home, a. lot of the time the pet hair will just be lodged inside the brushes, .will prevent them from spinning. Use a pressurized water hose with spray. nozzle is ideal) and spray each brush with water to dislodge any pet .hair. You should be able to get these brushes spinning when you spray .them. Spray each brush until the brushes are spinning pretty fast. .Re-insert the brushes into the machine, and test to see if the cleaning .has fixed your problem. If the cleaning still fails to fix the problem, .take the brushes back out of the machine.

One you have the .brushes out of the machine, the first thing you should look at the brush. stem that goes into the turbine inside the machine. This is the green .pole pictured in middle of the brush block. Examine this pole to .determine if the top of it has broken off. It should exactly how the picture shows it. .Make sure that the plastic has not broken.

If the pole has .broken, you will simply need to replace the brush block. If the pole is .not damaged, the next thing to try is to turn the machine on while you .have the brushes out. Look inside the machine, where the pole goes into .the turbine (also important, make sure the switch for the brushes is .turned to “Rotating Brush Speed Hi), this female receptacle should spin .when the machine is turned on. It is important the try this when the .foot pedal is released, and the handle down, and not in the upright .position, as there is an internal switch that shuts the brushes off when. the machine is in the upright position.

If you notice that the .female receptacle where the brush pole is inserted is spinning, then .your turbine is fine. If this part is not spinning, then most likely you. will need to replace your turbine.

I hope this helps you with .your problem. If not, please feel free to request a repair clarification. and I’d be happy to walk you through the diagnosing. I also can provide. you with a blown up parts schematic to your machine, please just get .the model number off the back of the machine and provide, and provide me. with the full model number. I would be happy to provide any technical support .you need, just request a clarification on the repair.

Chris. Jones

How do i get the brushes to work again on my steam vac it all works other than the brushes ….the brushes wont spin
ANSWER : The scrub brushes won’t spin on my Hoover F5915-900.