Dyson DC17 Animal Bagless Upright Cyclonic Vacuum\015 I have had my dc17 for 8 months from Best Buy. It has been in the shop for 2 months cuz of loud noise (sounds like a jet). They have replaced the beeter bar assembly and motor. Got it home after the 2nd repair and the beater bar stops and goes. The repairman now says the gear assembly has too much pet hair around it. I have talked to Dyson directly and they say go to a DC14 which has an enclosed belt and gear assembly. But all the reports I read on the 17 is how people with lots more dogs then my Golden Retriever have had no problems such as this. They say I can continue to use the 17 but will have to clean the gears each time after I vacuum. Any advise?..We have a lot of long haired dogs, which is why I bought the Animal DC17. After using it just a few times it started making a TERRIBLE clattering noise. I called Dyson and they said to take it to the repair shop. When I picked it up, the guy said that it just needed the dog hair cleaned from the belt driver. I asked him if there was any way to keep the hair from getting in there and he said there was not. The problem has only gotten worse. It starts making the noise every time I use it, SEVERAL times!!! I remove the beater brush and clean the hair from the belt driver, but after just a few minutes it starts making the noise again. The beater brush seems to be rotating just fine, just makes a terrible racket...I called Dyson again. They said to take it back to the repair shop. Unfortunately, the close one I took it to last time has gone out of business and the next closest one is over an hour drive from my house...This vacuum is proving to be a huge PAIN!!!\015

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Dyson vacuums are equipped with up to 240AW of powerful suction to ensure effective pick-up of fine dust like pet dander and large debris like pet hair. Like dust, pet hair and dander can become airborne when disturbed and fall onto lower surfaces, so start cleaning up high and finish on your floors.
The Dyson DC17 is an upright cleaner launched in October 2006 in the US.
Best overall. Dyson`s V11 cordless vacuum — which is designed for homes with pets — is among the most popular among vets, pet-café owners, and pet owners we spoke to, with many noting they`re so convenient and lightweight the vacuums get used for daily cleanups.
The best cordless vacuum for pet hair we`ve tested is the Dyson V15 Detect. This high-end stick vacuum does a fantastic job of handling pet hair on bare floors and low and high-pile carpet.
I love my V10 Dyson. The suction is consistently great. However, the little wheels underneath the rollerhead gather hair that gets wrapped up.
When it comes to rugs and carpets, vacuuming is your most effective tool in your fight against pet hair, says Brian Sansoni of the American Cleaning Institute. “Vacuum cleaners can remove dirt and grit particles which get ground in with every footstep (or pawprint), weakening the fibers of your carpet,” he says.
Bin capacity: 0.63 gallons. Tools: Mini Turbine Head, Low Reach Floor tool, Stair tool, Brush tool, Crevice tool.
Dyson was designed and patented by a British, had it made in Malaysia (Johor Bahru), – as it is cheaper to make here.
Prevents hair damage with intelligent heat control technology that measures airflow temperature over 40 times per second. Air Multiplier technology that creates high-velocity jets of air to dry hair quicker than traditional hair dryers. Five magnetic attachments for easy switching in and out.
Dyson invested £2.5 billion in research and development.

While you might feel that this is the reason their products are expensive, you`re highly mistaken. This investment was mainly to accommodate a centre for their 1,200 employees, 22 laboratories, prototyping space, and areas for collaborative work.

The best mid-range vacuum for carpets is the Dyson Ball Animal 3. This bagless upright is less sturdily-built than the Miele Classic C1 and less easy to maintain, but it`s still very good when dealing with debris on carpets.
The best vacuum for long hair we`ve tested is the Dyson V15 Detect. This cordless stick vacuum comes with separate floorheads for bare floors and carpets, each with removable brushrolls that are easy to clean and built-in anti-tangle combs that can help trap any pet hair.
Dyson`s most powerful cordless vacuum with whole-machine HEPA filtration. LED illumination reveals 2x more invisible dust. Automatically de-tangles hair. Engineered for all floors and homes with pets.
Any claim that a hot tool doesn`t damage hair is a lie. Thankfully, Dyson isn`t lying and claiming the Airwrap won`t damage your hair, but the brand does claim it is less damaging than comparable hot tools. The Airwrap was designed to “measure airflow temperature over 40 times a second.
As the cleaner head and filter fills with dirt and debris over time, all the built-up debris begins to emit a burnt-smelling odour. You may need to remove and clean out the vacuum`s filter. We need to advise you to stop using your machine and request that you contact your local customer support team.
Our Verdict. The Dyson Ball Animal 2 is a better upright vacuum than the BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Turbo. The Dyson has a longer range, requires less maintenance, and has almost no recurring costs. It has a better performance on all surface types and comes with a pet grooming tool, which is nice for pet owners.
If your Dyson Ball Animal vacuum no longer sucks up dirt, dust, and debris when using the nozzle and its attachments, there may be a clog in the vacuum`s nozzle. Unplug the vacuum and use the Dyson Ball Animal Hose Replacement Guide to remove the vacuum`s hose and check for clogs at the base of the hose.

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Dc17 -too much pet hair around the belt gears
ANSWER : I was having the same trouble and it was driving me nuts.  I tried cleaning and it did not work.  Then I tore the brush assembly off and looked up into where the little tooth gear is.  I saw something that did not look right.  There was a silver roller bearing laying down below the assembly.  I got some tweezers and found it was not attached to any thing.  I then cleaned out the pet hair and saw a spot where this roller goes that takes the slack out of the brush. It is a pain and takes alot of trying with pliers and prodding  with a screw driver, but I got the roller back where it goes.  It does not attach very solidly, but I put every thing back together and it works great so far.  It is a definite design flaw.  I found that you have to keep the main unit on  the floor when the brush is running.  Do not do stairs or pick it up and do couch cushions, that is when the bearing breaks loose.  Dyson needs to figure out a better design for this.  I was lucky to figure it out, but it is very hard to get to.  Again never pick up the unit when the brushes are engaged.

Dc17 -too much pet hair around the belt gears
ANSWER : Go to a DC14 there is a reason why Dyson calls it the Animal. It’s ment for all the pet hair and things like that, listen to what Dyson recommends you, they know their products well.

Hoover windtunnel t series belt is loose- roller brush doesnt turn.
Its brand new belt is slipping. we bough new belts and putthem on same problem. Can not find solutio in manual.
Is the belt supposed to go around the “metal pulley”. I know it goes around the little metal motor thing, then thru the guide and around the brush.
What is the metal pulley??? Is is the larger round silver thing between the guide and roller?
ANSWER : I also have a loose belt and have bought additional belts but have the same problem. I put the it around the metal rotor and around the brush roller a shown by he Hoover video, and it is loose.

Hoover WindTunnel Self-Propelled V Belt
ANSWER : I had this same problem with the V belt on my Hoover Vaccuum..
.There are three (3) basic things that will cause the brush roll not to spin..
.1. When handle is upright, brush roll is OFF..2. When switch is set for HARD surface, brush roll is OFF..3. Broken/worn FLAT belt or V Belt, brush roll will not spin.
.I noticed that the brush roll was not spinning when my vacuum was set for CARPET. After removing the cover I noticed that the V belt was loose, I thought the belt was worn so I purchased a correct replacement belt and installed it, but the new belt was also loose and when I turned the large flat belt pulley it did not turn the V belt pulley at the same time..
.I double checked the surface setting and I had the vacuum switch set for carpet, but still when I released the handle out of the upright position the brush roll would still not spin..
.My aggravation finally led me to this posting on FixYa’s website..
.The first thing I did was checked the screw to the left of the V belt as suggested by ejmjr5 and this did nothing to solve the problem or create more tension on the V belt, even when the upright handle was not in the upright position..
.After playing around with the surface setting control switch/nob I notice that when I moved the switch out of the HARD surface setting and over to CARPET, I had thought that the switch was set for CARPET as it visually appeared, but I was not pushing the switch over hard enough to click it into the CARPET setting mode..
.VOILA, the brush roll now spins correctly even though the V belt seams to be too loose for the pulley..
.You really have to force the switch into the CARPET setting. Be sure that you hear the switch/nob click into place..
.Now you can effectively clean up after that hangover of a party!.

Windtunnel belt I have a new Hoover Windtunnel canister. The belt keeps coming off. It happened a couple weeks ago (several times after putting the belt back on) so I assumed I might need a new belt as it might have dried out at the store. I ordered new belts and today I used it for about an hour and the belt came off again, twice. There doesn’t seem to be anything to hold the belt on the stem as it seems to slip off. I have tried it centered, to the left and to the right….can you help. I am v
ANSWER : I’ve successfully used a compatible belt – Royal 104425001 .It’s still new, but for the time being at least – it works.

Hi my proheat bissell 7901 stopped pumping water to the floor, but it pumps water from the hand hose. I read the manual and followed how to check belt and the flat belt on right side of shampooer is fine and I turned on and it turns and so do the brushes at the bottom of the machine. I was reading online and I guess there’s two belts on this machine? where can I find the other belt to see if it needs replacing. I guess it’s a ribbed belt? that is the water pump belt?
ANSWER : Just taken ours apart with the same problem… found it was caused by the 2 halves of the main casing coming apart in the area where the upright pedal release is. I found this to be due to the upper casing having broken in 2 places – the bottom of the screw wells..This means that the water tank cannot exert sufficient pressure on the valve to release the water..Only solution is a new top cover assembly

Is there any way to repair or replace the belt GUIDE on the inside of the belt compartment of a ’97 Hoover Wind Tunnel (not self-propelled)? It became twisted when a belt broke and now the belt rubs against it and sounds really weird, and I’m sure new belts will continue to break.. This guide is a long piece of molded material (part of the compartent wall) to keep the belt from coming off the pulley. It also had a sort of metal clip on it. It was loose and I took it off because of the way the pa
ANSWER : Honestly you should take it to a vac.shop they can fix any vac.

I’m using (or WAS using) a Eureka ”the boss” model 8803. The belt broke, no biggie, so I replaced it with a Eureka model U belt, the problem is when I put the new belt on and turn on the vaccuum, the belt breaks again. I am also having trouble getting the brush roller to fit right when the belt is in place. I can’t find any sharp edges that would cut the belt,nor can I find where any small bits may have broken. Anyone have a solution for me?
ANSWER : First, make sure you have the right belt, second, i am thinking that you are not lineing the roller up right, it will only fit one way. look at the ends of the roller and the grooves where it slides in, you should be able to see clearly how it goes.