Hoover F7220900 SteamVac V2 Upright Vacuum\015 After consulting your site, it appears I have a bad turbine. I would like to disassemble to confirm and replace the part. Could you provide disassembly instructions?..Of note, the brush block shaft receiver won’t turn. If it were broken, would there be resistance? How is the turbine powered; electrically or via suction?..Thank you for your help.\015

How to Identify and Fix Common Vacuum Problems ?

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The most common problem with a vacuum cleaner is also the easiest to remedy: clogs in the hose or attachments. Also the electrical cord, motor, switch, fan, brushes, and motor bearings can all need repair or replacement. The drive belt may need replacing; and the attachments, hoses, and filters may need unclogging.
Simply plug the product back in or restore the power and then switch off the appliance using the button on the control panel. The door will now unlock.
How to Deep-Clean a Vacuum. While you should clean some individual parts more often, the Vacuum Experts say it`s a good rule of thumb to take apart the entire vacuum and scrub it down about once a year.
How to Deep-Clean a Vacuum. While you should clean some individual parts more often, the Vacuum Experts say it`s a good rule of thumb to take apart the entire vacuum and scrub it down about once a year.

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Repair Service I have a Miele White Pearl. I have a short in the head part of the vacuum ad need repair. Do you know a repair shop near Ely, Minnesota?
ANSWER : Maybe this link will help

I have an Electrolux Oxygen 3 vacuum I purchased rebuilt. After 1 month the power stopped working. I took it into Electrolux Authorized repair dealer, which was a horrible experience. When we received it back it was clearly not as powerful as before. Does anyone have any suggestions on what the problem may be? I would rather fix it myself than take it back to them. The next repair center is too far away. I am pretty good with fixing things, just needs some guidance. I think the repair center rep
ANSWER : Never have liked Electrolux doing any repair because it has been my experience that they don’t do what they say they did….if you can read between the lines…..give me a picture of the unit and more details and I’ll try and help you.

Hello, I have an Electrolux vacuum. In desperation, I vacuumed up some water and my machine stopped. I am hesitant to take the machine to a repair place for fear that if it is a simple repair they will not be honest. Can anyone give me advice on whether this is a problem that requires a new motor or major repair? Thank you!
ANSWER : Although it’s never to be recommended, it is sometimes possible to vacuum up a little water without doing significant damage. However, the fact that your machine then stopped suggests that the electrics got wet. That may or may not have caused expensive damage (probably not), but it is essential that the machine be thoroughly dried out before further attempts to use it. That will involve dismantling it, and my guess is that the labour involved will be the most costly part of the job. A competent vacuum engineer should be able to complete the job in about an hour..
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Oil leaks from my Cuisinart (past warranty) stand mixer SM-55 accessory power port. Can oil be added? Is there a repair part?

Cuisinart customer service says that only Cuisinart repair service is capable of repairing the mixer.


Cuisinart are over packed with oil. If the motor sits idle, the oil may begin .to drip from the gears and settle. Oil leakage may primarily be seen .from around the beater shaft or planetary action.In order to redistribute oil back into the motor.Sometimes the motor has to a bearing has to be checked.Don’t worry at any service center this can be repaired.

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Disassembly for repair
ANSWER : Sometimes the brush assembly melts because of the way it was designed, could be broke, but u have to take it out and look at the assembly first, turbine is powered through air suction

Broken handle release
ANSWER : Most times they don’t break, it is the 2 screw holes at the back that back and the top will raise up from the base. If this is the case, remove the 2 screws and install longer ones with a flat washer on them to fashen down the top. But first the top will have to be removed to put the handle release in the right spot. You would probably look at around $60 to repair, unless the top needs replaecment, then it would be more parts.

How to disassemble to repair cord retractor?
ANSWER : If you have a BISSELL rewind vacuum you can take a look at these simple tips or take it to one of our Authorized Service Centers: http://www.bissell.com/FAQDetail.aspx?id=8991&cid=ccsocial

Floor Mate Need to find REPAIR, not owners manual for hoover floormate spinscrub 810 for disassembly instructions
ANSWER : There is a black shaft with a black circular arm at a right angle to the shaft. The black plastic arm that sticks out of the front ( farthest away from the hinge) of the roller assembly plugs into the circular arm so that moving the scrub/vacuum slider causes the roller assembly to move up and down. I can do it with my finger, or use a flat blade screwdriver. I’m assuming you mean the black plastic thing with the little rollers on it.
.Kirk Thompson
.San Juan, PR