How to Identify and Fix Common Vacuum Problems ?

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Your vacuum`s roller is clogged

To check your machine`s roller, you need to unplug or turn off the vacuum first and then turn the vacuum upside down and open it. Now that you can see the roller of your vacuum, you can pull out the dog hair or the dirt that accumulated in the roller.

BISSELL® Pet Hair Eraser® Cordless Pet Vacuum

Capture more embedded dirt and pet hair with the motorized brush. Capture more embedded dirt and pet hair with the motorized brush.

Brush Your Pets Regularly

The more hair is picked up with a dedicated brush, the less will end up embedded in carpets or rugs – and avoid clogging your vacuum.

Brush or comb your hair often and thoroughly, but only in one area of the house and if you want to make your life even easier, do it in an uncarpeted area. Sweep, Swiffer,—vacuum if you must, but you`ll want to use any part of the vacuum that is not the brush roller—this floor after each time.
So, you`ve decided to buy a Bissell Power Steam Pro Carpet Cleaner and are wondering what other cleaning solutions you can use in it. Well, you can use Baking soda, Vinegar, Castile soap, or even Warm Water. However, you must keep in mind that you should leave the carpets to dry after you use them.
Our Verdict. The Dyson Ball Animal 2 is a better upright vacuum than the BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Turbo. The Dyson has a longer range, requires less maintenance, and has almost no recurring costs. It has a better performance on all surface types and comes with a pet grooming tool, which is nice for pet owners.
Check to make sure the Vacuum Suction Knob is turned towards “Floor Suction.” Or there could be large debris clogging the brush roll rotation. Your dirt container may not be seated properly or may be full. Press the Tank Release button and remove.
Not only can most carpet cleaners not cope with pet hair, pet hair can also be dangerous to even the best vacuum cleaner. It can clog filters, burn out motors and severely reduce suction and power.
Any good vacuum—upright or canister, corded or cordless—will do an excellent job of picking up pet hair, on both hard floors and carpets. We`ve tested all these styles, using bagfuls of genuine cat and dog hair, and all our picks have excelled at the task.
If the hair buildup on your vacuum brush has become excessive, then you may need to replace the brush bar completely. Locate the appropriate spares for your vacuum cleaner, and follow the manufacturer`s guide to replace the brush-bar.
The nozzle of vacuum cleaners can often get weighed down with hair they have picked up on the floor, and if you`re not careful it can build up and be difficult to remove.
Use a baby wipe

This neat little trick will help reduce the amount of dog hair that goes down the drain. Before starting a bath, cover the drain with a baby wipe and then insert the plug. Scrub the dog clean but don`t pull the plug out immediately after the bath.

You can try using 1 cup of white vinegar in your Bissell Spot Cleaner. Pour in the Vinegar, then fill the rest of the Bissell Spot Cleaner tank with hot tap water. Just be sure to follow normal safety guidelines that go with using vinegar as a cleaner.
Expand. For maximum cleaning results, BISSELL does not recommend using cleaning products other than BISSELL specified in the Big Green. BISSELL formulas are specially formulated with more “active” ingredients, contain no dyes and are designed for use in the BISSELL Big Green.
It`s not unusual for DIY carpet cleaners to need eight or even 10 passes on a carpet before the water runs clear. This is especially true when: It has been a long time since your carpet was last deep-cleaned.
BISSELL does not recommend using ANY cleaning products other than BISSELL specified products in our carpet washers. Our formulas are especially made with more active ingredients, contain no dyes and designed for optimum use in your BISSELL products. What is my BISSELL warranty on my machine?
Make a cleaning solution of 1-2 teaspoons Figgy & Co. Home cleaning castile soap with 1L tap water. This is your cleaning solution to use in your Bissell. You don`t need to use more than this amount of soap.
Our Verdict. The Dyson V8 is better overall than the BISSELL Adapt Ion. While the BISSELL is more lightweight and maneuverable, the Dyson has a bigger dirt compartment, longer battery life with a shorter recharge time, performs better on all surface types, and comes with more tools and accessories.
In a clean spray bottle, mix one cup of distilled white vinegar with one cup of water and 2 teaspoons of baking soda. Shake it up to mix the ingredients, and then spray on the stain. Let it sit for a few minutes, and then blot with towels until clean.
A handheld steamer is not only great for freshening up fabrics and removing wrinkles from your favourite pieces, but the steam also helps to ease the fabric, loosening pet hair and making it easier to brush off.
Steam cleaning the dander-affected areas is an effective method of removing pet dander from a home. When used in combination with vacuuming and dusting, the cleaner can remove a significant amount of dander from the area.
Simple: the bag or canister is full and the vacuum has nowhere to store the dust it is collecting. Empty the canister or bag. If that doesn`t fix it, the vacuum filter needs to be cleaned or changed.
Clog located in the vacuum hose

Turn the unit on and feel the suction at the end of the hose handle. If there is no or low suction, then the clog is in the hose. You can remove the clog by running a long, stiff object through the hose, such as a butter knife, starting at the wall end.

Any good vacuum—upright or canister, corded or cordless—will do an excellent job of picking up pet hair, on both hard floors and carpets. We`ve tested all these styles, using bagfuls of genuine cat and dog hair, and all our picks have excelled at the task.

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Bissell Pro Heat 8910 clogged?
ANSWER : Why the motor sounds muffled I am not sure. When the water is sucked up, it goes directly into the tank. The motor only creates the suction so it can do that. There should be a filter on the rim of the recovery tank lid, is it clean? Other then pulling the top cover off, and then the motor cover so you can inspect the motor, I really don’t have a good answer for you. I t may be that that clump of hair when down the chute and into the fan, I have seen that happen with vacuum motors before.

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Powersteamer powerbrush I have a bissell powersteamer powerbrush and the soap is not dispensing. Do u have any ideas
ANSWER : Brand new out of the box and the bucket didnt fit flush and the shampoo or water not spraying?.
.Mine was the same lift up the bucket and look at the rubber washer / seal take it off turn it inside out and put it back on. .
.Wahoo the busket fits the was washes , you have your carpet cleaner back

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Bissell 37604 Bagless Upright Vacuum. Hose keeps clogging every time I vacuum. Is there a way to prevent this?
I am ready to buy a new vacuum, but it does do a great job picking up hair…until it clogs. It clogs at top of hose. Could the hose be kinked? It does not look like it.
ANSWER : That is a defect in the design of that style of vacuum. I went back to my old vac because I got so tired of having to unstop it. The sharp turns in the hose and the molded plastic causes it. Find one without the turns.

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My wind tunnel had a lot of dog hair at the intake hole from my renter that used it. I was able to remove it, but is it possible there is hair up inside beyond the hole & how would I remove it? it is not picking up dog hair .
ANSWER : I have an upright Dyson Cyclonic.  Because I have dogs, I also have a Miele Pull-along.  I use the cyclonic for fine dust after picking up the hairs with the Miele.  

Much quicker in the long run.  

Otherwise I would waste a lot of time cleaning out the Dysan Cyclonic airways.  I usually use long nose pliers to get the ball out and then I use my Miele to **** the rest out of the Dysans airways!!!  

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I purchased my Bissel PowerSteamer Clearview a few years or so ago, and cannot find where I filed the manuals. If I find the actual seriel number on the Bissel PowerSteamer Clearview, Is there a way that I can purchase another manual? I really do not have any problem with my Bissel, but being I am 75 years of age and do not use it myself anymore, I want to give it to a daughter of mine (but I would like to have the manuals that go with it to give to her also).
ANSWER : No need my friend. Go here. All documentation is here…and….it’s free! Hope this helps : )

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Dc17 -too much pet hair around the belt gears
ANSWER : I was having the same trouble and it was driving me nuts.  I tried cleaning and it did not work.  Then I tore the brush assembly off and looked up into where the little tooth gear is.  I saw something that did not look right.  There was a silver roller bearing laying down below the assembly.  I got some tweezers and found it was not attached to any thing.  I then cleaned out the pet hair and saw a spot where this roller goes that takes the slack out of the brush. It is a pain and takes alot of trying with pliers and prodding  with a screw driver, but I got the roller back where it goes.  It does not attach very solidly, but I put every thing back together and it works great so far.  It is a definite design flaw.  I found that you have to keep the main unit on  the floor when the brush is running.  Do not do stairs or pick it up and do couch cushions, that is when the bearing breaks loose.  Dyson needs to figure out a better design for this.  I was lucky to figure it out, but it is very hard to get to.  Again never pick up the unit when the brushes are engaged.

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I have a Lift Off Pet Bagless upright and ever since I **** up a hair tie it hasn’t been **** up the dog hair from my carpet. I have gotten the hair tie out of the vacuum but it is still not **** up.
ANSWER : Check the rotating blades. If they are bent or out of synch, then you have to replace the blades, even the motor.

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Clogged Bissell After debris clears the brush part, it gets clogged at the point of entrance into the machine, barely anything makes it through the filter and into the canister. Clogs immediately after a few swipes of the carpet. Had vacuum for almost 3 years.
ANSWER : Something must be in the hose causing a clog, take the hose off and if suction is good where the hose hooks up, then there is something caught inside the hose.

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