Electrolux Guardian Bagged Canister Vacuum\015 My Renaissance vacuum recently started to do several strange things. First the power brush began randomly turning on and off while vacuuming, almost like there was a loose connection. At the same time I also could feel warmth through the plastic tube at the point where the hose handle connects with the first rigid tube that goes to the power nozzle. When I separated the handle and tube the brass colored pin was so hot it seriously burned my finger. I took the entire nozzle apart and didn’t notice anything wrong, everything is clean and in good shape, motor and brush spinning fine, the brush assembly and belt were replaced about a year ago. I put everything back together but the power nozzle continues to turn on and off at random...Now, in addition to the power nozzle problem, the entire vacuum will randomly shut off by itself. After turning it back on it will sometimes stay on for several minutes before shutting off again, or it might immediately turn itself off. Sometimes after it turns off, the red light next to the off button will blink (not the bag change light)...The hose is not obstructed. Any help would be appreciated...Thanks.\015

How to Identify and Fix Common Vacuum Problems ?

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Why Does My Electrolux Vacuum Head Turn On and Off? Typically, an intermittent on/off issue has to do with a connection between the vacuum head and the hose handle.
If the bag full light keeps coming on, you can first try adjusting the dial on top of the vacuum cleaner. If that does not work, then you need to change the control valve. This is an internal component of the canister and is directly below the dial.
If your vacuum cleaner keeps turning off, this could be due to the following reasons: Blockages – check the hose and head for any obstructions. Filter – always check your filters, if these are clogged this could be causing the vacuum cleaner to work harder and lose suction power.
If the filter bag or canister is too full, it cannot pick up any additional particles and will simply jam or the motor will overheat and shut down. So, when you suspect your unit is about 75 per cent full, empty it! Don`t wait until it`s packed to the brim, clean it out and prevent the breakdown.
A flashing or blinking airbag light could mean there`s a problem with either your battery or the airbag module itself. If your car needs a new battery, you need to replace it first before attempting any other repairs on the car.
The airbag light indicates that something is wrong with the seatbelts or airbags. This means that it`s probably not safe to drive with the airbag light on. If it stays illuminated in your vehicle, we recommend having it towed to the dealership rather than driving it yourself.
A few things you can check to try and solve:

Let the product cool down for a minimum of 2 hours on the charging stand before starting it again (stick vacuum cleaners only) Charge the vacuum cleaner (stick vacuum cleaners only) Check that the cable is connected to the mains. Check that the plug and cable are not damaged.

To open the bag, you simply pull the zip apart. You don`t let the air in via the valve. All vacuum storage bags will leak in air over time – Neusu vacuum bags have been tested to keep out most of the air, with only minimal leakage, after over four months.
The average life expectancy of a mid-range vacuum cleaner is about six years. You can fix or replace things like blocked filters, jammed brush rolls, frayed hoses, worn-out stick vac batteries and broken accessories yourself.
The most common problems found in vacuum cleaners are low suction force, excessive noise, burning smell, vacuum not turn on, and overheating. These issues can be fixed by either cleaning the device or replacing some parts of the device. At times, it is best to seek a professional to fix the cleaner effectively.
Vacuum cleaners are often designed to turn themselves off if they hit a thermal cut-off point. Basically, if the machine is starting to overheat, there is an automatic system in place to prevent damage to your vacuum or other issues. The most common cause of overheating is blockage.
Electrolux Stick Vacuums

The filter assembly is not washable and should be placed every six months. As with the canisters and uprights, an excessively dirty filter leads to motor noise, loss of suction, and overheating.

Which sensors are used in airbags? The airbag control unit receives a signal from the crash sensor, an accelerometer, in the event of a collision. The inflating device is triggered by this control unit, which ignites a mixture of sodium azide (NaN3) and potassium nitrate to produce nitrogen gas (KNO3).
The passenger airbag light should be on when a passenger is present in the front seat. This light will turn off when the passenger seat is empty. This light is used to indicate that the passenger airbag is turned on. If your passenger airbag light is off, the vehicle`s owner has manually deactivated the seat.
The front passenger sensing system works with sensors that are part of the front passenger seat and seatbelt. The sensors are designed to detect the presence of a properly seated occupant and determine if the front passenger frontal airbag should be enabled.
Turn the ignition switch on, wait 10 seconds or so, and then turn it off. If the light goes away after a quick ignition check, you can safely write this off as a one-time anomaly. In some vehicles, the airbag on or airbag off light is designed to stay on momentarily after you start the electrical.
It may be an issue with your seat belt sensor. Sometimes the sensor that detects whether you have fastened your seat belts can become faulty. When this happens, it can trigger the airbag light to come on.
The light might have came on before you disconnected the bad battery due to low voltage to the system. Once you put in the new battery, the system still has a stored code and the light will be on until it is scanned and checked, then cleared of any codes.
Loose connections will cause your vacuum cleaner to lose suction. Make sure that the dust container, the hose, the tube and the brush are all attached properly. If the problem continues, your vacuum cleaner might have a technical problem. If you suspect this to be the case, contact an authorised service agent.
– Fold or roll each item into the bag

Thoroughly dry your laundry, then fold or roll each piece of clothing into the bag. Be wary of how you fold your clothes. Most prefer to roll their clothes when packing them in a vacuum storage bag because of fewer creases when taken out.

On average, a vacuum-sealed product under freezing conditions can last up to 5-6 months or even 1-2 years, depending on your freezer capacity. On the other hand, refrigerated vacuum-sealed products can last up to 1 to 2 weeks.
Enter better washing technology. Electrolux created the Adaptive Dispenser, a dedicated little chamber for laundry pods in the detergent drawer. Pop the pod in there, and you`re all set. In addition to the chamber, the Adaptive Dispenser targets a jet of hot water to dissolve the pod before the laundry cycle starts.
Vacuuming every day, or even a few times a day, is not going to create any long term problems. `But,` you might be thinking, `doesn`t the brushes spinning over the carpet on a beater bar wear it out? ` Sure, but a very small amount.

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Electrolux Renaissance power nozzle turning on and off, brass pins hot
ANSWER : The deal with the Renny is that it runs off of circuit boards. Usually the problem of the main motor shutting on and off is caused by one of the Triac boards located inside the canister. Another problem could be the thermostat wire located on the inside of your motor itself. It’s almost never the thermostat, so the triac board is most likely the issue.
.As far as your power nozzle goes, the head eminating from the swivel body is in most cases due to an older design of the power nozzle. I would suggest investing in a new elbow assembly that includes a new swivel body as well as newer style of wiring that is proved to reduce arcing and heat production within the power nozzle.
.In some cases, fixing the power nozzle will fix the problems you are experienceing with the main motor as the arcing happening in the power nozzle can in fact turn off your machine. So investing in a new elbow assembly for your power nozzle could in fact solve the problem in its entirety.

Electrolux power nozzle not working

Electrolux Epic 6500 SR …no power to power nozzle. I think it is the switch in the handle because if I use my friend’s hose/handle (same model), my power nozzle works fine when I turn on the switch. If you think it is the switch, can I get a part for it?
ANSWER : That’s about the best one to narrow down a problem, however, there could also be a break in your hose wiring. Switches, hoses, and hose handle assemblies are all available at your local Aerus Electrolux store. Simply take your entire machine in so they can check it to be sure what the problem is.
.The nearest store can be found using the below site. Simply type in your zip code and press enter.

I have a Kenmore Elegance Vacuum with Dirt Sensor, Model # 116.30750400C, Serial number M41901532. When vacuuming the carpet the power head will work for 3-6 mins then automatically shut off, power is still there and lights work but the power head motor turns off and the suction stops. I will turn it off and on, check the outlet, flick the on off buttons…nothing. I will turn it off for a couple minutes and it turns back on and runs like normal. I’ve check the bags, filters, cleaned the hos
ANSWER : It is an electrical problem in the handle, if you can or know somebody that has any fix it ability it can be fixed in about ten minutes. Oh, and Sears SUCKS!!

The belt on the power nozzle is so tight that it is not turning and the power nozzle won’t turn on when you press the handle
ANSWER : Possible bearing in the motor or brush roll is locked up. Check to see if the light comes on. If it does not, then you have an electrical problem but that is a separate problem from the belt being tight. Let us know if you need service….www.rainvac.com

Power nozzle motor will not turn on
ANSWER : Try hitting the reset button,It is a small button on the top of the brush and make sure the switch is turned on on the handle.

Riccar 1700 power nozzle wont turn on
ANSWER : Make sure the ‘Power brush’ switch on the contol panel on the hose is depressed. Check the circuit breaker on the power nozzle; it will either be a button or a breaker that looks like a rocker switch, try to reset it.
. Is the power nozzle motor running but the brush just isn’t turning? If so you may have a broken belt. Not a likely solution since the belt is a lifetime belt, but still remotely possible.

The brushes on the Hoover All Terrain Steamvac won’t turn. However, when I try to turn them manually they will turn. So, why won’t they turn when the machine is turned on?
ANSWER : Some vaccums have a belt on the brushes. might need a new one if it does have the belt