Polti Vaporetto 2400 Canister Steam Vacuum\015 The steamer tumbled down a few stairs and the safety cap is crooked and needs replaced where can I purchase this?\015

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Polti Cimex Eradicator is designed and assembled entirely in Italy, great care is taken at all stages of production.
Naturally effective, simply steam. Polti Vaporetto cleans with just water and heat, without detergents or chemicals. What`s more, 1 litre of water is the equivalent of 1,000 litres of steam. Just think how much water you will save by replacing traditional cleaning methods with steam cleaning.
The Vaporetto is only made by Polti. Safety, quality and widespread support within Italy are guaranteed by the more than 40 years of experience of a leader in the manufacture of steam appliances for cleaning and ironing. How is it possible to clean using only steam?
100% Made in Italy design, modern and compact: Polti Vaporella Next is the combination of power, performance and precision for top performance. Polti Vaporella Next is the iron designed in Italy that lets you easily iron any fabric thanks to its powerful 6 bar boiler with unlimited autonomy and 15 bar pump.
Some models, such as Polti`s Forzaspira Slim, have a Hepa filter, which is essential for retaining even the smallest particles of dirt and recirculating clean air. This type of filter is washable: just disassemble it and rinse it. Let it dry thoroughly before using the appliance again.
Cleaning the water tank of your iron

1) Fill the water tank halfway with warm water and shake it carefully. 2) Empty it and rinse well with fresh water (do not use detergent). Note: Algae can form when water remains in your iron`s tank for a long time.

Polti Unico ®

The steam vacuum cleaner that vacuums, sanitises and dries the surfaces of your home.

The vaporetto in Venice is the public transport in and around the city. You can reserve 2-day tickets for the vaporetto. Each route of a vaporetto boat has its own schedule. For example, vaporetto Line 1 is a crucial and busy route.
Tefal Iron Made In France | Shop Online | MYER.
All of Dupray steam cleaners` accessories are made in Italy. Fabricated with the strongest material, these accessories are the highest quality on the market.
All of Dupray steam cleaners` accessories are made in Italy. Fabricated with the strongest material, these accessories are the highest quality on the market.
Dupray Tosca Steam Cleaner Commercial Steamer Made in Italy for High End Professional or Home Cleaning and Disinfection.

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HI, I’m trying to find a part for a Sharp upright vacuum. Its the back part of the handle where the cord is stored. I have taken it off but can’t find any part # on it. The model number for the vacuum is EC12TWT4. I was thinking that if I could find a free owner’s manual, that would give me the part # and then I could look for it on the net.
ANSWER : Any vacuum repair shop should be able to get it

The female part of the catch which holds the lid to the accessories compartment closed has broken. This forms part of the handle to the vacuum cleaner.We’ve had the vacuum for less than a year but cant find the receipt so i think i will just have to pay for the parts. What is the part called that i need or the part number and where can i get it from. Many thanks
ANSWER : Even if you do not have the receipt you are still entitled to one or two year warranty.
Since appliance sales are recorded after-sale by manufacturer, you need to contact the manufacturer to validate the warranty and get the replacement.

Here is the website, click on your location and see Contact Us or After Sale Service on website.


Please let me know how it goes.

Parts replacement We have a Hoover Steam Vac that has a broken part #10 in your picture or Part # 37271035. Does this part cover the whole top section of the Vac? Is it hard to replace? Where can you get the best prices on Hoover parts? I have been on Hoovers website and they don’t even recognize this Steam Vac. which is hard to believe they don’t even recognize their own unit? Thanks Ray
ANSWER : This the hood or top cover. There some screws on the bottom as well as on the top, then it comes off.

Hoover U5344-900 – where can I find a parts manual on line? All I seem to find is the part numbers with no pictures – no help at all.
ANSWER : Hi There,
.Here’s a parts diagram for your Hoover U5344-900. This will give you the drawings and the part numbers for all of the parts on your vacuum cleaner. If you need to purchase any of these parts, please feel free to contact us, we’d be more then happy to order anything for you. If you have any questions, please use the repair clarification request form here on Fixya.
.Here’s the Parts Diagram:
.I hope that this information was helpful to you. If you found this helpful, please be sure to rate the repair and leave feedback. This is greatly appreciated.
.Chris J.

I own a Eureka Optima 437 and one of the rear wheels are broken and cannot find parts for this. Where can I find parts for real wheel?
I have a rear wheel that came off too. The wheel seems fine, but the plastic base that the wheel clicks onto on the underside of the vac seems to have cracked. I need a new plastic bottom. Any ideas?
ANSWER : Called Eureka Customer Service and ordered another part. They are mailing it to me free of charge!

No more problem.

I am trying to find out a part number for a rubber gasket that goes on the inside of a Hoover Windtunnel Cyclonic Platinum BAgless upright. It is a very thin, light-weight gasket made of rubber that helps seal the filtering tubes. If you know where I can find a parts break down, please advise,,, JON [email protected]
ANSWER : Hi There,
.I’m not sure exactly which part you are asking about, so I went ahead and uploaded the parts schematic of your vacuum cleaner, that will diagram all the parts, and part numbers.
.If you need to purchase this gasket, please feel free to contact me, and I’ll be more then happy to ship this directly to you for free.
.Here’s the Part Schematic:
.Parts Diagram & Schematic For The Hoover Platinum Collection Bagless Upright Model UH70015
.I hope this helped you. I look forward to hearing from, and if you have any follow up questions, please feel free use the comment field here on Fixya. If this was helpful, please be so kind and rate the repair, or leave feedback for me. This is greatly appreciated by the Fixya community when you are able to solve your problem.
.Thanks again,
.Chris Jones

Parts Hi I have the Eurkea steam cleaner model 2450 and was wondering how do you take the front part off where you can see the water sucking up from carpet so this can be cleaned. Also I think the spring in the part that holds the water has come off another part is this able to be fixed or can I just purchase a new water holding tank and if so where?

Lost Part I have a 6.5 hp 18 gallon shop vac ultra pro. There is a part that goes into the inside of the tank and screws into the collection hose that attaches it to the tank. This part accidentally got thrown away when someone dumped it and now I cannot attach the hose to use the vacuum. Can this part be purchased separately?
ANSWER : I found a manual online for the shop vac and found the part number. Did locate part online.