Bissell 3920 Bagless Upright Vacuum\015 The height adjustment dial turns but the adjusting is`nt happening. turned vacuum over and put pressure on plate while turning dial and the plate is not moving. any ideas?\015

How to Identify and Fix Common Vacuum Problems ?

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You can easily raise or lower your vacuum to adjust to different flooring types by simply turning the knob to the desired floor setting. If the vacuum is too difficult to push, change to a higher setting.
The height setting control is on the foot of your vacuum. To adjust, simply turn it closer to the bare floor setting or high carpet setting, depending on where you`re vacuuming. The medium setting is for medium pile carpet. The highest setting is for high pile and most shag carpet.
The level you set your vacuum depends on the height of your carpet. For bare floors, use the lowest or bare floor setting, for short and medium pile carpets use a medium setting and finally, for plush carpets use the highest setting.
Locate the brush reset button on the lower back right of the vacuum. Press the button to reset the brushroll To ensure the brush has been reset, plug the vacuum back into the electrical outlet.
To ensure proper recovery on a carpeted surface, the beater bar should be set at a height where the bristles just touch the tips of the carpet fibers. Most individuals set the beater bar height at its lowest setting due to perception that this will grind into the carpet fibers and recover more.
If you find that your CleanView vacuum is hard to push, you may need to adjust the height adjustment dial. The highest setting should be used for high pile and most shag carpet.
Please try again later. No, it does not have a manual height adjustment. It adjusts automatically.
If you want to remove as much dust, dog hair, and cookie crumbs as you can, properly setting the height on your vacuum cleaner can make a big difference. Like all the extra attachments and hoses that come with your vacuum, tweaking the height adjustment knob on the base ensures you get the best clean possible.
The international standard usually divides the vacuum into four levels: low vacuum, medium vacuum, high vacuum, and ultra-high vacuum.
Low vacuum is around 10^-4 times the atmosphere. High vacuum is 10^-8 atmospheres. There is even Ultra-High vacuum that is around 10^-12 atmospheres. So when you say something has higher vacuum, it`s the same as saying that there is less air inside.
No, absolute pressure is measured with reference to a perfect vacuum so it is impossible for it to go negative.
To power on the machine, step on the red Power Switch Pedal located on the back of the vacuum by the bottom. If there is still no power, unplug your machine from the wall. Check the entire length of the power cord, and discontinue use if there is any damage.
Your heels should also be flush against the wall. It`s easiest to have another person measure your height, but you can also do this alone. Do not stand on a carpet or a rug, which will sink a bit when you stand on it and may affect your measurement.
The highest threshold a robot vacuum can climb

As I said, in 2021 the highest threshold a robot vacuum can clim is ¾” or 19 mm, but it really depends on the robot and how good they are at navigating.

Check the Rotator Brush and Wheels

Sometimes pieces of string or other objects get wrapped around your vacuum`s rotating brush or around the wheels of the vacuum. Unplug your vacuum. Turn it over and have a look at the wheels and brush. If you see any pieces of string or objects lodged there, remove them.

We have two possible ways of adjusting the pressure in a vacuum system: first, by changing the pumping speed (altering the speed of the pump or throttling by closing a valve); second, through admission of gas (opening a valve).
While extreme suction power may offer peace of mind to homeowners who want to feel confident that their vacuums are effective at sucking up dirt and germs, it can be very damaging to your carpet and should be avoided! For high pile and premium soft carpet, be sure to avoid vacuums with concentrated or sealed suction.
The biggest cause of carpet becoming crunchy and gross is simply that they were not cleaned properly. If your carpet is crunchy after getting cleaned, that means that particles of the shampoo, detergent, or chemicals that were used during the cleaning process were left behind in the carpet fibers.
It is recommended to clean or replace your filters every 3-6 months depending on use. This filter is washable – Clean by hand washing in warm water. A mild detergent may be used if desired.
32mm is the most popular size for vacuum cleaners, ducted vacuum cleaners, and backpack vacuum cleaners. Nevertheless, some fewer standard sizes are 35mm, 36mm, or 38mm. The best way to find out what size will suit your vacuum cleaner is to measure the INTERNAL diameter of one of your old vacuum cleaner tools.
The 3-in-1 provides the versatility of a stick vacuum and hand vacuum, with a floor nozzle that can be used on stairs and upholstery. Powerful, convenient, and easy to use. Easily converts from stick vacuum to hand vacuum. Removable Floor Nozzle – remove for use as hand vacuum; keep on for floor or stair cleaning.
The Dyson Ball Animal 3 is better than the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe. The Dyson has a height-adjustable floorhead, making it easier to maneuver on thick carpeting, a more powerful suction motor, and a longer range.
It may be full, or the machine may simply perceive it as too full to continue working. Dyson vacuum cleaners require constant airflow through them to work, and a full bin can stop this from happening. Make sure there`s no dirt lodged in the top part of the bin.
Overall, Bissell is a popular vacuum brand for a reason – these vacuums are dependable and last up to two years without issue. However, some models are better than others when it comes to cleaning different surfaces.

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Height adjustment The height adjustment button on my upright is nonfunctional.  The Height is set closest to the floor and it makes it difficult to move on medium height carpet.
ANSWER : You’ll have to turn the upright to its side to show the sole plate where the rolling brush is. Check where the front wheels are located and ensure there is no blockage obstructing the rotary dial. Sometimes the spring mechanisms can work themselves loose. ...
.Inevitably you’ll have to remove the sole plate and/or the rotary dial which may be screwed down. If it has cracked then you may have to seek a replacement. .
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Height adjustment not adjusting
ANSWER : The height adjustment wont engage unless the handle is in the down position. Not knowing this led me to overturn the hight adjustment knob.
.Step on the handle release, pull the handle back and lay the vac on its side. Then you can get the knob and the plate back together again.
.BTW, the reason I had this problem is because the front brush slows dramatically when using on carpet, I thought it was set too low, and turned the knob (in a manly fashion, putting it past its limit). Still working on that one. After inspecting the belt, looks like one worn and cracked spot gumming up the works.

On my hover U6616-900 the self propell work fine on the med setting on med height carpet, but when I go to low height carpet and height set on med the self propell does not pull the vacuum and it is hard to push. Also if I raise the height to the highest setting the self propell works correctly and appears to clen. Any ideas? S/N 090400184555, think this vacuum is maybe 5 years old and my wife uses it lots. Should I think of maybe a complete overhaul or a replacement at this time?
ANSWER : This is a typical problem you are describing. I would recommend you change the belts, this will resolve the “hard to push” and most likely resove your issues. based on the s/n given you maching was made on sept 2004.

I can see the height adjuster under my Bissell pet hair eraser vacuum, but it doesn’t adjust. The parts don’t look like they’re touching. It’s been iffy since I took it out of the box. Now it doesn’t adjust at all. Used only five times. Looks like I should be able to fix it myself. No local repair available. Could you help please?
ANSWER : Http://
.This is the pdf manual. If you look at page 12 you’ll see that the bottom of the machine has been pictured. Between the middle wheels near the brush (where arrows 4 and 2 are) you’ll find that the adjuster bar has a sprung mechanism. Now this is easy if you have time! If you take off the or just inspect the bar, check to see that nothing is clogged behind it. If it looks fine, check with your other hand by moving the rotary dial a couple of times and your other hand pressed down on the central bar between the wheels – if you can feel that the bar is moving whilst you turn the rotary dial then it should be working. Sometimes the spring that connects the dial to the bar can loosen and this may well have been the case. If you can unscrew the assembly do it gently as it will pop up to see if the spring has been put in place and then carefully put everything back together.
.Some uprights don’t allow the height adjuster to adjust whilst in the upright position though but if it doesn’t adjust at all then the spring has definately moved.

Carpet Height Adjusment
ANSWER : In addition to the tab that contacts the bottom of the slider, there are 2 protusions on the adjustable wheel plate that move through holes in the housing, but only when the handle is tilted to begin vacuuming. The wheel plate has a spring that forces the tab against the slider. As the handle is moved to the upright position, the protusions move back through the holes, taking the tab away from the slider and the wheel plate locks in its highest position. Therefore, the position of the slider has no effect while the handle is upright and locked. Hope this helps.

Height adjustment won’t work on Hoover windtunnel
ANSWER : In my experience, Hoover height adjustment are “stops” rather than being attached to an axel. Look for something that rould resemble a set of circular steps somewhere in the path the axel would take as it goes up and down. It is usually on the underside from the knob that sets the height. Each ‘step’ represents a height with the shortest step being the lowest setting from a certain perspective.
.On some Hoovers, therte is a ratchet petal on the right side. The ones I have seen are similar in operation to the above.
.Let me know if this helps you.

Sebo auto X4 height adjustment not working
ANSWER : Worst case scenario is that there’s a fault on the circuit board, but another possibility is that the brush roll is not rotating freely. The automatic height adjustment works by sensing the drag on the brush roll, and altering the height to maintain constant drag. So, if the brush roll is sticking, the sensor detects the extra drag and raises the height accordingly. First thing to do, then, is remove the brush roll and remove any hair (the most common problem) or other stuff that may be wound round it – especially at the ends near the bearings. Check that the brush roll is able to rotate freely. .
.If this doesn’t solve the problem, the next possibility is that a spring has broken in the clutch/sensor device where the two drive belts meet. That will cause the sensor to “think” there’s more drag on the brush than there actually is, and hence to raise the height as before. This clutch (which isn’t really a clutch) has two toothed pulley wheels – one driven by the belt from the motor, the other driving the brush roll. Holding one wheel stationary, the other can be rotated slightly and there should be increasing resistance to that rotation. If the spring has broken there will be no resistance until you reach the limit stop. Unfortunately, if you’ve no experience of these units, it can be really difficult to know whether one is broken or not! The third possibility – failed circuit board – is, in my experience, the least likely. These are typically extremely reliable, and will usually last the life of the machine (25 years or more). I’ve never known one fail, but it’s always possible..
.I hope this helps. Any questions, just post here again and I’ll do what I can. Please remember to rate this response. Thanks!

Spring connecting height adjustment
ANSWER : There should be a place easily for the wheel assy to fit back in and then if you look you should see 2 small holes in the bottom of the vacuum that it will slip into. If your looking at the vacuum straight they should be on the left side on the bottom.