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How to Identify and Fix Common Vacuum Problems ?

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If the cleaner is still not spraying despite the water and detergent tanks being full, there may be a bubble of air stuck in the pump or the hose. To fix this, you need to turn the cleaner on and lower the hose down to the floor. Next, prime the pump by holding down the trigger for up to 1 minute.
Although Hoover of course recommend their own detergent, we are using a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water, with a few drops of essential oil (tea tree oil) in it to improve the fragrance. This has worked well for us and is very inexpensive.
Why is the vacuum is blowing dusty air out of the back? Simple: the bag or canister is full and the vacuum has nowhere to store the dust it is collecting. Empty the canister or bag. If that doesn`t fix it, the vacuum filter needs to be cleaned or changed.
Can I use non-Hoover solutions in my Hoover carpet cleaner? We recommend that you use Hoover solutions to ensure best user experience and no machines damage.
Inspect the vacuum hose for any small holes, kinks, or cracks. Any cracks or holes will decrease the amount of suction in the hose and will not allow the carpet extractor to properly remove liquid from the floor. The hose will need to be replaced if there is damage.
If the product is not making steam please check that there is water in the tank fitted at the top. If the product is not making steam please check that there is water in the tank fitted at the top. Pull the tank up and fill it up with water. Please do not add any cleaning solutions to the water in the tank.
All steam cleaners work best with distilled water. “I don`t think people realize that you can cause the steamer to stop working if you use the incorrect water,” says Kellsie Zapata, the owner of Zapata`s Cleaning Services. “The minerals in tap water will corrode the inside of your machine.”
I boil the water and pour it in carefully—boiling hot. Most home cleaners do not use the power of boiling water, but I do. I have done this for 14 years now, and without any problem.
Laundry Detergents aren`t Formulated for Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning solutions are specifically formulated to clean and not damage the machines they`re used in and the material they`re treating. Laundry soap is designed to be used in washing machines to clean clothing.

I like to pre-treat my stains by using a 50-50 mix of the concentrated solution and water. You can add it to a spray bottle or just use your fingers to dab a bit of it on the stain. Let it sit for 5 minutes then shampoo over it.
The most common problems found in vacuum cleaners are low suction force, excessive noise, burning smell, vacuum not turn on, and overheating. These issues can be fixed by either cleaning the device or replacing some parts of the device. At times, it is best to seek a professional to fix the cleaner effectively.
One of the easiest ways to increase vacuum cleaner suction is to empty the dust bag or container. Dust containers need to have enough space for airflow, otherwise, they could get clogged and have less suction power. Regularly check your dust compartment and empty or change it when it`s already 70-80% full.
A: Yes, you can just rinse your carpet with plain water when using the Hoover SmartWash Automatic Carpet Cleaner. Helpful?
Try refilling the Clean water tank (B) Tank with clean water and appropriate amounts of Britex cleaning solution. Ensure the small solution hose is still connected at the front valve connection and the other end to the carpet wand; try a disconnect and reconnect.
Check to see if your clean water tank is empty. The clean water tank also may not be seated properly. The brush window could also not be latched into place. Turn off your machine and check to see if the brush window is secure.
Carpets that still look dirty or have stains reappear after cleaning is a result of something called wicking. This is due to over wetting the carpet, the backing, and pad which causes them to return back to the surface once dry.
You get the best results after eliminating dirt and dust from the surface of your carpet. If the carpet is not vacuumed before steam cleaning, your carpet will look clean on the surface but remain dirty underneath. The steam cleaner cannot get rid of loose soil that is embedded deep inside the carpet fibers.
For fabric upholstery: Mix 1/4 cup vinegar, 3/4 warm water and 1 tablespoon of dish soap or Castile soap. Put in a spray bottle. Mist the soiled area. Scrub with a soft cloth until the stain lifts.
How do upholstery cleaners work? Upholstery cleaners work by spraying a stain with a cleaning agent and then using a brush to agitate and perform a shampooing action that lifts the stain. The dirty water and solution is then extracted from the carpet using a vacuum suction.
Do Steam Cleaners Use Soap or Chemicals? These appliances use only clean, cold, tap water. No chemical or detergents can, or should, be used in these systems.
Using distilled water can help prevent corrosion and mineral build up, because it doesn`t actually contain any minerals! For this reason, it`s the preferred option to choose when you`re filling up your steam cleaner.
To ensure a thorough clean, pre-spray your carpet with a biodegradable cleaning solution. You can combine one part of distilled white vinegar with three parts of cold water in a spray bottle.
The short answer is that you should not use vinegar for carpet cleaning. There is truth to the idea you can use vinegar as a natural disinfectant for cleaning but it cannot remove dirt or soil from a surface or from carpet.
When cleaning your carpet with baking soda, let it sit for at least 15 minutes. The longer the baking soda stays on the rug, the more odor, dirt, and oil it will absorb, for a more thorough clean. Try leaving baking soda on the carpet overnight and vacuuming in the morning.

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I have a hoover steamvac dual v and is leaking, bristels not working very food only two are speaning and is not sucking any water
Very little solution comes out, or comes out in streaks when pressing the solution dispenser button on the handle. I think the lines may be stopped upped.
ANSWER : Http://geeksquad.fixya.com/ThreadView.aspx?prdid=41020&thid=634728
.I have a Hoover SteamVac
.Posted by albazo on May 30, 2008
.I have a Hoover SteamVac Dual V and it is leaking, bristles not working very well and only two are spinning and is not sucking any water
Very little solution comes out, or comes out in streaks when pressing the solution dispenser button on the handle. I think the lines may be stopped upped.

I would advise you to ALWAYS to FIRST UNPLUG YOUR VACUUM before beginning any service procedure. Hoover F5866-900 SteamVac Deluxe Wet/Dry. You probably have a couple of brushes that are broken – the brushes are and assembly unit and would have to replace the entire brush assembly, and you are correct that the suction part of the vacuum is probably plugged up. You can take a wire hanger and use that to try to clear the clogged opening, but to be honest you may have to disassemble the vacuum and clean it entirely and replace the brush assm and any type of belt if needed. Pleas, feel free to check with your local vac dealer in your area. So if you need further assistance, please feel free to contact your local vacuum cleaner dealer in your area or in the yellow pages, or contact the factory phone number or website to further assist you with your questions.

.http://www.hoover.com Telephone
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I have a hoover steam vac LS 3600 and i attached the tool to clean my couch. the tool is sucking but no solution is coming out. i checked the hose and everything looks ok but no solution will come out of the sprayer.
ANSWER : There is a small pump inline of the spray unit. This is normally a coil type reciprocating type and most often this can be dirty or faulty.
.So remove pump and check it on table to see if this works, if not clean or test coils for continuity. If not replace.

Bissell 8920 proheat x2 brushes not turning i only noticed this after i finished cleaning.. or kinda cleaning because of the brushes ntot turning.. water comes out fine suction is fine but its not scrubbing so its not as clean as it could be. manual part works well water coming out hot. I did take it apart and cleaned off all the hairs in hopes maybe that was it.. put it together still nothing.. No idea how the belts should look onit and i cant find a picture or a video showing how belts look o
ANSWER : Hello,
.Here’s a link to a very helpful video that shows you step by step on how to access and replace the belt on your machine. When the brushes stop spinning, but the rest of the machine works fine, this is a tell-tale sign that your belt has gone bad.
.Video Showing how to access and change belt:
.If you open up your machine and find that the belt is still engaged, or you replace it and this doesn’t fix your problem, please feel free to use the comment form here on this repair page and I’ll be happy to walk you through some more advanced diagnosing.
.If you found this helpful, please be so kind and rate my repair helpful, or leave some feedback. This is really appreciated.
.Chris Jones

Cleaning solution does not come out of the rotating cleaning head or the hand-held nozzle

the solution pump seems ok but does not run (electrical continuity check between the two leads on the pump show very low resistance so they seem to be intact) – no dirt or blockage is apparent (it is a very simple device with 1 moving part

wires to the pump also pass a continuity check

THERE IS NO VOLTAGE on the pump leads from the control circuit board when I turn on the “manual” cleaning mode – a

ANSWER : You can contact Bissell directly at the following
.For UK inquiries:
.Monday – Thursday 9 am — 5 pm
.Friday 9 am — 4 pm
.BISSELL Homecare (Overseas) Inc.
.The Boat Yard
.105 Straight Road
.Old Windsor
.Berkshire, SL4 2SE
.United Kingdom
.Telephone: 0870-225-0109
.For Australian inquiries:
.24 hours a day 7, days a week
.E.D. Oates Pty Ltd
.76 – 82 Newlands Road
.Reservoir VIC 3073
.Telephone: 1-800-811-183
.For all other inquiries:
.Monday – Friday 8 am — 4 pm
.BISSELL Homecare, Inc.
.PO Box 1888
.Grand Rapids, MI 49501 USA
.Telephone: 01-616-453-4451
.Fax: 01-616-453-1383
.You can get Bissel Spares that the following

Hoover F7425-900 SteamVac V2
ANSWER : Http://www.hoover.com/pdfs/manuals/F7452900.pdf.Heres a link to the manual if you dont have one, Ive emailed them and they gave me the same solutions that are on page 17...? Make sure tank is securely locked in.position.? Clean water tank or detergent.container empty.? Refill container according to instructions.for surface being cleaned.? Recovery tank lid not on.correctly.? Make sure lid is firmly in place.? Valve cap clogged.? Remove and clean valve cap (see following.instructions).1. Remove clean water tank..2. Turn valve cap (A) counterclockwise.and remove..Soak valve cap in warm water for at.least 15 minutes. Wipe cap dry..3. Align slots (B) on cap with tabs (C) in.opening..Turn cap clockwise to tighten.

Hoover Floormate won’t dispense clean solution
ANSWER : The tank sits on what is called a reservior asm, that may have gone bad. Does the water flow out of the tank when you push in the valve at the bottom?

The cleaning solution will not come out of the wand or thecarpet cleaner.
ANSWER : Hi James. Sorry you’re having difficulty with your machine. I understand how frustrating this must be.

Here’s a quick link to troubleshooting steps to assist you with the spray: .


Roomba keeps saying clean brushes yet are clean!
ANSWER : Make sure you take off the little cap at the end (the one that spins — just grab it and pull it straight off) and clean under it too. The rest of the brush may look perfectly clean but what happens is that hair gets stuck under spinning cap and, like a slowly growing washer, it pushes the whole brush toward the gear box. When it gets pushed over enough, the large yellow ring starts to rub against the side of the brush deck making it harder for the motor to turn the brush and you get that “remove and clean brushes” message.