Hoover Company Wind Tunnel U53019 Upright Vacuum\015 Both of my belts work, however, it seems the roller won’t roll. I have the switch turned to carpet and both belts are running, but burning while running because the roller doesn’t want to roll. When we took it apart, we put it back together and when we put it back in, the end seems to screw off the roller when in motion – I was sure we put it back the way we took it out. We even checked the ball bearings and cleaned everything real well. Are we missing a part? Can you please explain to us how to put the roller back together correctly so we can get it to stay in place without unscrewing? Thank you!\015

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WindTunnel technology and Multi-Cyclonic filtration lifts and removes surface debris and deep down embedded dirt with no loss of suction. The 25ft. power cord automatically retracts in seconds so you never have to wrap a cord again. An assortment of tools and an extra-long cleaning hose offers up to 10ft.
What is the weight of the vacuum? The full weight of the vacuum is 14 lbs.
This isn`t helped by Hoover themselves being reluctant to admit where their manufacturing plants are located. As far as we can tell, Hoover products are designed and engineered in the USA. However, assembly for most (if not all) of their vacuums takes place in China.
The Hoover Company is a home appliance company founded in Ohio, United States.
How Do Wind Tunnels Work? Wind tunnels usually have powerful fans to move the air through the tube. The object being tested is placed in the tunnel so that it will not move. The air moving around the still object shows what would happen if the object were moving through the air.
A wind tunnel that is open on both ends and draws air from the room into the test section is called an open return tunnel. The tunnel at the lower right of the figure is an open return tunnel. A wind tunnel that is closed and re-circulates the air through the test section is called a closed return tunnel.
Suction Power

This is an indication of how good the vacuum cleaner is to clean – i.e. the work to be done. The suction power is measured in Watt (W) and is typically between 250 W and 450 W for machines with 1 motor.

The parts are shaped with a two-part steel mold called a die, which is lowered into an injection molding machine. Tiny plastic pellets are then poured into a heating vat and melted. The two parts of the mold then open enough for the plastic part to fall in a bin where the plastic hardens upon contact with air.
The HEPA filter is located under the dirt cup and under where it says HEPA. Twist the top counterclockwise to unlock the cap.
Check that the brush bar is clean and not damaged

If the cleaner becomes noisy or starts vibrating, it may be because some debris has got tangled around the brush roll or agitator situated in the bottom of the cleaner.

In 2007, Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd. (TTI) acquired the Hoover floor care business from Whirlpool Corporation. Adding the iconic Hoover brand to TTI`s portfolio created TTI Floor Care North America, at inception, the largest floor care company in North America.
Henry vacuum cleaners are manufactured by Numatic International. Unlike the vast majority of vacuum brands, which have mostly moved manufacturing to Asia, Henry vacuums are still built in the UK. In fact, Henry (and the rest of the Henry range) is the only vacuum cleaner to still be mass-produced in the UK.
For the electrical appliance that cleans surfaces through suction, North Americans tend to use vacuum cleaner, or just vacuum, and Britons tend to use hoover.
Henry (also known as Henry Hoover) is the brand name given to a canister vacuum cleaner made and sold by Numatic International, and is the only mass-produced consumer vacuum cleaner still made in Britain.
From Malmesbury to Malaysia and Chicago to Singapore, Dyson has teams around the world. Each one plays an important part in the company`s success. Most recently, Dyson has invested in a purpose-built motors facility in Singapore.

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Repplacing power cord on Hoover Wind tunnel (not self propelled)
ANSWER : I am thinking that the cord goes in on the back, just below the handle. Remove the handle, then from the front, remove the tool holder(#8), then you can get to where the cord comes in and hooks up.

How do you change the Hoover wind tunnel belts?
ANSWER : If you turn the vacuum over there will be (4) screws that hold on the base cover for the roller brush. Remove the screws and the cover and you can get to the belt(s). You can get replacement belts here:

Hoover Windtunnel Belts

Hoover wind tunnel 2 bagless vacuum not working
ANSWER : Place handle in low position and turn cleaner over so bottom side is up.
.Remove the 4 screws in bottom plate and lift off.
.Look on the left side of the agitator brush. You should see the belt there. Remove agitator brush roll and used belt.
.Discard belt.
.With lettering on outside of belt, slide new belt over motor pulley.
.Insert agitator though belt and place belt in belt guide on agitator.
.Grasp agitator firmly and fit it onto position by first sliding end opposite the belt into the rectangular slot on side of cleaner.Pull other side of agitator into place
.Turn agitator making sure belt is not pinched between agitator and agitator shield.
.If this does not take care of your problem, then check your filters for dirt and your entire vacuum for blockages. Both filters do come out. If you can’t get a new filter right away you can gently clean the paper filter and remove a lot of dirt. (I recommend outside)! The other filter is washable.
.Make sure it is well dried before replacing.
.Good luck.

Hoover Wind Tunnel
ANSWER : If this is new, you have a years warranty on it, take it for repair. Did you get the right belts, the numbers are 38528035 for the flat belt and 38528034 for the V belt. Also if you are catching something like a towel or area rug in the brush roll, it will knock of the belt. Is the brush roll turning freely. If not then it needs to be replaced, does it motor sound ok? If not then there is a problem with it.

I have a Hoover Wind Tunnel Supreme mach 3.9. It
ANSWER : Check the filter above the dirt tank. If you take out the dirt cup and look where in slides into the machine, there is a filter that is probably dirty. It can be cleaned or replaced

How to change the V belt on hoover wind tunnel U6435-900 ?
ANSWER : Below I have listed a link to the manual which has instructions and a link to the V belt you need.

.\011\011\011\011\011\011Windtunnel Manual

Windtunnel Replacement Belts

Changing belts on Hoover wind tunnel U6401
ANSWER : Take off the bottom plate covering the brush roll, 4 screws. There are 2 belts, if you replace both, put the V belt on 1st, then stretch the flat belt over the motor shaft, then over the bigger pulley along side the V belt.

Hoover Wind Tunnel bagless- issue with turning on
ANSWER : Have you tried to plug the vaccuum in another outlet that is on another breaker? It could be the vaccuum tripped the breaker. Turn the breaker back on. The manual mentions the thermal protector could have been activated. If this happened it resets and your vac should run after 30 minutes. I have a Widepath Tempo and it has tripped the surge protector. If this is the problem try turning some things off that are also on that breaker/outlet, or unplug them when you use the vac.