Vacuums\015 Have changed the fuse in the plug, but as soon as you plug the machine in it blows the main house fuse, the machine wasnt even turned on!!\015

How to Identify and Fix Common Vacuum Problems ?

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If your vacuum always trips the breaker, you most likely have an electrical problem. Inspect your vacuum for things like frayed or deteriorating cords. You may also notice a burnt smell when it`s running, which could indicate burning components within the vacuum itself. Replace the vacuum if you suspect problems.
Overloaded circuits, short circuits and ground faults are all legitimate reasons why your fuses blow on a regular basis or causes for your fuse box to trip out. Other causes could be a result or ageing or faulty wiring as well as power surges.
If the breaker trips immediately upon resetting, even with nothing plugged in or turned on, it`s likely something in your home`s wiring causing the problem. This could be a loose connection at a receptacle or other device, or something more complicated, like worn insulation within your walls.
Look at the fuse wire. If there is a visible gap in the wire or a dark or metallic smear inside the glass then the fuse is blown and needs to be replaced.
It does not provide room for arcing and electricity cannot pass through a vacuum. Therefore, a vacuum is a suitable arc-extinguishing medium. Some high voltage breakers use a blast of high-pressure air to blow arcs apart.
Current chopping in circuit breaker is defined as a phenomenon in which current is forcibly interrupted before the natural current zero. Current Chopping is mainly observed in the vacuum circuit breaker and air blast circuit breaker.
The circumstance that will most likely cause a fuse to blow is trying to measure voltage while the multimeter lead is connected to the (amp) function.
Overloaded Circuit

Electrical circuits can only handle a certain amount of electricity. If you`re boiling your kettle, using your toaster, charging your phone, watching TV and running your dishwasher all on one circuit, you could overload it. This causes the fuse switch to blow, resulting in a tripped fuse.

An RCD can react if there is a sudden rise in electrical current use or leakage current, due to the contents of your refrigerator or freezer thawing out. Occasionally, a poorly connected appliance can cause a spike in electricity supply. If this happens, the RCD will trip and reset as it is designed to do.
A blown fuse can trigger a circuit breaker, which will knock out the power to a section of your home. Getting to the bottom of the problem will help you get the power back on as soon as possible.
How do you prevent the fuses from blowing? Start the heater at the lowest setting so the peak power is lower. Purchase a soft starter that lowers peak power. Consult a qualified electrician on whether the fuse in the fuse box can be replaced by a C-type circuit breaker.
The serviceable lifespan of a fuse panel is rated at about 50 years. The panel at this point outdated equipment and at the end of its serviceable life. Fuse panels were not designed to deal with today`s electrical loads, current electrical codes and the need for various branch circuits throughout the home.
A vacuum breaker is a backflow preventer. It`s a threaded device that attaches onto a faucet. It prevents water from flowing backwards into the plumbing. Vacuum breakers prevent water from flowing in the reverse direction.
The trapped dirt, dust, and other debris restrict proper airflow. Consequently, your system uses more power so that it works as it should. The circuit can then overload, and the breaker will trip.
Your appliances are faulty – Sometimes a faulty appliance (even something simple like a hair dryer, toaster, or lamp) can cause a circuit to trip over and over again. This issue is usually easy to diagnose, and the best way to get rid of the problem is to replace the appliance!
The easiest way to prevent your circuit breaker from constantly tripping is to simply not overload one circuit. Keeping your electrical load split between multiple circuits means each breaker won`t have to bear the full load of current flowing through.

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House fuse box blows when you plug machine in.
ANSWER : There is a short in your vacuum that is cause your circuit to trip. It is more then likely a ground wire that has come loose in the plug that attaches to the motor of the vacuum

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I have a Husqvarna Viking Designer sewing machine. The fuse blew in the machine and I am having trouble finding a replacement fuse. It is a T3.5/250v glass fuse. Please let me know where to find one. I have searched the internet high and low and can’t find one. Radio Shack has a 3.0amp 250v slow blow fuse whick seems to be the right dimensions. Willl that work. Otherwise, I am not sure what to do and can’t afford to take the machine to a repair show. Thank you.
ANSWER : That fuse will work no problem. There is no harm in trying it.
The machine probably requires about 2 amps or less under normal operation.
Being a 3.0 amp slow blow fuse, it will withstand short bursts of extra current when your machine gets temporarily overloaded.

Just make sure the machine is properly lubricated and runs freely. The fuse will definitely blow if your machine should get jammed or something like that.

I think I know where I can score some. Cost of postage only. 🙂

Email me if you like.
Subject: T3.5/250v glass fuse
[email protected]

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Elna Top 300 sewing machine. I need manual to operate this machine. I have already found out that Elna contracted with Tiwan(excuse my spelling) to make there machine between 1989-1991. I want to know which machine made in Switzerland is comperable to this one. Thanks…Audrey
Sorry about the catagory…but you do not have sewing machine on list.
ANSWER : Isoj:
.I have this machine. I use it for my heavy sewing, as it will go through anything. I would be happy to copy the manual and send it to you for copy costs. Just let me know. I would love to know what knowledge you have gained about this machine. It does not appear to be an easy machine to find info on, may not have produced a lot? I had no idea it was not a European produced machine.

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X5 steam mop shorts all the fuses when I plug it in. I’ve changed the fuse.
ANSWER : Shorted to ground

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I had plugged it in to use it, turned it on and instantly it made a pop sound, smelled of electrical, and would not turn on after. i even waited for a while let the smell go away and tried a different plug in the house and still no operation of any kind. Is there an internal fuse that i could check on this? where is it located?
ANSWER : Sorry there is no fuse in the vacuum. It sounds like there is a short somewhere when they manufactured it. There is no way to fix yourself you will need to take to a repair shop
.Good luck

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Fuses I got this vac from a friend without fuses or a manual…..I found a manual online, but it doesn’t refer to what size fuses to use. Could some one help me out with what size fuse I buy? Thank you, Carla
ANSWER : They are a 25 if that helps , they look like a car fuse so I assume they are.

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When you plug in vacuum it blows fuse in house fusebox
ANSWER : I have the same problem and I don’t know what to do?

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I have a dyson alergy machine, I have emptied it, but I would like to clean the filter. I can’t locate where the filter is or how to get to it to clean it. The manuel for this is not with the machine. This machine came with the house we live in. Could you help me please?


ANSWER : Greetings Irlawren3,
.It all depends on the model you currently have. The filters on some are above the motor and some are on the side housing. Its pretty clear looking at the unit where the filters are located. I would suggest investigating your unit and looking for the filter.
.When you do locate the filter, it is to be washed with plain water and allowed to dry for at least 12 hours before being put back into the unit.
One thing that helps determine the model is the color also. What color is it?
.Go Ahead. Use Us.

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