How to get rid of dust

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How to get rid of dust

Dust is not only dirt but it includes pollen, plant fivers, hair, dander, dead skin cell, allergies and lot more. Dust lying in corners, on upholstery, under furniture or elsewhere can be harmful for your health. Especially for people who have small kids in their house, crawling on the floor and reaching dirty corners; dirt could be critical to health of those little ones. It is crucial to keep dust away and have things under control. Your plan of attack should be to target all the key places where dust and dirt could inhabit. You may not be able to completely eliminate dust particles but you will be able to reduce it to a large extent by adopting clever cleaning methods. We will be sharing improvement methods that would give you a cleaner house with ease.

How to get rid of dust

Tips for dealing with Dust:

In order to get rid of dust, you first need to identify where dust comes from and where it builds up. Knowing these factors would enable you to focus in right direction.

Origination of Dust:

Most of the dust in your house comes from outside through various openings. These could be:

  • Any cracks around your house especially those with windows and doors frames.
  • Openings of fireplaces.
  • Exterior venting may have blockages.
  • Carpets placed in your house can become home for dust. These not only would accumulate dust but also kicks it out and spread it all around your living place. If possible avoid carpeting. If you have carpets, make sure you vacuum clean carpets more frequently.
  • Drapes and blinds are places where dust usually accumulates. You will be able to notice dust lying on them easily and they are also simple to clean.
  • Upholstery furniture items should be cleaned well.


Methods of cleaning up dust:

Regular Dusting:

 In order to get rid of dust, you must dust your home at least twice a week. Dust everything including frames, furniture items, light fixtures, baseboards etc. including everything from top to bottom of your house. Carefully wipe dust. Dusting may take hours for your entire house cleaning but you should not rush it in order to get effective cleaning.


 You should opt for a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner in order to capture all the dust and allergens well. Vacuuming must be done at least two times a week or more depending upon dust and dirt traffic. An effective vacuum cleaner will capture most of the dust lying on your floor (both wooden and carpeted) along with corners, upholstery, furniture, drapes etc. With a vacuum cleaner you can get away with all the build-up of dust. Avoid using dirty vacuum bags or filters. Change bags and filters as and when required in order to avoid spreading out of dust. You should use a vacuum cleaner in good working condition or you may end up exerting dust back in to your living space. Use appropriate attachments depending upon use.How to get rid of dust

Sweeping floor: 

You may be dusting and cleaning floor with broom in order to get rid of dust. If you are not using a vacuum cleaner, you should be sweeping your house floor frequently. Areas that have lots of dust such as kitchen floor, doorways, lounge etc. should be taken care of by sweeping more frequently.

Beat up Rugs:

 Rugs and cushions are places where dust can gather as fiber inside them has huge tendency of capturing dust. In order to get rid of that dust, you should give them a good beat outside and vacuum them with proper attachment tools. Avoid beating cushions and rugs inside the house but do this practice in backyard.

Air Filters and Purifiers:

 Use of air filters and purifiers can ensure reduced dust in your house. These devices aid in sucking up dust and they capture dust before it settles. But make sure that you clean filters or change them regularly in order to ensure effective functioning of filters and purifiers.

Maintain Humidity Level:

 You should maintain a certain level of humidity in all the rooms of your house. Static humidity level can attract a lot of dust and it would then be even more difficult to eliminate.

Avoid Clutter and Unnecessary Stuff:

Unnecessary stuff usually becomes home to dust and dirt and makes your living space appear filthy and dirty. Avoid collection of such clutter that isn’t of any use for you. Follow simple tips:

  • Only keep items and decoration that you really want to keep. Have limited items and then you would find it much easier to maintain and clean.
  • Magazines and books should be recycled regularly. Shelf books and magazines that you will be using and give away others.
  • If you want to buy new furniture, better look for something in leather or wood rather than cloth furniture.
  • Beddings, pillows and blankets must be washed and cleaned regularly.
  • Closets must be kept clean and well-organized. Hang them well. Clothes that are out of season must be stored in a bag.
  • Have a shoe rack at the door in order to avoid dust of dirty shoes from coming inside the house.
  • Groom your pets and regularly clean them.


Dust cannot be eliminated completely but you can reduce it by carefully following advices that we have shared here. Regular dusting, cleaning and vacuuming can give you a healthy dust free living space that would save you from varied allergies and breathing problems. Prevention from dust is one of the best ways of beating dust. When dusting, use a clean damped cloth and try to wipe away all the dust in your house. A cleaner house would ensure a healthier living.