How to make your house smell fresh

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Sometimes when you come back to your home from somewhere outside, you realize that something is smelling bad within your living space causing nuisance to breathing and doesn’t feel welcoming. But many a times it may be difficult to track origin of that odor and you may rush to get a scent or a fresher to get rid of that smell. This could be a short term solution but it is significantly important to track where the odor is coming from and then take steps to get rid of it. Here we are going to notify some common sources of these bad smells and would give you nice ideas on how to make your home smell fresh quickly and naturally without spending too much on fresheners and scents.

Identify Source of Smell & How to get rid of it?

First step towards making your house smell fresh would be to identify the source of bad smells. Some common areas that could be responsible include:

  • Garbage: Sometimes you forget to take the garbage out and it begins to give that bad smell. Inspect and if that is the case; immediately get rid of the trash and bad odor will be gone. Usually kitchen and bathroom trash is common problem area for bad smell.
  • Drainage/plumbing: There could be a plumbing issue or your sink may be giving you bad smell. This happens when some food gets stuck during disposal. You may use peppermint oil or lemon. Dispose some quantity of either of these products and run lots of hot water over it for some minutes. If smell still exists, you should use some baking soda. Pour it over your sink and run warm water. This could not be a permanent solution in case of plumbing problem but bad odor will be gone.
  • Pets in the house: Pets can be your best friends and love but you surely don’t love their litter and wastes odor. This smell could be horribly bad and you should immediately address to it. Some tips for people who have pets in the house:
    • Regularly deodorize your furniture.
    • Do laundry regularly.
    • Wash all the bedding and comforters where pets usually love to lie.
    • Vacuum carpets and furniture on daily basis.
    • Carpets usually capture bad odor of pets and in order to deal with that sprinkle baking soda over carpet, let it stay and dry up. Now vacuum clean entire place and odor will be gone.
    • You can use a pet odor neutralizer too.
  • Smoke: Smoking in your house can give a completely obvious smell in your living space. In order to deal with this smell, you can place white vinegar in small containers at different places within the room where you are witnessing smoking smell. You can also use ammonia. These products work best at neutralizing odor. As soon as you find that the odor is gone, you can remove those containers.

Methods to have your house smell good:


  • Fresh Air: One of the ideal ways to have your house smell neutral is to keep your windows open and let the fresh air come in. This could not be ideal for situations where weather conditions are harsh or there may be some safety issues. Keeping windows open can also welcome dust and dirt particles in your house but this is the easiest way to have your living space feel fresh.

  • Scented Air Fresheners: Refresh and give your house a pleasing smell with the use of air fresheners and scented oil burners. You can place such products at different places around your house. You can also use a spray air freshener however its smell wouldn’t last long. Plug-in air fresheners would work well.
  • Scented Candles: Some nice scented candles are an instant remedy to bad odor. Lighting up these candles would give your house a nice sweet and pleasant smell. Place the candles cleverly all around your house in order to get most out of them.

  • Turn your oven on: If you wish to have a pleasing smell around your house, you may turn your oven on and bake some cookies. You can choose any cookie that you feel smells really good. Make sure that you cook cookies at right temperature or they may end up giving you a burning smell around house.
  • Clip a deodorizer over vent: If you have air vents around your house, you can clip a deodorizer or scent that would spread throughout the house as air blows through it.
  • Simmer herbs in water over stove: Some herbs and spices give a pleasing and soothing smell. In order to get rid of bad odor in your house, you should take a pot filled with water and add some good smelling herbs and spices of your choice. You can use cinnamon, cloves, fresh ginger etc. Even making tea would make your home smell good.
  • Have some plants inside: You can even bring some nice smelling plants inside including jasmine, oregano, orchids, geraniums and others of your choice. Not only they would smell good but would enhance beautiful appearance of your house.


A nice fragrance and fresh smell around your house would not only be appealing for your guests but when you come back to home from outside you will feel welcomed and would love to relax in your soothe smelling house. A bad odor can not only ruin your mood but would also give a bad impression about your personality in front of your guests or neighbors. Use the tips that we have mentioned for removing bad odor and adopt some of the methods of making your house smell good. Do not overdo by doing it all together. Choose one or two options that you find best and most comfortable to use.