Vacuums\015 The glass panel on my Majestic gas fireplace 36bdvrrn is in need of cleaning. It is a single panel glass panel. How do I remove the glass panel for cleaning?\015

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A fireplace screen is an essential fire prevention and safety device. It contains sparks from flying embers in the fireplace and prevents children and pets from accidental burns. An open fire is dangerous for pets and children.
Most fireplace brands reiterate the advice that unless your specific make and model states that the glass panel can be removed, the fireplace will operate safely with the panel removed.
If the glass is scratched, chipped, or broken, it needs to be replaced. Our sister site, Fast Replacement Glass, can help you get what you need, including a new gasket for the frame as well.
The Gas Fireplace glass is 1/8 pyroceram, or neoceram and is becoming more and more popular in these gas products. Some of the nicer features of these gas products is their use of low-voltage wiring that enables the user to turn these gas fireplaces or gas stoves with a flip of a switch.
We recommend finding a glass repair specialist near you where you can get the replacement glass you need for your fireplace.
Holding the door at an angle, lift the lower pivot pin out of the bottom hole and carefully remove the door. Rest it on the cloth or rags if needed to prevent breaking and scratching.
When starting a fireplace, many of us experience condensation or fog on the glass for the first few moments. This shouldn`t cause any concern as it is part of the normal process of condensation that occurs when water vapor condenses onto a cool surface. There is always moisture in the air.
Neo-Ceramic glass is now recommended for all gas and wood-burning fireplaces. It has become the building code standard due to its superior features, including: Ability to resist very high (over 1000°F) temperatures without damage.
Temper, Temper!

Using a heating or chemical process, tempered glass is created to be more durable for heat and pressure than regular glass. Fireplace doors are usually made of tempered glass, since fireplaces are usually used with the doors open.

Glass doors on a fireplace reduce hazards associated with burning logs in an open hearth. The doors serve as protective barriers that prevent embers and sparks from escaping the fireplace and injuring someone or causing a flammable object to catch fire.
Safety Screens are a Must-Have

At this temperature, burns can occur in a split second. The glass is especially dangerous to young children, who are naturally curious about fire and may not understand the risk. Safety screens are a critical part of gas fireplace safety.

Fireplace doors must remain fully open while an active fire is present. Doors can only be fully closed once the fire has died down to a coal bed. When using gas logs, fire glass, or modern gas media the doors must remain fully open at all times while in use.
Fireplace doors must remain fully open while an active fire is present. Doors can only be fully closed once the fire has died down to a coal bed. When using gas logs, fire glass, or modern gas media the doors must remain fully open at all times while in use.
Fire screens shielded people from the light, glare and heat of a log fire, which could be intense for those seated close to a fireplace. The screens were made of wood (mahogany), glass, and/or brass and could be used to display needlework or paintings.

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Replace broken belt on a Hoover Elite Rewind. Removed bottom panel, how do I remove brush to put on new belt?
ANSWER : I have the agitator belt style 190 for the Hoover elite rewind I put it on and the belt broke again what do I do help carpet needs cleaning.

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Oreck XL How to remove rear wheel. Removed all viewable hair, thread, etc., but one wheel is still hard to turn. I think there’s hair stuck inside the wheel core. Can I remove the wheel & take it off the metal post?
ANSWER : You can take a medium size flathead screwdriver and slide it in beside the wheel and under the pin. Then pry carefully on one side and then the other it will start to come out but work both sides alternately so you won’t put too much pressure on the plastic. Once it is out you can clean it and put it back in. Line up the pin and use a blunt end tool like a punch to tap it back in. You can use the same screwdriver but don’t hit it too hard. You can tell when it is in all the way when it bottoms out. Make sure you look closely at it before you take it out so you will know what it is suppose to look like.

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I have a Dyson DC-17 and the top of the cyclone has hair and other debris jammed in the ports. It has 6 six screws holding the parts together and I can only get access to 4 of the screws. The bottom piece appears to be removable, but I can’t figure out how to remove it without damaging it. If I can get this piece off, then I have access to the other 2 screws. Can you tell me how to remove the bottom piece? Thanks in advance.
ANSWER : The instructions on how to dis-assemble your DC-17 are somewhat lengthy and it is quite helpful to have pictures and videos handy while you are doing it. Normally I would give the instructions here, but due to the amount of info that is necessary to guarantee you don’t have any issues I will give you a webiste that clearly explains the process. On the right hand side of the page are a number or links to pictures and videos that will make the process far easier. Here is the website:

Follow the instructions to the point that you are at. Take a look at the videos so that you have a clear idea before you start the dis-assembly. Should you have any problems with the material please let me know.

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How can I remove the pet hair that is trapped in the initial vacuum assembly? I don’t see screws for removing the clear plastic panel
ANSWER : Generic comment.
.If the parts aren’t glued in, they must be snapped in or fastened with screws. You say there are no screws – try unsnapping.
.I think id try a coat hanger first with the help of air pressure if you have access or a second vacuum.
.Pet hair is definitely an annoyance in these machines. I know from experience. I guess that is why the instructions generally say to vacuum first! I learned my lesson with the coat hanger/air/vacuum method. Who needs stupid instructions anyway!
.I hope you get your machine unclogged.

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The removable filter at the front is cleaned regularly, and is not clogged. However, the machine appears to be suffering from being clogged by dust, as it has started to make a high pitched noise, and I fear it may burn out. I can see some dust inside the front panel but cannot see how to remove the front to clean it out. (NB. I have located two screws – one on either side – but cannot see how to proceed further.) Please help! Thank you.


Hi, a tip that I wrote about my Bissel but I bet you have the same.problem and the hose is clogged…

Bissell Bagless Upright.Vacuum.not working


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How do I remove the battery in a Dustbuster chv1400 for replacement? I have removed the two screws and removed the cover, but I’m unable to figure out the retaining clips for the battery. Of course I don’t want to break the clips.
ANSWER : That model looks similar to my DB200. Instead of the screws, the underside has a latch/panel that you remove. Place a screwdriver in the two slot-like holes that face each other (one at a time) and the ‘door’ should pop out. Mine was a little stiff and I broke one of the retainers inside. Shouldn’t be a problem. Sourcing a replacement battery ‘pack’ is what I’m doing now....
Good luck!

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I have a Sears Upright vacuum cleaner, model 116.35922500. The vacuum wasn’t picking up. I discovered a clog in the nozzle hose. I attempted to remove the cover of the brush unit to clear the clog. I was unable to remove the cover completely, but was able to clear the clog. My problem now is that I cannot replace the cover correctly. Is there a way to remove this cover? Thanks, Elizabeth
ANSWER : When you tried to remove the cover did you have to put a little force on it to get to the clog

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I have a samsung SC7800 (smart wing system) vacuum cleaner. I think the impeller is jamed with sawdust. I have removed the part than holds the removable filter, but can’t see how to remove the reat of the top case to access to impeller housing. Does anyone know how to do this or where I can view a repair manual for this model?
ANSWER : Unfortunately these tend to break frequently…. You might be able to get a wiring diagram at Good Luck!!

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