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3.2 Setting the Clock & Alarm Time setting: Press the `M` button to select time settings. Use the `+` and `-` buttons to set the minutes and press `M` to conrm. Then use the `+` and `-` buttons again to set the hours and press `M` to conrm.
1 Answer. With the radio and alarms off, press and hold for 3 seconds the Function/Play/Stop button. The time will begin flashing, and you are ready to set it. The Rewind key is also labeled “HOUR”, and pressing this button will ADD one hour to the time.
Automatic Set-up Insert the battery (Alkaline AA-LR6). The hands will automatically move to 12 o`clock. The clock will then search for the time signal (This is often referred to as the set-up mode). After receiving the MSF time signal (3-5 minutes) the clock will automatically set to the correct time.
Clocks use oscillators to keep time. These devices have periodic behaviour, swinging back and forth in a regular rhythm, like a pendulum. The faster the swing, the more accurate the clock. The most common clock oscillator is a quartz crystal.
To set the time Press the Mode button once. Press the Hour button until you reach the correct hour. Press the minute button to set the correct minute. Press the Mode button twice to return to the time setting mode.

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How can I get my DAB radio working again?
I have a Sony XDRS100CD with DAB radio. The DAB radio has stopped working although I can still use the CD and get FM radio. The unit has a readout on the front that usually shows the time and this stopped working too, presumably because it got the time via the DAB radio.
The unit works from mains and batteries although I have only ever used it on mains.
ANSWER : I have the same problem… did you ever get a fix..
[email protected]

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My atomic clock has not worked properly since we received it. The projection time was off from the real time and now the clock face is blank except for 2 lines. We followed the directions to press snooze to get the projection time right. That didn’t work and I have also reset the clock but there is no display.
ANSWER : I have had several atomic watches and they are difficult.
.What make & model do you have?
.What is the website, if I can find instructions, I may see them in a different way.
.If the time is off, it may be savings time vs standard time or
.a time zone setting.

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Hi! I have a problem about my radio clock, the time clock is to fix my radio alarm clock the model is rca rp5435c? I need some HELP!
ANSWER : You have tried re-setting it, Right?

What happened when you did?


Note: This problem ended up under Vacuum cleaners-
You might want to try re-listing it again– under Electronics?-

Mack B

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I dropped my battery operated alarm clock: the second hand still works but the alarm doesn’t come on at the set time and the hour & minute hands don’t “hold” their position – I took the clear front off and discovered that I could move the hands to a more secure place on the center spindle but I discovered during the night that the correct time was no longer showing. I really like this clock b/c it’s battery operated and I can hear the alarm (when it worked) plus it has a “night vision” dial tha
ANSWER : The hour and minute hands can be pushed onto their respective shafts at any point in most clocks.
.If you already know the time that the alarm is set, let the clock run until it sounds.
.When the alarm sounds, install the hour hand and the minute hand to the exact alarm set time. If, say, the alarm is set for 6:30, push the hour hand onto it’s shaft at exactly half way between 6 and 7 and then push the minute hand onto it’s shaft pointing at exactly 6.
.I think this should get you operating.

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Ken-Tech Atomic radio-controlled clock question (vacuums?)
How do you set the language to English? I see FR, IT, GR, ES…thinking ES means English I set the clock. Now it tells me that Wednesday is ‘MIT’ day. ?
ANSWER : FR is french, IT italian, GR great Britain, ES spanish….GR will be first on my list, hope this helps 😉

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Model 31320 SkyScan Equity Time Clock — it did not change with DST but I cannot figure out how to manually set the time. Back of clock shows 4 long buttons:






You press and release the mode button, then press the adjust button. This is what the instructions say to do. However, I see that you don’t have an adjust button listed. I would try pressing and releasing the mode button, then pressing the ZONEDATE button and see if that will do it.

If this works, please place a vote for me. Thanks,

Handie Andie

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The clock changes for daylight savings time on the wrong day. it did this the past few times the time had changed. the date on the back of the unit is 2004. didn’t they move the weekend of daylight savings time a few years ago, can you help me fix it or do i just deal with it?
ANSWER : Daylight Savings Time was extended in 2007.. (the Act was in 2004)..
.So your clock worked fine for three years.. now.. if you can turn this automatic feature off I suggest you do and just set it manually… otherwise you will make the change.. and it will make it again for you!
.Best of luck

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I have no power on a brand new Electrolux Oxygen canister vacuum. This is the second time. After the first time, I took it back to Sears where I bought the vacuum and they gave me a brand new vacuum. This is the second time it’s happened, basically on both units after the time that i brought them home.
ANSWER : Ensure that the tools and the bucket are installed properly, if the bucket is not well in place, the unit wont start.

If the electric power does not come on, disconnect from mains
and check plugs, cable and fuses where appropriate.

If you use always the same socket there may be a problem withthe AC socket, and this may be bloewing the fuse.

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