How to vacuum the mattress

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How to vacuum the mattress

None of us can have a relaxing sleep on a mattress that has dirt, dust, mites, allergens and a bad smell. Something that dirty can never be a comfy place for relaxing. Thus it is important to ensure that your sleeping area is maintained well and there should not be any tiny creatures lying on them to interfere in your relaxing sleep. Other common problems with your mattresses could be stains of spills that not only damage appearance but could also result in a soiled mattress. A regular cleaning and maintenance with the use of a vacuum cleaner and right cleaning agents can prevent you from facing all these problems.

Tips for Vacuuming/Cleaning Mattress:

Here we will be sharing some important tips that would enable you to maintain your mattress well. Not only it would look good but you will be able to feel it fresh and good too.

  • Mattress Cover: In order to ensure proper maintenance and cleaning of your mattress, it is best to buy a mattress cover in order to give it an extended lifetime and to make it easier to clean. This cover will serve as a protection for your mattress surface. We would recommend you to opt for a cover that is washable so that you can quickly remove cover, wash/dry it and make it as good as new. When you look for mattress covers, you will find some that are designed to prevent allergies, dust mites and are even easier to vacuum clean.
  • Wash and clean bedding every week: In order to maintain your mattress well, you should clean bedding quite frequently which includes washing of bed sheets, pillow covers and comforters. Clean bedding would prevent your mattress from turning soiled.
  • Inspect Mattress for stains: You should regularly inspect mattress and if you find any stains, spills; you must immediately address them accordingly. Most of the stains can be treated with the use of enzyme cleaners that aid in breaking down of stain’s structure and thus ensure diminishing stains.
  • Vacuum MattressIn order to keep your mattress clean, it is recommended that you must vacuum clean it once a month. You may be dusting and cleaning your mattress each day but there may be some allergens, mites, dust and dander that couldn’t be addressed with dusting only. Vacuuming your mattress would enable you to get rid of all such particles without causing dust allergies or other breathing problems.

Tips for Vacuuming Mattress:

How to vacuum the mattress


  • Vacuuming your mattress once a month would be good enough however if you have people suffering from allergies and asthma problem in your house, you should vacuum even more frequently.
  • Remove cover of your mattress and vacuum it well on one side. Any crumbs of eatables or other big particles must be removed before vacuuming. Now flip the mattress and vacuum on the other side in order to get rid of all the dirt and dust.
  • Make use of an upholstery cleaner. These are designed for use over surfaces that come in contact with your skin. Use of such cleaners with vacuuming would enable you to get rid of mites along with their refuse. However if you have an extremely sensitive skin and these cleaners may be dangerous for you, avoid using them.
  • Prevention from Growth of Mildew: Mattress is a place that encounters varied stains in the form of excessive moisture absorbed. These stains can result in formation of mildew. In order to deal with it, you must wipe clean or sweep any mold or mildew found over your mattress.
  • Give your mattress a bright suntan for hours. Now vacuum clean the mattress on both sides in order to ensure removal of mold all around. Once you are done removing mold, make sure you replace filter and bag of vacuum cleaner. Dispose the old filter and bag in order to avoid chance of leaking out mold and mildew as you use vacuum next time. Exposure to ultra-violet rays of sun is one of the best natural ways of getting rid of germs and bacteria.
  • Use Disinfectant: Sweat, pet dander and varied spills have germs and can cause infections. It is important to use a common disinfectant over your mattress in order to avoid such problems.
  • Use Baking Soda: Baking soda is an ideal stain remove and it deodorizes mattresses well. Apply a thin layer of baking soda over your mattress surface and let it dry for some hours. If you can leave it to dry for a whole night, it would be ideal. Baking soda will absorb any excess of moisture or liquid in your mattress and would give you a nice fresh smelling mattress. Once baking soda has dried, you should vacuum it off and all the excess powder will be removed.

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Flip Mattress for Proper Maintenance:

You may have heard people saying and practicing flipping mattresses in some months. This works well especially if two people of a good size difference are sharing the bed. Flipping mattress would give you an even wear bed for a relaxing sound sleep. This practice is really common however for mattresses that are designed with head and food specific positions may not be suitable for flipping but you can check your manufacturer’s instructions in this regard. It is ideal to flip mattress once in every 6 months.


Mattresses usually last for 7 to 8 years but it depends upon the type of mattress that you have bought how it is constructed and how it is used? Some leading manufacturers also offer you warranty for around 25 years but you may even end up damaging such high quality mattresses with improper care and maintenance. In order to avoid accumulation of dust, dirt, allergens etc. it is best to keep your mattress covered and regularly vacuum clean it to make it usable for a lifetime of decades.