How to vacuum Walls and Ceiling

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 vacuum Walls and Ceiling

Dirt and dust gets easily accumulated on places like walls and ceilings and these places often go ignored during your everyday household cleaning. You may be cleaning your floor, windows, closets, bedding and other areas of your house but you may not be witnessing dirt on walls and ceilings every day. For walls with wallpaper, you may even notice that dirt but without it you may not even realize the existence of that grime. No need to worry, there are simple ways of cleaning these areas. You can even include cleaning of these areas in your everyday quick house cleaning.

Vacuuming Tips for your Walls and Ceilings

In order to do cleaning of your walls and ceilings effectively, make sure you choose to buy a vacuum cleaner with ideal attachments specifically designed for cleaning these areas. When you look in market, you will find varied brands and models offering special vacuum attachment tools that extend to your walls and ceilings easily and you can work your way down to cleaning these areas with ease.

Brush Tool, Extending Wand and Hose

A vacuum cleaner with extending hose and dust brush attachment works perfectly well for this purpose.

The brush tool and crevice tool can be used for easy clearing of dust accumulated around vents installed around your house. Ceiling and wall cleaning attachments brush tools are designed with bristles that would not scratch these areas and will easily loosen up dirt and dust stuck on these places.The brush tool attachment can also easily remove cobwebs that are a common problem on ceilings and walls of your home.

Also when choosing to buy a vacuum cleaner, make sure that it has extension hose and wand long enough to reach your walls and ceilings easily. Extending hose would make it easier to clean ceiling fan blades as well. So before you move on and purchase one, make sure that it would be an ideal tool for cleaning around your house or not?

Other important cleaning areas are blinds and curtains on windows and wall. For cleaning of curtains, you should make use of upholstery tool for effective cleaning of accumulated dust and dirty. Make sure that you set the suction power low in order to avoid damaging your delicate curtains and drapes. For cleaning of blinds, close them down in flat position and clean them with dust brush tool of your vacuum. Once you are done cleaning one side, reverse them in other way so that you can clean other side effectively too.

Tips for Cleaning Ceilings and Walls effectively

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  • Ceilings and walls have wide areas and brush tool attachment of a vacuum cleaner makes it really easy to clean all these areas. Take large sections and within a short time you will be able to complete it all.
  • There are vacuum cleaners that can be angled and have suction control. This would be beneficial for walls with book shelves and other projections. You can easily set angles and have lower suction power for cleaning of these shelves without damaging them.
  • Your vacuum brush tool can also easily clean ceiling fan blades. Just extend the wand and reach the fan directly for cleaning.
  • Reach all the corners of your walls and ceilings for removal of cobwebs that may go unnoticed. Sideway angling of tool can give you effective cleaning of such corners.
  • Wall-mounted television sets often become home to accumulation of dust behind them. Clean with a flat brush attachment around that area.
  • Some professional grade vacuums even have choice of attachments for flat and sloped walls. If you have a home design with slopes, prefer using a multi-functional design vacuum cleaner.
  • Move your vacuum behind all the tall pieces of furniture in order to clean well all around.

Frequency of Vacuuming Walls and Ceilings

Frequency of cleaning your walls and ceiling depends upon location of your house. In general, it should be done 2 to 3 times within a year. However if your house is located on a street that is quite busy and you prefer keeping windows open all the time, you would find a lot of dust accumulating on your walls and ceilings. So in such case you may need to clean quite often.

For walls that have puffy wallpaper, you should vacuum clean it monthly. Walls with fabric wallpaper tend to capture dirty and dust quite quickly so frequently cleaning them is important. Moreover air vents should be vacuumed weekly if you are using any heaters or air conditioning equipment. After vacuuming walls, you may even clean them by wiping using a mild soap solution.


When you begin cleaning your walls and ceilings, you will be surprised at how much dirt and filth accumulates and when you are done cleaning these places, let them dry and have a look at them. You will surely find your house sparkling. This usually happens that we regularly vacuum and dust different places of our house but often forget about ceilings and walls. However in order to ensure effective cleaning of these areas, you must have a vacuum cleaner with appropriate attachment tools that makes your work easier, simpler, quicker and yet more effective for cleaning.