How to vacuum your bedroom perfectly

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How to vacuum your bedroom perfectly

Cleaning was never as easy as it has become with evolution of various cleaning tools and among them one of the most popular and convenient to use tool is vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaners now offer several options in the form of features and accessories that makes it a multi-purpose cleaning tool. So when you plan to clean your bedroom perfectly, you should get a vacuum cleaner with appropriate choices. A vacuum cleaner that works well on bare floor, carpet, drapes, under bed, over shelves, walls and ceilings would be best to choose for cleaning purpose. With an appropriate tool and accessories, cleaning would be even quicker and easier for you and in no time you will be able to get rid of allergens, dirt and dust from your room.

Tips for Vacuuming your Bedroom Perfectly

Vacuuming your room would not only tidy it up in the best possible manner but will also ensure proper hygiene. Here we are sharing some useful tips for perfect cleaning of your bedroom.

How to vacuum your bedroom perfectly

Begin with Cleaning All Drawers and Cabinets: Vacuum cleaners include crevice tools that enable you to easily clean all the crumbs of dirt, dust and lint from different styles of cabinets and drawers. This tool was easily clean up all the neglected and difficult to reach corners of these places. Not only that but you will be able to reach behind these cabinets and would be able to drag out any clogged dirt and dirt from these areas.

Vacuum you Closet: Vacuuming closets is important as this area usually gathers sand and dust that lies on your shoes and boots. Vacuum this area properly and within few minutes you will be able to clear it up.

Vacuum Mattresses and Pillows: Mattresses and pillows usually become home to dirt and dust. Also, in pillows and mattresses, flakes of human skin can accumulate. They are also ideal hiding places for dust mites. Vacuum pillows directly to remove dust mites.

You can even place them in a plastic bag, close bag and blow vacuum air for cleaning. Also vacuum your mattress to get rid of any hiding dust mites, dirt, skin, hair and other allergens.

Vacuum Drapes, Ceilings and Walls: Your vacuum cleaners come with extendable wand, hoses and dusting attachment. These attachments are ideal for cleaning of curtains, drapes, walls and ceilings of your bedroom. A lot of dust usually accumulates on these areas too. Just vacuum clean all these places gently working from up to down.

Vacuum Glass Surfaces and Mirrors: Your bedroom may have glass windows, doors, furniture and mirrors. Use of a soft dust brush to remove dust from all the glass surfaces with the aid of a vacuum cleaner. Soft brush would ensure that you do not end up scratching or damaging finish of glass surfaces.

Dealing with other Fixtures and Furniture Items: Other places in your bedroom that may have caught dust and dirt include:

  • Fans and Lights: With the use of a soft brush attachment tool, you will be able to easily clean blades of fan and all the lights in your room.
  • Lamps: Shades of lamp also attract dust and these can be easily cleaned with crevice tool of your vacuum.
  • Trash Bin: Clear all the dirt and trash from garbage bin of your room.
  • Area Rugs: Carefully clean runners and rugs in your bedroom. Maintain a lower speed in order to get rid of all the accumulated dirt and dust.
  • Fabric Furniture: You may have fabric furniture in your room and you should follow some special tips for vacuuming fabric furniture.
  • Special Attention Areas: A lot of dust and dirt accumulates at corners, edges, under bed, behind furniture items and other such areas. You must focus on these areas as well while cleaning your bedroom. Your vacuums are flexible and you will be able to easily clean all these areas with the use of your multi-functional vacuum cleaner.

Finally Vacuum your Entire Bedroom:

Now that you are done with cleaning of all the fixtures, doors, windows, mats, upholstery, furniture etc., you must vacuum entire bedroom once to get rid of any dust, dirt and allergens that may be lying over your floor of your bedroom. In order to remove airborne dust and allergens to give your bedroom fresh air, just remove your vacuum hose and leave vacuum cleaner in room closed for about 10 to 15 minutes. This practice will give you cleaner air to breathe within your bedroom.


Cleaning your house is not a difficult chore provided you use right ways and enjoy cleaning your bedroom .To make the chores enjoyable, wear comfortable clothes, listen to music, as well as put on some headphones. Apart from vacuuming out dust from your bedroom, you should well organize everything in order to get a great feel of completely clean bedroom. Everything organized at its place would make your room look even tidier. Get rid of all the stuff that is unnecessary in your room. When you are done with cleaning, give a look to your clean bedroom and reward yourself.