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To set an alarm select it as in the previous paragraph, then push [1], push [2] to select digit to adjust, push [3] to adjust; repeat [2] and [3] as necessary, then push [4] to step to the next alarm time. To unset an alarm select it as in the previous paragraph and push [3]. You should see display -:–.
snooze button (noun)
Try this – go to settings > apps and Disable the default alarm clock.
Open the Clock app and tap Alarm in the lower-left corner to open the alarm page. Tap the previously set alarm time on the left side and adjust as needed. Tap the oval button across from the set time to toggle the alarm on and off. Tap the down/up arrow in the upper-right corner to open and close the drop-down menu.
Remove the AC power to the home alarm console from the wall directly. Use your console`s access key (or another item such as a small screw) to unlock and open the system`s backing. Lastly, disconnect at least one of the wires that are attached to the system`s main battery, which is blocky and noticeable in most units.
In clock mode, press either of the front corners (built-in button) for 1.5 seconds to turn the alarm ON or OFF.
And that works too! Here`s how you do it:

Swipe twice. You`ll arrive at a screen where you can start a sleep session with no alarm. If you press “Start” here, Sleep Cycle only listens and analyzes your sleep, but won`t wake you up. As you wake up on your own, stop the Sleep Cycle app, as you normally would.

Enter ALARM SET MODE at any time by pressing and holding the “ALARM ON/OFF“ button for 5 seconds. To Turn Alarm off: Press and release the “ALARM ON/OFF” button.
Enter ALARM SET MODE at any time by pressing and holding the “ALARM ON/OFF“ button for 5 seconds. To Turn Alarm off: Press and release the “ALARM ON/OFF” button.

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Venturer iP873 clock radio
Comes with 2 alarms, how do i turn off the second alarm when i only need 1 alarm?
And on days i do not need the first alarm, how do i turn off both alarms all together?
ANSWER : Post in correct area for help. 🙂

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I dropped my battery operated alarm clock: the second hand still works but the alarm doesn’t come on at the set time and the hour & minute hands don’t “hold” their position – I took the clear front off and discovered that I could move the hands to a more secure place on the center spindle but I discovered during the night that the correct time was no longer showing. I really like this clock b/c it’s battery operated and I can hear the alarm (when it worked) plus it has a “night vision” dial tha
ANSWER : The hour and minute hands can be pushed onto their respective shafts at any point in most clocks.
.If you already know the time that the alarm is set, let the clock run until it sounds.
.When the alarm sounds, install the hour hand and the minute hand to the exact alarm set time. If, say, the alarm is set for 6:30, push the hour hand onto it’s shaft at exactly half way between 6 and 7 and then push the minute hand onto it’s shaft pointing at exactly 6.
.I think this should get you operating.

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Power cord Cord is just all knotted a twisted, i bought a rubber cord and just want to replace the original. I have removed all the screws from the rear of the machine and it still doesn’t want to come apart and i dont want to force it. any help is appreciated.
ANSWER : If the cord goes in at the top, take the handle off, then remove the tool holder, then you can get to the cord. If it goes in at the bottom, You have to take off the motor cover to get to the connecting end.

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I have a digital alarm clock from Next – it has the followin gfeatures

a mode button – none of the options include time or hour etc
an alarm on/off button
a button with plus at the top and minus at the bottom.

I’m trying to reset it because of the clock change and am baffled.

ANSWER : Hi Karen,

Sounds like a neat clock!
I can’t find anything about this clock. Other projection clocks set the time change automatically. What happens when you try to push the + button. Does it set the time ahead?

Also, what does it do when you press “kight”?

Karen, if I can’t help you with this, please post again to let someone else have a try.

Please write back and let me know what happens with these buttons.

Good luck,

Handie Andie

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Hi! I have a problem about my radio clock, the time clock is to fix my radio alarm clock the model is rca rp5435c? I need some HELP!
ANSWER : You have tried re-setting it, Right?

What happened when you did?


Note: This problem ended up under Vacuum cleaners-
You might want to try re-listing it again– under Electronics?-

Mack B

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I need a manual for the Lifesaver Smoke Alarm – Model 1275, SN 1922968. I have 5 smoke alarms in my house and they have gone off every hour, all night long. The alarm itself gives certain information, but says ‘refer to manual’ for info other than is printed on the alarm.

Can you help?

ANSWER : Here you are:

Best regards, –W/D–

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I’m trying to find a manual for my weather genius EM3302A indoor/outdoor remote thermometer, purchased from XS Cargo. I need the manual to tell me how to change the clock from a 24 hour clock to the 12 hour am/pm clock. It was correct until my kids played with it and now I cannot find what sequence of buttons to push to get it back.
ANSWER : Weather Genius EM3302A Remote Weather Station

Once all settings are complete you press the UP button to toggle back and forth between the 24 hour clock and the 12 hour clock.

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I bought a Panasonic alarm clock radio Model RC 95 and I can’t set it. Also when I plug it in the radio comes on and I can’t shut it off. I have not manuel.
ANSWER : The Rc-95 has a switch underneath and should be on when you want to set the time..

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