Dyson DC14 All floors Bagless Upright Cyclonic Vacuum\015 I just bought this DC 14 all floors today. We put it together and as soon as I try to push it forward it makes a horrible loud noise. It also takes all I have to push it. I am using two hands and putting all of my weight in it. It is picking up great but there is no way I can vacuum even one room let alone my whole house at one time.\015

How to Identify and Fix Common Vacuum Problems ?

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Replace the Brush Belt

If the vacuum is still hard to push, tilt it back far enough that you can inspect the moving brush while the vacuum is running. Be careful to avoid getting too close to the moving parts. If you see that the brush is not turning, that means you will need to replace the brush belt.

First check the airflow valve located under the handle. Sliding this open may make it easier to push your vacuum. It could also be that your suction is set too high. To fix, use the suction controls on the canister to adjust the suction settings.
For a vacuum cleaner to glide easily on a carpet, air must flow into the nozzle and through the machine. Block the air flow and the vacuum seals itself to the carpet and is hard to push. And, unfortunately, that`s what many consumers have discovered when their new carpeting is installed.
The suction control slider is located at the front of the cleaner head. The ball located between the bin and the cleaner head.
Low compression, an intake leak or tight valves also can cause low vacuum at idle. If the vacuum reading fluctuates within the normal range-the gauge needle bounces around a lot-uneven compression (broken rings or leaking valves or head gasket in one or two cylinders) is a likely culprit.
Low suction or poor pick-up may be due to a clog in the vacuum cleaner. If you notice a change in the sound of the motor or a reduction in the spinning action, check for clogs. First, remove the Easy Empty dirt tank from the vacuum and discard all dirt and debris.
Most cases of a jammed or stuck brush bar are quick and easy to fix, simply pulling the debris gently from the brush bar. Alternatively, if you need to clear a problematic blockage, you can take the brush bar out of the housing easily, for quick maintenance.
Response from Dyson:

While it does work remarkably well on most flooring surfaces, it can be incompatible with some thicker or more plush floor coverings. The cleaner head is self adjusting, so it will automatically raise and lower to seal in suction across all floors.

A reason why your Dyson may not be smoothly running over your floors could be all thanks to the brush bar. Over time the brush will become entangled by hairs and fibres resulting in it to no longer turn. Safety First! Please make sure your appliance is switched off before beginning any maintenance work.

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I purchased a brand new Eureka Pet vacuum, sorry don’t know exact name but it the one that has the self cleaning duster on it. Last night I used the vacuum on my carpet, it was working fine until I accidently sucked up the corner of a scarf that was hanging off a couch. I shut the vacuum off, pulled out the scarf and and resumed vacuuming. Much to my dismay the suction on the vacuum had ceased. Can you tell me if there is a reset button on the vacuum? The vacuum does not appear to be damage
ANSWER : If the motor is running, there should be suction. Possible problems depend on whether it’s a canister or upright and are:
.A clog in the hose, UR or canister. Detach hose. Drop small coin in one end and lift hose causing it to roll out the other. If it does, no clog in hose. Drop same coin into hose opening on power head. If it rolls out, no clog in PN.
.Broken fan blades, UR. Needs to be taken to shop for repair/replacement.
.A reset button is for use if the motor isn’t running, so won’t have anything to do with the suction.

Hi folks,
my beam vacuum makes a very loud roaring noise quite often.
the problem started when i was vacuuming up a quantity of vermiculite from my chimney.
i think i overloaded the vacuum i think and it made this loud roaring noise.
the vacuum tends to make thos noise when i am hoovering after 5 minutes or so.
any ideas?.
thanks in advance Tom….
ANSWER : If the filter bag is bad and didn’t trap all of the dust, then it got into your motor, so you may have a problem with your motor now.

I can barely push the vacuum forward and there is noise
ANSWER : Dyson design to help save belt so its not destroyed when brush grabs. its the clutch you .hear very annoying and scary lol .it should move very easily forward almost pull itself in .carpet mode the way the brush rotates, unless the you hear the clutch its .grabbing the carpet or an obstruction and hard to push at that point. I have the same model works ok but over .priced decent warranty. had same problems don’t think you can adjust it(clutch) or the wheel .height.brush will wear out a bit after some good hard use then it wont clutch so much .but because its not brushing as much = less pickup . Dyson will tell you is not .the vac like most companies but it is .
This one tends to just push cheerios M&Ms and stuff .like that like a snowplow instead of vac it up. pain in the but. next vacuum i .will do homework and go with my wife to buy a vac. my suggestion look at all .features of diff vacs maybe buy 2 or 3 dif ones take em home and give them the .real test!! not on the smooth carpet floor at the sales room floor. on kids mess and real stuff on the floor. Take back ones that are not .working for you. with receipt you have prob 30 days no questions. this model .has some good and bad features like the rest. some are louder some are .quieter. i doo like the easy way to empty it but many are like that now. I have gotten rid of most of carpets now have mostly hardwoods i intalled in house now too hard to clean kids destroy them carpets with Pbj, nailpolish and markers,juice etc plus carpets just harbor all that dirt ndust


Dirt devil vacuum cleaner–trouble vacuuming dirt and pet hair on carpeting –is the problem with the spinning brush which contacts the floor,  not contacting the carpeting??  I thought (when I bought this vacuum) that the aforementioned brush was adjustable to various heights of carpeting.  Sometimes, it seems like nothing is being vacuumed up –unless I have just put a new bag on the vacuum… Do I need or can I replace the spinning brush on the bottom of the vacuum so it kicks up and vacuums
ANSWER : Try replacing the belt. Rubber belts stretch out after about a year.

My Bissell Proheat 12 amp is hard to push forward(whether on or off). There is a loud clicking noise when pushing forward and it ”jumps” up on every loud click. It’s OK when pulling backwards, sprays and vacuums up water. Belt appears OK. Thanks
ANSWER : I had this same problem and here is what solved it for me. On a previous cleaning session, my wife decided to take the two front screws out of the clear plastic shroud that covers the brushes in order to clean behind it. Upon re-installation, she did not secure the top part correctly. On the end near the water tank, there are two tiny half-moon tabs that absolutely need to be seated in their opposing slots in the chassis.This allows for a good seal which enables the machine to **** up the water. It also keeps the front cover level and from dragging on the carpet when pushing it forward. Both were problems I was experiencing. Hope this helps!

Brush won’t rotate when pushed forward
ANSWER : I had the same problem . The reason it acts like that is due to the cable that runs from the vacuum motor to the brush assembly has an intermittent open. My fix was to find the small cable that was causing my troubles and splice it. Making sure that I recovered the insulation. Of course my local repair station wanted to replace it for $75 labor plus parts and keep it for 3 days. I took it home and did it in 30 minutes .

Clogged vacuum Rather stupidly, my boyfriend 1) were vacuuming without a bag and 2) vacuumed up a big piece of cotton from a sofa cushion. And now it’s making a horrible noise and I see it vibrating where the tube connects to the machine. When you look inside there’s a white thing sticking out but it looks like it’s part of the vacuum. If it’s a clog, how do you fix it? I tried unscrewing the tray the bag sits in but it won’t budge.
ANSWER : You can start by taking off the bottom plate or top cover, which ever comes off, that is where the inlet starts going in and hopefully the clog is there. Could be in the hose also. But without the complete model number I can’t look it up to see a picture of it.

Vacuum Cleaner When I vacuum it doesn’t pick up; in fact it leaves hair and debris behind while pushing vacuum forward. Is this a belt problem?
ANSWER : Yes it is , the belt has to be replaced yearly even if it isn’t broken because it gets too stretched out.