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The built-in anti-scale cartridge is designed to reduce limescale build-up that occurs over time. This will prolong the lifespan of your iron. The cartridge must be replaced after every 30 litres of water has been used up.
The anti-scale cartridge should be replaced when the red indicator light for the cartridge is turned on and a warning tone sounds.
Without regular descaling, you will find that scale is pushed out of your steam generator iron in the form of white/brown stains and that the steam output is compromised. Be sure to descale as part of your ironing routine to maximize the performance of your steam generator iron.
If the water level in the water tank is below the minimum or is empty, your appliance will not generate steam. Ensure that there is water in the tank or that the water is above the MIN level icon. After this, your iron should work again.
Empty the water and remove the valve, holding it by the top. Let the anti-calc valve soak for 4 hours in a glass of commercially available white vinegar or natural lemon juice, then thoroughly rinse the anti-calc valve under tap water.
Streaks, smears and stripes on your printout are all signs of a bad cartridge, as is a lack of a particular color or a color appearing very faint. Sometimes the printer refuses to print if a cartridge is faulty.
Product Description

This genuine replacement Anti-Scale Cartridge helps prevent limescale build-up and improves performance and your steam generator. Limescale is a chalky, white substance that builds up over time whenever the water in your steam generator iron is evaporated.

The flashing «Anti calc» indicator light indicates that descaling is necessary. Switch off the unit by pressing the «Off» button, then unplug the unit.
Yes, vinegar is a cleaning solution you can use on the bottom and inside of your iron. Distilled white vinegar is right up there with baking soda for its cleaning versatility.
You should be especially careful with “ironing water” that you can buy in the supermarket. This is perfumed water that will often say on the bottle “not suitable for steam generator irons“, although we wouldn`t advise using it with a normal iron either.
Fill the water tank with water up to the maximum amount and add a little bit of cleaning vinegar. Turn the iron to the highest setting for at least 4 minutes. Press the steam button a few times. Turn off the iron and let the water soak for 30 minutes.
Steam generator irons compared to traditional steam irons are known to be efficient and effective in clearing piles of ironing and producing excellent results without much effort. Cutting your ironing time by half for the same laundry pile.
Anti-Calc captures large pieces of calc and is complementary to Self Clean feature that flushes small calcium particles through the soleplate`s tiny holes. This system contributes to maintain a high level of steam performance overtime.
All Breville irons are fitted with a permanent anti-scale filter. This filter is fixed and cannot be removed for cleaning. The filter is designed to reduce the build-up of limescale inside your iron. Limescale occurs during steam ironing due to water hardness. Water hardness varies from one area to another.
Each toner cartridge typically has a number printed on it somewhere. You can remove the cartridge from the printer to find this number. Alternatively, you can look for the cartridge number or type in your printer`s manual or online by doing a search for your printer`s model number.
Generally speaking, vape users aren`t going to suffer major consequences when they use an expired cart. Just because the safety risk is low, however, doesn`t mean it`s a good idea. Expired cannabis oil lacks potency and flavor. It may even come with an unpleasant smell—or no smell—from degraded terpenes.
An anti-scale filtration system is a water filtration system that prevents scale—the buildup that is indicative of hard water—from accumulating on water pipes, faucets, and sinks.
We recommended replacing the GAC once every 2 to 3 years. Read more about the importance of this service in your packet.
Disposable type cartridges are Polypropylene spun bonded, Polypropylene wound type and Polypropylene pleated type which are available of different heights and micron rating. Reusable type filter cartridges are made up of Stainless steel wire mesh filter media and sintered filter media.
The brand-new exclusive Micro-Calc Filter technology helps prevent residue or stains from scale while ironing, while a variable steam output up to 60 g/min ensures maximum efficiency and an extra-powerful 260 g/min steam boost tackles even the most stubborn creases.
Cartridge membrane filters or trap filters are classified as surface filters where the membrane is a uniform continuous size. The cartridge membrane filter is often pleated and encased in a plastic cartridge that is usually inserted into a single housing, in order to handle a meaningful flow.
The “anti-calc” indicator is flashing.

The “anti-calc” cartridge is no longer functioning; replace it and then press the reset button for at least 3 seconds. Then press and hold the steam button for 2 or 3 minutes, holding the iron away from your clothes, to prime the pump.

Fill an oven-safe pot with water, and pour ½ cup of white vinegar. Then, turn up the heat to a temperature of 300°F and let the water boil until it starts steaming.
Fill the Tank With Vinegar: Fill the water tank with distilled white vinegar or cleaning vinegar. Allow the vinegar to sit in the tank for at least 30 minutes (up to two hours is best) to help break apart the limescale and mineral deposits.

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I cannot find anywhere to buy replacement anti scale cartridges for my steam generator iron model DSG00001. Can you help?
ANSWER : If you can’t find it ever, you can use bottled drinking water. Don’t use purified water it is so pure that it can be a little aggressive on some metals. Just use RO or drinking water from your local store.

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Power cord can not find replacement power cord for power brush attachment on kenmore canister vacuum, model #2491290 power brush attachment model # 5491290. i can not even find those model #’s anywhere online, not even any help would be great. thanks, david
ANSWER : Call 1-800-948-1358 ask for Buck mon.-fri. 9am-5pm est sat.9am-1pm est

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My belt broke and I cannot find a replacement anywhere. Can you tell me where I can buy replacement Sweep n Groom belts for my central vacuum system.
ANSWER : You can get replacement Sweep n Groom belts here:.
.Sweep n Groom Belts

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My older Dyson DC14 (the purple one) early model with a clutch on the beater bar belt needs a clutch replacement. The bar has been cleaned and there are no worn or damaged parts so I conclude that the clutch at the motor end of the belt needs to be replaced. I can find the part online but no instructions on how to disassemble the vacuum to get to and replace it. Dysons only advice is to give me the address and phone of the nearest service center. Can you help me?
ANSWER : Have a look at which has some very useful info on dismantling and repairing Dysons.
.Although this site doesnt actually cover the DC14 yet, the DC14 is very similar to the DC07 so as regards dissassembling the machine, and replacing the clutch, my experience is that the DC07 info will enable you to do the job.

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Replacement parts where can i find replacement steam pocket towels online for the shark ultra steam blaster hard surface cleaner? I went online to & and when I enter my model number S3325 search comes back with 0. Thanks
ANSWER : You can found them on amazon, take a look here: Amazon com Euro Pro S3325. I hope this was helpful. Cheers

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Conair does not sell the springs for their curling iron. Mine keep breaking and I do not want to keep buying a whole new curling iron just because the wire spring has broken. Instant Heat curling iron, model number CD8sWCS. Do you know where I can buy these springs or how I can improvise with something that will work almost as well?
.The best thing I know of is to take a wire bread bag tie….take the paper off of it so that you just have the wire part… twist this around the two ends of the wires where it broke…this will contect the two wires and ti should work again….only problem that I can see is that it may catch in your hair….folding the ends over tightly and crimping them with a pliers may help that out….
.I’m sure there is no replacement part available for that as they want to sell you a new one avery few months….hopefully this will get you a bit more time out of a broken one…

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On off switch stopped working 3rd one to do so this one cannot be returned to old ? model QPV10.5b nothing on shop vac site and nothing comes up on Digi-key site really do not want to buy 150.00 vac again but cannot find on off switch!
thanks for your help
ANSWER : Use a higher amp rated switch. If this is not available, then solder and insulate the wires where switch should be, then install an aftermarket in-line switch.

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I just bought a Tfal Ultimate Autoclean iron FV 9450.
I am reading through the manual and trying to figure out all the parts and functions.

I cannot figure out how to remove the anti calc valve.
I see it is part # 12 on the drawing but that piece on my iron (the bit with the little circles on it where it says, ” anti calc plus’) seems to be a flat piece of integrated plastic with no give or slide to it. .I cannot see how I’d possibly remove it. What do you do – push up? push down? The i

ANSWER : Anti-calc valve wings (grip) located at #3 of the 1-15 labeled description diagram that is part of the instruction manual. The wings are on either side of the dry/steam control #4. Lift up on the wings (grips) and the dry/steam control will accompany it. The anti-calc valve is under this control. It’s easy once you realize where the silly thing is actually located.

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