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Some of the most common issues for a pool pump timer not working are: power outage, incorrectly positioned yellow clock wheel, loose timer trippers, faulty internal timer, and a worn-out motor. If your pool pump timer is beyond repair, call a professional to replace it.
The parts of the timer may be stuck due to dirt, dust, and corrosion. This can cause the timer to stop running. Similarly, broken parts can also result in your mechanical timer not turning at all or turning inconsistently. One of the most common issues, when that happens, is worn gears.
If your pump doesn`t turn on OR shuts off quickly after it`s started, it`s probably an electrical problem. Check your breaker box for blown fuses Then, check your connections to make sure nothing is loose or damaged. If you don`t know what you`re doing, hire a qualified electrician.
Ensure your pool timer keeps time even when the power is off. This battery is designed to fit the Onesto Time Switch.
We recommend running your filter system for at least eight hours a day, which allows all your pool water to pass through the filter at least once. This turnover is essential to keeping your pool water clean, clear, and swimmable.
On average, pool timers will last anywhere from five to ten years depending on the type used. Pool timer replacement parts can be found if the timer malfunctions or stops working altogether.
This can be caused by a number of things, such as a clogged filter or dirty pool. To fix this problem, you will need to clean your filter and make sure that there are no obstructions. You may also need to add more water to your pool.
Every pool must turn over at least once a day, so most pool pumps should run approximately 8 hours a day. But here`s the thing: you don`t have to run your pool pump consecutively. You can choose to run it for three hours in the morning before you leave for work and another 5 hours in the evening.

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I have a hayward 1HP superpump with an Ao Smith UST 1102 motor on it. Last year I had a leak in the pump, and I believe I got some water in the bearings of the motor. Over the winter I replaced all the seals in the pump, and have no leaks this year, but the pump is sounding pretty loud since opening the pool this year.

I have (2) fold question:

(1)I can not find any information on the where I can find a replacement bearing for this pump.

(2) I can not find a procedure on HOW to go about

ANSWER : Hello. I get my parts here

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I have a 2 fluorescent light fixture in my bathroom. The right side light quit working. I took the starter out of the left side and put it in the right and it worked. Starter, right? I bought a package of 2 Leviton starters FS 2 15w. They didn’t work. Thinking bad, I returned it for another package. Still not working. The original starter is a Sylvania FS 2. Is it possible to have FOUR bad “new” starters? Do I need to replace it with the EXACT same starter? This light fixture is 38 years old. No
ANSWER : It is not likely that you had 4 bad starters.I assume you have more modern lights in it too(not 30 yrs old).Here is a link to Sylvania.It may be just that it requires certain something(who knows what)that only Sylvania has.It seems strange because they are all basically the same and a generic one seems like it would work.I also googled flourescent light starters and under one that talked about operation,it did refer to some older models.But like I said,it probably has newer lights so who knows what the heck.Well,here you go.You may also just want to call Sylvania and ask where you can find a replacement instead of paying $5 to ship $2 worth of parts.
.Good luck! Greg

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Cleaning solution does not come out of the rotating cleaning head or the hand-held nozzle

the solution pump seems ok but does not run (electrical continuity check between the two leads on the pump show very low resistance so they seem to be intact) – no dirt or blockage is apparent (it is a very simple device with 1 moving part

wires to the pump also pass a continuity check

THERE IS NO VOLTAGE on the pump leads from the control circuit board when I turn on the “manual” cleaning mode – a

ANSWER : You can contact Bissell directly at the following
.For UK inquiries:
.Monday – Thursday 9 am — 5 pm
.Friday 9 am — 4 pm
.BISSELL Homecare (Overseas) Inc.
.The Boat Yard
.105 Straight Road
.Old Windsor
.Berkshire, SL4 2SE
.United Kingdom
.Telephone: 0870-225-0109
.For Australian inquiries:
.24 hours a day 7, days a week
.E.D. Oates Pty Ltd
.76 – 82 Newlands Road
.Reservoir VIC 3073
.Telephone: 1-800-811-183
.For all other inquiries:
.Monday – Friday 8 am — 4 pm
.BISSELL Homecare, Inc.
.PO Box 1888
.Grand Rapids, MI 49501 USA
.Telephone: 01-616-453-4451
.Fax: 01-616-453-1383
.You can get Bissel Spares that the following

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Replaced Oreck power switch. 2 black leads and 1 white lead for switch. Posts marked 1, 2, and 3. 2 black wires to switch powers on. Connect white wire and breaker trips. Where does the white wire go?
ANSWER : Both black go to the switch. Power in – black to switch / white to white from motor.
From motor – black to switch / white to white from power cord
The black wire from the power hooks to the off end of the switch and the black wire from the motor hooks to the on end. Third post is not used. The two white wires are connected to each other with a small twist on wire nut.

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The steam mop was only used 3 times.stopped working. It has now stopped working altogether. I have only had it for a month. I did not save the receipt because after the third time working I thought it was okay. I am very disappointed and have a hand shop vac of Sharks which has been working for a year. I have been discouraged from buying another one of your products now that the steam mop has quit working after 3 times. I followed the exact instructions how to use it. Model S3101/ 120V 60HZ

Here is a tip that I wrote about the Euro-Pro Shark Steam Mop and why it maynot be getting steam to the head…

Euro-Pro Shark Steam Mop Problem

Here also is a link to get any of the Shark Manuals that you need.



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Water and cleaner not coming out, The machine is only 6m old and was working fine, I have cleaned every where I can to see if there was a blockage but nothing is working. The heater is working, there is a suction but the water and soap will not realease when triger is pulled. it will not work on on the tool spay.
ANSWER : Check the complede length of the hose. You may find a crimp in the most inconvenient place. You say you cleaned everything … can you blow through the hose where the cleaner comes out? (don’t drink anything!)

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My suction wont work. It works for about 2 swipes and then quits. When you stop and restart it does the same. It is only 2 months old!!!!!
ANSWER : Hopefully you don’t have a bad impeller on the suction motor. Start with this though: Make sure that you check for obstructions in ALL of the tubes, from the brushes all the way to the bag/canister. I’ve found that in many cases, especially if you have pets, the hoses will get clogged, or if you have some type of a filter assembly in the unit, make sure that it is clean so that the machine can breathe properly. Hope this helps!

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Suction Problem I was vacuuming and stopped to empty the cannister. When I started vacuuming again – the suction wasn’t working properly. The vacuum was just pushing stuff around the floor. I cleaned the hair out the brush on the bottom and it still isn’t working. It was working fine before I emptied the tube 🙁 I can’t figure out what happened.Help!
ANSWER : Greetings from GoVacuum,
.I believe what may have happened is that your vacuum cleaner belt has either broken, or been stretched so far that ithe brushes are no longer spinning fast enough.
.Here’s what you should do to diagnose this problem.
.1. Take the suction hose out of the back of the vacuum (assuming that your vacuum has on-board tools), and see if you have any suction coming from the hose. If you do, this indicates your belt is bad.
.2. If you don’t have suction coming from the hose, then it may be something as simple as replacing the filters, to a clog in the vacuum, or to your motor going bad.
.In my professional opinion though I would say from what you stated that the belt is mostly likely going to be your issue. If you can provide me the model number of your vacuum cleaner, I can walk you through step by step on ow to replace the belt.
.I have posted a short YouTube video on a vacuum belt change, this is not for all vacuums, but it will give you some idea of how to change a belt;

Thanks, and if you have questions about your particular model, please feel free to contact me at
.[email protected]

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