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Press and hold the TIME / CALENDAR set button located on the front of the clock for 3 seconds to enter the TIME and CALENDAR setting mode. The hour digit will begin to flash indicating your are in the time setting mode.
To change the Date/Time, press and hold the button. The settings will appear in the following order: YEAR > MONTH > DAY > 12/24 H > HOUR > MIN 1. Press the or buttons to toggle through the settings 2.
Is this in settings or alarm settings? The alarm sound settings are in the clock app. Because the alarm sound can be different for each alarm, the option to change the alarm sound is found when you tap on the specific alarm.
The secret is rather than setting your alarm for the latest possible time, set your alarm at the earliest possible time that would provide a sufficient amount of sleep. This way, your alarm doesn`t work to tell you when you have to get up, but when it`s OK to get up.
On Android, you can tweak your phone`s snooze duration to have an alarm sound as often as every 30 minutes. To do this, go to the Clock app and set up a regular alarm by tapping the big plus button at the bottom and adding your desired parameters.
Turn the ALARM TIME SET knob located on the back in a clockwise direction as indicated by the arrow on the back of the clock, until the desired alarm time is reached. Note: The alarm indicator hand on the dial will turn in a counter clockwise direction.
Press button “SET”for 3 seconds to enter into setting mode, You may set :YEAR→MONTH→DATE→HOUR→MINUTE→12H/24H AL(ALARM) ALA1 ALA2 ALA3 → → → → When YEAR symbol flashing, adjust by“UP”and“DOWN”;… Press and hold the `UP` key for 3 seconds to enter the setting item. Display “L3”.
Inside the analog alarm clock are a series of gears, powered by battery or wall electricity. These gears move the hands of the clock about, using an oscillating wheel to keep the time consistent. On the alarm clock will be an extra hand, typically shorter than the hour hand of the clock.
To reset the timer, you pull the crown away from the watch and manually return the hands to the 0/60 position.
Car alarms rely on the electronic component of the vehicle, and disconnecting the battery should both silence the siren and reset your alarm. Open up the hood, locate the battery, and with a wrench, remove the negative terminal. Then reconnect it after a minute has passed.
How to work out the ideal bedtime. Multiply 90 minutes (each cycle time) by five (the number of sleep cycles per night) to get 450 minutes or 7.5 hours of sleep. ( Four sleep cycles would give just six hours of sleep, six sleep cycles would give 9 hours of sleep per night)
Consistency is also key, so set your alarm for the same time every day. Waking up early may be difficult at first, but it`s possible to adjust to an earlier schedule. Gradually moving your wake time in 15 minute increments can also help.
public class AlarmReceiver extends BroadcastReceiver { @Override public void onReceive(Context context, Intent intent) { Intent intent2 = new Intent(context, MainActivity. class); showNotification(context, “text”, “text”, intent2); Uri notification = RingtoneManager.
Set an alarm

On your Android phone or tablet, touch and hold the Home button or say “Hey Google.” Say or type the alarm you want. For example: “Set alarm for 6 AM tomorrow.”

Most modern alarm systems have three arming modes: away, stay (or home), and instant.
If you wake up at 3 a.m. or another time and can`t fall right back asleep, it may be for several reasons. These include lighter sleep cycles, stress, or underlying health conditions. Your 3 a.m. awakenings may occur infrequently and be nothing serious, but regular nights like this could be a sign of insomnia.
To reset the timer, you pull the crown away from the watch and manually return the hands to the 0/60 position.
To reset the timer, you pull the crown away from the watch and manually return the hands to the 0/60 position.

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Venturer iP873 clock radio
Comes with 2 alarms, how do i turn off the second alarm when i only need 1 alarm?
And on days i do not need the first alarm, how do i turn off both alarms all together?
ANSWER : Post in correct area for help. 🙂

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I have a westclox 70034 and I need to know how to set the alarms
ANSWER : Push the alm1 alm2 button until your desired alarm number shows. Then hold the alm1 alm2 button for approx 3 seconds. The alarm time will flash. push the ADJ button until you reach the time hour you want. Then push the alm1 alm2 button to set the minutes. push ADL until you find the desired minutes. The push alm1 alm2 button and alrm will stop flashing. Your alarm is now set…… I to lost the manual and had to figure it out myself.

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I need a manual for the Lifesaver Smoke Alarm – Model 1275, SN 1922968. I have 5 smoke alarms in my house and they have gone off every hour, all night long. The alarm itself gives certain information, but says ‘refer to manual’ for info other than is printed on the alarm.

Can you help?

ANSWER : Here you are:

Best regards, –W/D–

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Need instructions how to use Hoover Steam Vac Spin Scrub. I borrowed it from my Sister and she left it with no instruction book or letting me know how to operate it. I put water & cleaner in top tank. That’s all I know to do. Do I put any water in bottom tank? I figured not, since that is probably where the water goes when sucked up by vac. Do I leave lid on bottom tank? I usually use a commercial cleaner, and this is very different. I need to know NOW, as I must return it to her today, and I’m
ANSWER : I did have a solution in just a few minutes. Someone responded with a solution that gave me the website where I could go and print the manual in pdf, so did that, and checking instructions I was able to clean my carpets and get the shampooer back to my sister later the same day. I really appreciated your site and help I got for my problem. I found it on google. Thanks again!
.[email protected]

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I have a Barolo AU9 ws-1 atomic weather station clock.
The alarm set . I need to know how to turn the alarm off and on.
ANSWER : Use the + button to scroll to 1, 2, or no alarms (off).

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Owner/user manual Before my sister died she gave me the little grren machine model 1425 turbo brush with heat. That is all I know about it as she did not find the manual and now no one knows where it is and I really want to get it working and learn about it, as I know she loved it. so I really need a manual. thank any one that can tell me if it is on line or something.

Ok so, here’s my problem. I have a nintendo DSi and I’m trying to connect it to the internet. I’ve been searching on google on how to connect it. They said that i need wi-fi and some say I don’t need wi-fi and some are saying i need a wirelerr router and some are saying that I don’t need a wireless router. I’m wondering how I should connect my DSi without a wireless router and without wi-fi.
ANSWER : Http://

I think you are trying to do the impossible but try this site.

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I have a Eureka Boss Model 411… I need to know where the reset button is for the suction motor. The canister was clogged on the backside, I didn’t see it and the suction motor shut off. I have cleared the obstruction, but don’t know where the reset is for that motor. I know how to reset the brush head motor.
ANSWER : If your vacuum motor overheats, it will stop working. it will start working again once it cools.

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