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How to Identify and Fix Common Vacuum Problems ?

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The electrical connections in your hot tub might become loose over time. This can lead to power fluctuations that cause your hot tub circuit breaker to trip. Professional electricians can inspect your hot tub and tighten any connections that are loose, which should fix the circuit breaker problem.
A bigger hot tub will usually have more than one pump because there is room for more jets, whereas smaller hot tubs make only need a single pump. Also, you will find `low power` hot tubs (13 amp) models are constricted by the electric supply meaning only one pump can be fitted.
Turn off the pump. Turn off the switch at the mains socket and remove the plug from the mains. On the RCD, press reset, test, reset. Plug the pump back in.
Running the heater without enough water in the hot tub, clogs, faulty circulation, and chemical deposits are the most common reasons. To fix the issue, it might be possible to have only the heating element replaced, depending on your heater type.
The heating component can also be the reason that your hot tub is tripping the circuit breaker. If it`s no longer in good condition and there are signs of corrosion or damage, you might need to replace it. Rust, white powder or any visible discoloration are some of the most common damage indicators.
Thankfully, the most common cause of jets not working is an air lock. Unlike on a spaceship, an air lock in your hot tub simply means that there is air in your plumbing lines which is affecting the function of your jets.
Should I leave my Lay-Z-Spa filter on all the time? Regardless of heating or not, we recommend that your filter is running for at least 8 hours a day to keep the water clean.
Check your filters and make sure they are not clogged. A clogged filter can cause poor water flow and strain on the motor. Check for leaks. Look around all of the inlet and outlet plumbing, and around the spa pump for evidence of leakage.
Hot tub pump problems can usually be repaired: you probably don`t need a new pump! The two most common problems with hot tub pumps are the seals and the motor. The seals can be replaced usually for under $100 and the motor can be rebuilt for under $250, often less!
The High Limit Switch Needs to Be Reset or Replaced

Occasionally, the high limit switch will trip when you`re filling your spa. Or it might need a reset from time to time for no known or serious reason. Simply reset by pressing the big red button on your spa pack. The high limit switch may be housed in a thermowell.

Electric motor tripping reasons and how to fix them- The electric motor tripping may be due to a couple reasons, it may be due to the circuit overloads, short circuits, ground fault surges, low resistance, over-heating, contamination, vibration, cable/wire is cut, due to the motor direction clockwise or anti-clockwise, …

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I have two lazy spa pumps both of them trip out the electric when the heat button is pushed its only just over 1 year old and i realy dont want to throw it away
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ANSWER : Evidently, there is a problem with the heater causing an overload or there was a leak and your GFI is kicking out? Are you able to wire the heater independently through proper safety devices?

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I have a hayward 1HP superpump with an Ao Smith UST 1102 motor on it. Last year I had a leak in the pump, and I believe I got some water in the bearings of the motor. Over the winter I replaced all the seals in the pump, and have no leaks this year, but the pump is sounding pretty loud since opening the pool this year.

I have (2) fold question:

(1)I can not find any information on the where I can find a replacement bearing for this pump.

(2) I can not find a procedure on HOW to go about

ANSWER : Hello. I get my parts here

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Cleaning solution does not come out of the rotating cleaning head or the hand-held nozzle

the solution pump seems ok but does not run (electrical continuity check between the two leads on the pump show very low resistance so they seem to be intact) – no dirt or blockage is apparent (it is a very simple device with 1 moving part

wires to the pump also pass a continuity check

THERE IS NO VOLTAGE on the pump leads from the control circuit board when I turn on the “manual” cleaning mode – a

ANSWER : You can contact Bissell directly at the following
.For UK inquiries:
.Monday – Thursday 9 am — 5 pm
.Friday 9 am — 4 pm
.BISSELL Homecare (Overseas) Inc.
.The Boat Yard
.105 Straight Road
.Old Windsor
.Berkshire, SL4 2SE
.United Kingdom
.Telephone: 0870-225-0109
.For Australian inquiries:
.24 hours a day 7, days a week
.E.D. Oates Pty Ltd
.76 – 82 Newlands Road
.Reservoir VIC 3073
.Telephone: 1-800-811-183
.For all other inquiries:
.Monday – Friday 8 am — 4 pm
.BISSELL Homecare, Inc.
.PO Box 1888
.Grand Rapids, MI 49501 USA
.Telephone: 01-616-453-4451
.Fax: 01-616-453-1383
.You can get Bissel Spares that the following

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No spray My Bissell Pro Heat 7901 will not put out any spray. I Took the pump out so I could get at it and disconnected the hoses. I put the one on the input side and the other in a bottle of water. Put the belt on the pump and turned on the machine .Nothing at all coming out of the pump. Where can I get a new pump? Also the lever that goes to the little flapper at the top under the clear plastic piece on the front that connects to the knob that changes from tools to floor broke off. Where can I
ANSWER : Search for bissell pro heat pump. will not have it

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The small belt that makes the beater bars spin broke. It is only two years old; repair shops tell me this involves replacing two belts because of some kind of clutch to the tune of $150! Is this possible to repair myself
ANSWER : A very easy replacement. The belts cost about £3 each. Yes, there are two belts and even if the clutch needed replacement, this is about £20 for clutch and both belts – this is a UK site, but I am sure you will find similar prices in the US/Canada. So, total price about $30 USD. What a rip-off – $150! It is very straight forward and just requires turning the turnbuckles that hold the bottom plate that covers the brush bar – then lift out the brush bar and you will then be able to pull out the old belt – hooking the new belt on the clutch mechanism is a bit tricky and requires a bit of dexterity and patience. Once re-assembled, make sure the brush bar rotates the correct way – it should brush to the back of the machine, i.e. when looking at it side on with the front of the machine pointing to the right, the brush bar should rotate clockwise. If not, turn unhook the belt from the clutch mechanism and hook it on the other way. Fiddly, but not difficult. I’ve done a few now and it takes about 15 mins.

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No spray My Bissell Pro Heat 7901 will not put out any spray. I Took the pump out so I could get at it and disconnected the hoses. I put the one on the input side and the other in a bottle of water. Put the belt on the pump and turned on the machine .Nothing at all coming out of the pump. Where can I get a new pump? Also the lever that goes to the little flapper at the top under the clear plastic piece on the front that connects to the knob that changes from tools to floor broke off. Where can I
ANSWER : Pump part number is 2107181, the diverter valve # 2136988. You can Bissell and they can tell you who may have parts near you, or you maybe able to order thru Before you took it apart, were you getting water to spray out of the hose. If you were the the heater is plugged and won’t allow water to spray out the bottom.

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My roomba is about two years old. I have not used it very much. It has been on the battery charger all of the time. It had been awhile since I had used it and I pressed the clean button and it left the dock, but will only go in a circle and after awhile, t turns itself off and the on/off button lights up. Any suggestions?
ANSWER : I had this happen to my Roomba and it turned out to be a fried main circuit board. I called iRobot tech support to help get the diagnosis and they insisted on sending me a wheel module for me to swap in but that didn’t work and when I called back in to report their solution was a flop I had to go through all the trouble shooting again before they agreed to ship a replacement robot (I was in warranty when I first called in about the issue but it had expired by the second call explaining their resistance to sending a replacement)..
.There are some other possibilities but before that remove the battery and, with the battery out of the unit, press and hold the power button for 5 or so seconds, reinstall the battery and try again. if you’re still spinning in circles I’d recommend purchasing a replacement wheel module from the iRobot site. While your waiting for it to arrive you should probably give the robot a good cleaning. Use compressed air to get into all the tight spots. DO NOT USE LIQUID. a damp cloth to wipe down the unit is ok… kinda..visit for details on your robot..
.Cheers,. immorion

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REMOTE CONTROL IS MALFUNCTIONING & NOT TURNING ON CUSHION – Hello. I bought a used (by near new) Shiatsu+ Massaging Cushion from Ebay. When I installed it today the remote control was faulty. When you push the Power button, the blue light comes on, but none of the other buttons work. When you push the Power button again to turn it off, it clicks & turns itself back on again. So it’s running but nothing is happening in the massage cushion.
I did see a card in the box saying “For the Shiatsu
ANSWER : Before you use this cushion you MUST first ‘unlock’ the rollers which are held in place by a screw which MUST be removed or the unit will self destruct. The manufacturer provides a hex wrench to remove the shipping screw and a large label on the back of the device states that if the screw is not removed then the item will be damaged when you turn it on.

The large tag says “For the shiatsu mechanism to function, you MUST remove and discard screw BEFORE using this cushion. Failure to do so WILL CAUSE PERMANENT DAMAGE TO THE PRODUCT”. The manual does not mention this screw. There is a two year warranty and a $(ten dollar) handling fee for warranty repairs. I suppose that the warranty is void if you do not remove the screw, however, it seems that only by luck would one normally find this shipping screw (and tag) that holds the rolling mechanism in place during shipping....Remove the screw from the back as instructed by the manual.When you first get the massage cushion you will need to open the box and set it up. The first thing you need to do is remove the safety screw. This screw is holding the massage mechanism in place for shipping purposes. If you do not remove this screw before you turn it on you could permanently damage the cushion.After removing the screw you need to find a good chair and strap it on and plug it in. There are two straps that you need to attach. One is on the back and the other is where the back meets the seat. Once those are around the chair then you plug in the transformer to the wall and the massager.After setting up the massager all you need to do is sit on it and turn it on. You may want to start out with a rolling massage so that you can get a feel for the massager.————–.but as you mentioned, that its a used product, then yes the screw must be already removed by the previous user.and in that case, it indicates any thing internally is got shorted, a loose wire or shorted transformer or burned circuit or weak motor.This are few possibilities , that can cause the problem.Also check batteries in remote.——— And i dont think, this problem is caused by you.This problem must be there before buying this product.Thats why, the user must have sold this on ebay.A local electrical parts repair store tech can get the internal board checked and confirm.If this board is faulty or any small loose wire or shorted wire.————–.This should help.Thanks.Helpmech..

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