iRobot 5900 Scooba Robotic Wet/Dry Vacuum\015 LIGHTS FLASH BUT UNIT WILL NOT WORK\015

How to Identify and Fix Common Vacuum Problems ?

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If your Roomba® i Series Robot Vacuum is not turning on or is not able to charge, rebooting your robot tends to solve most related issues. To reboot your Roomba: Press and hold the CLEAN button for 20 seconds. After you release the button, the light ring will show a white clockwise swirl while it reboots.
If your Roomba e5 is having difficulty moving or won`t move while completing a cleaning cycle, then the left, right, or both wheels might be jammed. To make sure that these wheels are not jammed, flip the Roomba over and inspect both wheels for any hair or dirt/debris that could be wrapped around the wheels.
Check the Battery

If your robot won`t start, it likely means the battery is not holding a charge. Plug the battery into a power outlet and allow it to charge fully, and then insert it back into the vacuum and try again. Still having issues? You may need a replacement battery.

Factory reset on a Wi-Fi Connected Roomba® and Braava jet®

e Series Robots: Press and Hold the Home and Spot Clean and CLEAN button down for 20 seconds then release. 900 Series Robots: Press and Hold the Dock and Spot Clean and CLEAN button down until all LEDs illuminate.

While the iRobot® HOME App provides many benefits, a Wi-Fi or App connection is not required for Roomba® and Braava jet® to clean. For Roomba®, Clean, Dock, and Spot Clean do not require a connection to the app.
iRobot Roomba vacuums can operate even with simple ambient light, but not in total darkness.
Once the robot docks onto the Clean Base™, its bin should empty automatically and the “Empty Bin” button will appear in the app. If the issue persists after attempting this step, you will need to reboot your robot by pressing and holding its CLEAN button for 20 seconds.

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Check tank light won’t go off on irobot scooba
ANSWER : As the problem which you are getting is faced by many other and some are able to solve the problem but many are noot able to as its the internal fault and that cannot be repaired.
.you can try this if it helps other wise replacing the unit is advisable.
. lift up the back wheels and get it to start it will work.
.one of the person facing the same problem like yours solved is problem of tank light as follows ——
.OK, I’ve had the same problem and solved it (for myself, anyway – I hope it helps others as well 😉 ). I looked inside the DIRTY tank and it was all covered with a slimy ugly substance, which was not easy to remove, but I have used irrigator to remove it, and it did a pretty good job. For those who doesn’t know what irrigator is (and to avoid language barrier) – irrigator is that water pressure based mouth-cleaning thingy, which cleans the spaces between your teeth. After rigorous cleaning I have snapped the tank back into Scooba and it works like a charm ever since. I had to replace the irrigator jet though, for I am NOT putting that thing back into my mouth EVER again.
.It seems that the clean tank water gets stuck at the back of the tank. What usually works for me is to remove the tank and tilt it forward so all of the clean water comes to the front. Then instead of placing the tank back in the scooba vertically. Try to keep it as horizontal as possible. It seems to fix the problem.
.thank.please do rate the solution.

IRobot Scooba Hi, Do you perhaps know of someone that can service my Scooba in the Fort Lauderdale (33309) or Coral Springs (33065) area? Thanks – DJ

.Or you could try an online repair service
.Hope this helps.

Scooba 5800 Power button Red Blinking
ANSWER : You probably have the manual, but here’s the link to the Scooba 5800 manual anyway – just in case this would be useful to you: –> .. ...You could use a voltmeter to check the battery, but only a few months use shouldn’t be enough to wear it out. If you don’t have a load-tester to verify the battery’s load-capacity, then you can check the voltage drop. (Assuming you can get it to contact the Scooba’s circuits.) ..To do this, just check the battery voltage, apply a load by inserting it in the machine and turning it on, then check the battery voltage again. An excessive drop in voltage may indicate the battery needs replacing. ..However, the red blinking light is Scooba’s indicator that it doesn’t detect the battery at all. The first thing to do in this case is to clean the electrical contacts on the battery and in the Scooba. ..Use a damp cloth and a bit of toothpaste to rub the contacts clean on the battery and in the machine. (Toothpaste has mild abrasives in it and will clean the electric contacts without damaging them.) Make sure that both the battery and the Scooba are clean and dry before re-inserting the battery. ..Also, if the electric contacts in the machine are flexible matal tabs then verify that the tabs are standing up high enough to make good contact with the battery contacts. ..Hopefully the battery just needs it’s contacts cleaned for your unit to work, but test the battery if you are sure that they are clean and seated properly to the contacts in the machine. If the battery appears to be failing, then contact to cheack and see if they are still covered under your machine’s warranty. ...Hope this helps! 🙂

I have iRobot Roomba 4210 and I have a problem with charge battery. The battery is new. When I charging a battery in other iRobot Roomba the battery was full charged. When I charging in my iRobot Roomba the battery was empty. My fast charger is OK.
ANSWER : The charging circuit on the main board is fried. This is a common issue. You need some good electronic repair skills, and equipment, to replace the problem components

Scooba battery light turns red as soon as irobot starts
ANSWER : Do you leave the battery on charge long enough? Try 4-hours up to overnight. If so, then the battery is probably at the end of it’s useful life. Getting a new battery depends on cost versus life expectancy of the robot and whether it does the job you want it to do.

IRobot 530 charges intermittently
ANSWER : Reset the Roomba: hold down “spot” and “dock/demo” for fifteen seconds, then release and listen for the tune. Then charge the Roomba overnight. The next time you run it, the unit should run longer. If not, call support and let them know you may have a battery problem. 1-877-855-8593 (I strongly encourage you to have the Roomba with you if you call.)

Scooba in diagnostic mode
ANSWER : This is a common issue :).
.his morning, I turned on my Scooba and it started beeping a scale of tones and blinking all its lights in sequence. After an hour or so of resetting, cleaning, disassembling, researching, and scratching my head, I stumbled across the solution on Roomba Review. But, for me at least, it was even easier than all of that. I don’t have any of my own pictures for this procedure, but it’s pretty straight forward.


  • Remove the battery and power.
  • .

  • Remove the two screws holding the bumper shell in place and remove it.
  • .

  • Carefully peel up the sticker with the control buttons on it. This sticker is actually the control panel. There is a data cable attached to it just below the “Clean” button. Be careful not to break it!
  • .

  • Clean the surface under the sticker with some isopropyl alcohol. (I didn’t actually have to do this, but I’m sure it doesn’t hurt.)
  • .

  • Gently replace the “sticker” (i.e. control panel) and make sure it’s completely flat.
  • .

  • Check to see if it works again. If not, repeat.
  • .

  • Replace the bumper shell and screws….


IRobot 5800 Scooba Vacuum dirt not going into the fliter basket
ANSWER : You can try rinsing the tank very thoroughly with warm water. Be very sure that you rinse the four ports on the underside of the tank (one round, two oval, one curved like Scooba’s filter) very thoroughly, because all the dirt and dirty water moves through those openings and can clog things up.