middle and facing up to the ceiling. It’s been in there for years — this is a rental — and because it’s so close to the ceiling, I can’t tell where to pull the pins from the socket apart without breaking it. Any instructions or suggestions? Also, my Home Depot doesn’t sell it; will the pins match a different CFL, like maybe a circular one?
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Which states have banned CFLs? Vermont is the only state that currently bans the sale of compact fluorescent lightbulbs. The state`s Department of Environmental Conservation actually outlawed them in February 2022, but it gave retailers and distributors a year to sell off their inventories.
CFL sales started declining years ago as more people adopted LEDs. This isn`t the first manufacturer to stop producing CFLs, either. Back in 2016, GE stopped selling the product in favor of the more energy efficient LEDs.
However, the varied shapes of Compact Fluorescents remain popular as they are seen as energy-efficient designer light bulbs made most popular by Plumen and are now used as d├ęcor as well as lighting. 2023/01 UPDATE: CFL light bulbs are now getting phased out with the first ban February 25th 2023.
Researchers who published an article in the American Journal of Public Health noted that exposure to both traditional fluorescent lights and CFLs can increase your eye disease risk because fluorescent lights produce an artificial source of ultraviolet (UV) light.
While CFLs and LEDs are both significantly more energy-efficient than incandescent lightbulbs, it`s LEDs that take the crown for the most efficient lightbulb on the market. CFLs are around 25% more efficient, and LEDs are roughly 75% more efficient. The winner: LEDs.
What is the expected lamp lifetime? A good quality CFL should last for 6000 to 8000 hours, much longer than an incandescent bulb, meaning it will need replacing far less often.
Some of the disadvantages of compact fluorescent bulbs are that they are cold temperature sensitive, not recommended for enclosed fixtures, can have a higher initial cost than incandescent, have a longer warm up time, they may have limited color temperatures, do not dim nearly as smoothly, and dimming decreases the …
The prefix “CF” is used for all types of compact fluorescent lamps that comply with the American National Standards Institute definition of a self-supporting lamp with a single base. The “Shape” designator is chosen from the following: T – twin parallel tubes. Q – four tubes in a quad formation.
Incandescent and CFL bulbs get so hot because most of their energy is being released as heat, not light, making them much more ineffeicient. Proprietary tests show 100W incandescent lights burning at 335.4 F, CFL lights burning at 179.2 F and LED bulbs burning at 87.2 F.
Generally yes, if they are handled and stored while observing a few precautions. Mercury is not released when the CFL bulbs are used properly.
Check the Ballast with a Multimeter

Insert one probe into the wire connector while holding the white wires together. Touch the other probe to the ends of yellow, red, and blue wires coming from the ballast. Some might exclude the yellow. If the ballast doesn`t cause the needle to move, you know it needs to be replaced.

The ballast can overheat, but when this happens, the voltage dependent resistor (VDR) opens, shutting off the circuit. This shut-off generates heat, often creating a small amount of smoke and a burning smell, but the VDR and fire-inhibiting chemicals in the bulb`s housing should prevent a fire hazard.
The amount of mercury in a CFL is minute, but traditional designs contain more than enough to exhibit the toxicity characteristic for mercury (D009) and qualify as hazardous waste. Some newer models contain less mercury and do not exhibit the D009 characteristic.
Benefits of Turning Off Lights. Despite myths you may have heard, turning your lights on and off doesn`t use more electricity than leaving your lights on. Turning off the lights when you aren`t in a room is one of the easiest ways to save energy.
When a bare spiral CFL is first switched on, it lights up with approximately 80% of its rated lumens, but it will heat up to its full brightness in about one minute. Premium CFLs, like Neolite CFLs, reach full brightness in only 30 seconds.
Another reason you need more lumens is that a CFL will dim over time. It will lose 20 to 25 percent lumen power after 4,000 hours (40 percent of a CFL`s 10,000-hour-rated life). Incandescent bulbs also lose lumens, but the life of these bulbs is extremely short compared with that of CFLs.
If the existing CFL ballast is compatible, these LED lamps offer a simple direct replacement into the original socket. No wiring is required. The existing ballast will operate the new LED lamp. The rated life of LED 4-pin replacement lamps ranges from 35,000 to 50,000 hours.
Compact fluorescent bulbs (also called CFLs) can flicker for a few reasons: They`re warming up after you first turn on the light. They need to be replaced. There`s a temperature fluctuation.
A CFL bulb is different than an incandescent light bulb in the way it burns out. It will grow dimmer and dimmer as it reaches the end of its life. Some bulbs will simply stop working, while others will make a popping sound and then secrete a burning odor similar to an electrical smell.
CFLs are favored over incandescent lights because they use less energy and do not lose heat.
CFL (Compact fluorescent lamp) produces very less amount of heat energy and thus reduces the energy wastage. That`s why CFL are more eco-friendly.
Most times, a CFL that looks like an incandescent light bulb is really the “coil” shaped CFL with a plastic or glass cover. This cover will slightly reduce the amount of light that is produced.
Most CFLs offer soft or warm white light at 2700K to 3000K, which is comparable to incandescent bulbs. These bulbs work well in most home settings and enhance warm colours. In contrast, higher colour temperature lights emit a white to bluish-white light.
CFLs are available in warm colors to match the yellowish light of incandescent bulbs, but you can also choose cooler colors with whiter or bluer light. A lower Kelvin number mean the light appears more yellow; higher Kelvin numbers mean the light is whiter or bluer.

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I’ve never had to change a CFL bulb like the GE 35972 in my kitchen ceiling fixture. It looks like a squared off pretzel with the socket in the middle and facing up to the ceiling. It’s been in there for years — this is a rental — and because it’s so close to the ceiling, I can’t tell where to pull the pins from the socket apart without breaking it. Any instructions or suggestions? Also, my Home Depot doesn’t sell it; will the pins match a different CFL, like maybe a circular one?
ANSWER : CFL bulbs are held in place by a friction fit, but it is a very tight fit. Grasp the CFL by the sqaure plastic base and pull firmly away from the socket. You may have to wiggle it a little, but don’t try to pull it out by the globe because they are very fragile and break easily. I would imagine the pins would be interchangeable with some other model, depending on the number of tubes and the number of pins. Just take your bulb with you to compare. If you have any specialty electrical supply houses in your town, that would be a great place to look. I’m giving you a link where you can order them if all else fails, but CFLs have become pretty common, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding one.


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I bought a ceiling fan from lowe’s, got it home got ceiling fan up in the bathroom, when we put in the light one of the halogen bulbs does not work , also two of the cobalt blue glass covers are cracked all the way through and one of the halogen light protectors also had a whole in the end of it. I called Lowe’s they told me to contact you; day of purchase was 3/1/08 in Florence Al. store code # 04810-30108. Ceiling fan bar code 0 2403478512 2. 228365 52″ Helix Chrome and Cobolt ceiling fa
ANSWER : If this is a new product and it is defective, take it back to Lowe’s and insist on a replacement, talk to the manager if you have to. This site will only advise you on how to fix it.

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Filter I bought this Hoover a few years ago– just now about to use it first time. I cannot find my user’s manual and don’t know how to change the filter– or to clean it or whatever I am supposed to do with it. Also, there is a handle on one side of the unit that seems to be attached to an empty chamber or canister kind of thing. It looks like it should pull out, but it does not budge. I really would like to have a manual, but can’t seem to find one. Is there a similar model that is still
ANSWER : This is not for the exact same model, but should help you out:

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I have a Rainbow E2 series, 23, for about 3 years. It has now a different and very aloud sound coming fron around the motor and also I feel it is not suctioning with the same power. If I close the hose like closing totally the suction entrance, the sound comes normally. I will appreciate if some one can tell me what to do, becouse there is not a Dealer in my Contry any more. Thank You. Pierre Chabaneix – Lima-Peru [email protected]
ANSWER : Hi there, Pierre!.Sorry, but I think this is bad news. From your description, I suspect that a motor bearing has failed. The only way to fix it is to replace the motor, and without a dealer in your country, that could be a big problem..The Rainbow design does have attractive features, but always working wet is bound to have its problems..My best advice is to buy yourself a good quality bagged vacuum cleaner. Forget about bagless, they have too many problems!.I hope this is helpful. Good luck!

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I am looking for a wiring diagram to install a touch/dimmer switch by “Comfort” mdl # RH-934B – Darjung Ind Ltd.
It has a standard lampcord (two wires) coming from it as well as one white, one black and one yellow wire.
The original touch/dimmer switch (no identification on it) had one white, one black, one red and one yellow – no lampcord.

Thank you very much for your help!

ANSWER : The black and the white will go to the lamp ,eg,output.The yellow is the sensor wire which should be firmly attached to the metal base of the lamp

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I built a new house nearly a year ago but didn’t move in until recently. The Nutone central vacum system doesn’t have much suction. I’ve tried different things but am afraid there is a break or breaks in the system. My question is how can breaks or joints that come a part in the suction system be located so I will know where to cut into the wall.
.Here I am giving link of manual which shows how to install the your gadget..http://www.retrevo.com/support/Broan-NuTone-VX475-Vacuums-manual/id/10761ag923/t/2/.
.Download the manual and go through it. Once you got the Idea of Installation then works backward and be smart… Now you know know how to install the Gadget then apply mind and thinks hows you gadget has been install previously.. And your query will be solved….
.TO be frank to give you exact idea about your problem personal examination is necessary… So Think yourself. that, How that gadget has been install in your home… Now you know how to install gadget then by making some efforts you will able to get answer..
.Hope this has helped you….Thanks….

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ANSWER : You can get Eureka replacement belts here:

Eureka Vacuum Betls

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This is crazy, as I’ve installed about a hundred ceiling fans in my day, but……what is the function of the 3rd pull chain on the Hampton Bay I just installed?
It isn’t the directional control as the fan has the traditional switch for this.
The only thing I can figure is it’s a means to control the fan and light with one pull chain. The generic instruction book doesn’t address it.

Thanks for your help!

ANSWER : Chain #1 = light on/off
.Chain #2 = direction of draft. up / down
.Chain #3 = Slow/med/fast speed control

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