Kenmore Vacuum Reviews: Purple 81614, Elite 31150

Upright vacuums make things a lot easier when it comes to the efficient floor cleaning. The power of the Kenmore vacuums gives an edge to the brand over its competitors.

Kenmore canister vacuum Purple 81614 and Elite 31150 hit the market with their promising features. Let’s have a look at the features and performance of both of these models one by one.

Kenmore Purple 81614

01. Kenmore 81614 Bagged Canister Vac with Pet PowerMate in Purple

The Purple 81614 is an impressive vacuum cleaner equally efficient for floor and rug cleaning. The powerful motor enables this bagged canister vac to perform better than its predecessors.

Key Features

The key features of the Purple 81614 include:

  • The Power Flow technology assists the 2-Motor System making sure that the vacuum doesn’t leave any debris.
  • The front storage contains the POP-N-GO Floor Brush to avoid the bend-over requirement when changing the tools.
  • The PowerMate (Motorized Pet) helps flawless rug
  • Cleaning by sucking up the tiniest particles such as hair and dander.
  • Quick Cord-Recoiling, thanks to the Auto-Cord rewind mechanism.
  • The 2-Motor system is facilitated by the HEPA filtration
  • The POP-N-GO. Brush system is supported by a couple of floor nozzles.
  • The Telescoping Wand helps extend the reach and ease the above floor cleaning.
  • The handle is detachable which makes it easier to reach the narrow corners.


As per the user reviews, the Purple 81614 comes with the following pluses:

  • The lightweight makes it easier to carry around (arguably the lightest canister vacuum available at a low price).
  • The 28-ft cord is long enough to move around without having the change switches.
  • The 14-inch brush head is a highly suitable size to cover each and every millimeter.
  • HEPA filtration reduces the intensity of flying allergens.


The drawback of the Purple 81614 are:

  • The 1-year warranty doesn’t justify the price. It should have been at least a 5-year warranty.
  • The POP-UP floor attachment doesn’t perform as expected.
  • The bottom wand doesn’t contain a light.


The way it rolls along the ground and rugs creates makes it feel smoother. The stainless steel wand extends smoothly. Overall, the Purple 81614 is a good deal and is a definite 8/10, considering the features and the fact that the drawbacks are not seriously disturbing.

Kenmore Elite 31150

02. Kenmore Elite 31150 Pet Friendly Upright Vacuum in Silver

This bagged canister vac from Kenmore continues to attract the buyers from across the globe. The amount of dirt a vacuum removes mainly determines the performance level and Kenmore Elite has a few parallels in this regards.

Key Features

Let’s go through the salient Elite 31150 features:

  • Doesn’t require a drive belt, thanks to the 3D inducer motor, helping the motorized brush to contain the motor.
  • The inclusion of the Dirt Sensor helps you to detect the target areas on the surface.
  • Like the Purple 81614, the Elite 31150 also features HEPA Filtration.
  • The stiffer bristles on the motorized brush are suggestive of the ability to dig deeper with more agitation.
  • Easy removal of the large debris deposits.
  • Offers height adjustment at five different levels.
  • Generating 20% more air power than most of the upright vacuums, the powerful inducer motor takes the performance to a higher level.


  • An impressive suction power stands out.
  • Stops the allergens from spreading around.
  • The height adjustment (5-Point) makes it perfect for the floor, rugs.and furniture.
  • The headlight (LED) supports flawless cleaning of the dark corners.


  • The heavy weight makes it difficult to carry the Elite 31150 up/down stairs.
  • It doesn’t feature swivel steering.
  • The warranty is just 1 -year instead of an expected.


Apart from the weight, rest of the features are quite impressive. The suction power is a strong argument to vote for the Elite 31150. Vacuuming is all about removing the dirt till the last particle and the LED headlight ensures that not even a single particle goes unnoticed. These features help it ear 8.5/10.

It is not always about reaching a definite conclusion.

Both of these bagged canister vacs offer impressive features but the choice depends on the user’s preferences. The weight difference seems to be the decisive feature in this case. If you have a bigger cleaning area then you’ll probably go for the Purple 81614. If you want added suctions power with the LED header, then Elite 31150 is the ideal choice.