Vacuums\015 I have a kirby g2000, my husband was vacuuming, changed the bag and now it isn’t sucking up dirt and almost seems to be blowing it out. I have my suspicions it might need a new belt, but I’m not sure. I can’t remember if there are any settings that might switch it to blowing instead (just in case it accidentally got switched). Any ideas?\015

How to Identify and Fix Common Vacuum Problems ?

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The most common cause of loss of suction is that the filters have become blocked. They may require cleaning or replacing. Another cause could be that the vacuum cleaner hose is blocked.
Check for a plugged hose:

Plugged vacuum hoses are sometimes the reason for a loss in suction. Hoses can get clogged with hair, dust bunnies, string, or anything else that can`t pass through the other end of the hose. Airways inside the machine should be looked at as well. Wherever there is an air passage, check it.

On most Kirby vacuum cleaners, filtration is managed by the filter bag that is used to collect dust and debris.
Kirby vacuum cleaners are made of die cast aluminum where most other vacuums are made of plastic. This makes the Kirby vacuum more durable than other model on the market. This is why the average lifespan of a Kirby is over 30 years.
Often when your machine is not picking up it is due to loss of suction. If your vacuum cleaner turns on but won`t pick up on carpet or bare floors, something is impeding suction. You may need to change the vacuum bag, unclog the hose, replace/clean the filters, replace the hose, change the belt, or repair the motor.
If your vacuum doesn`t have a HEPA filter, it`s likely stirring up more dust than it`s capturing. With the wrong product, you`ll simply pull dust up from the carpet and send it flying through the air. This could be the cause of the dust build-up you`re seeing.
Why is the vacuum is blowing dusty air out of the back? Simple: the bag or canister is full and the vacuum has nowhere to store the dust it is collecting. Empty the canister or bag. If that doesn`t fix it, the vacuum filter needs to be cleaned or changed.
One of the easiest ways to increase vacuum cleaner suction is to empty the dust bag or container. Dust containers need to have enough space for airflow, otherwise, they could get clogged and have less suction power. Regularly check your dust compartment and empty or change it when it`s already 70-80% full.
Use Some Water

A little bit of water can do wonders for boosting a suction cup`s grip. Using warm water, rinse the whole cup so it softens it up. Shake the drops of water off the cup quickly and then put it up on the wall. That can often do the trick.

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Kirby g2000 not picking up dirt
ANSWER : It is most likely the belt. You cannot reverse the suction. First check to see if the bag is expanding when running. If the bag is blowing up then it is the belt if not it is clogged just take the bag off from the vacuum and remove the head you will see the obstruction.

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Kirby g2000 not picking up dirt
ANSWER : I would check to make sure he put the filter bag in correctly.

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I recently ( approx. 2-3 months ago ) purchased a dirt devil. Now it is not picking up properly. When I push vacuum forward it picks dirt up a little bit, when I pull it back all the dirt falls out of the bottom. I replaced the filter today and it has not solved my problem. I dont know where my warranty is. Can you please help me?
ANSWER : Hi sounds like your line is stopped up somewhere , check ur suction an make sure your brushes are spinning, if they are try a wire clothes hanger to the hose at the bottom hose to dislodge anything that mite be stuck

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Bissell bagless sweeper sucks up dirt but will not put dirt in the canister cup. It will pickup until it clogs, then it will stop picking up dirt. It will really hold quite a bit of dirt before it stops completely up. Thanks for any help.
ANSWER : I had the same problem, called Bissell over 10 times! They send me 3 plastic inserts for the dirt chamber, not the problem. I solved it by throwing the Bissell away and buying a Eureka bagged vacuum, no more problems.

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IRobot not picking up dirt
ANSWER : I had the exact same problem.
In my cases, cleaning the little yellow things on the end is what fixed it.
This is what I got from irobot:
We apologize for the inconvenience. Here are a few things that you can try to .resolve this issue:

1. Remove and empty the Roomba’s dust bin.
2. Turn .the Roomba on its back, remove the brush guard, and remove the main brush.
3. .Reinstall the brush guard and run the Roomba without the main brush or dust bin. .Is the flexible brush turning? If yes, go to step 4. If not, please skip to step .9.
4. Inspect the main brush to ensure it is clean and not bent. Verify that .the main bristle brush has a larger end cap on each end. When you perform .maintenance, you will need to remove the end cap from the brush. When the brush .is clean, please return the end cap to its location.
5. Verify that the main .brush and flexible brush each have a yellow bearing on one end. If either yellow .bearing is missing, your brushes will not turn properly. This can potentially .damage the Roomba. Please respond with this information so that we can send you .new brush bearings.
6. Inspect the yellow bearings on the two brushes and .ensure they turn easily with your fingers. Remove the yellow bearings and clean .any dirt accumulated in the bearing cups.
7. Ensure that the brush sockets .(on the opposite side of where the bearings fit) are square, and not stripped or .worn out in any way.
8. Reinstall the main brush and brush guard on the .Roomba. Run the robot without the dust bin. Is the main brush turning? If not, .please skip to the bottom to provide the requested information.
9. Remove the .flexible brush and reinstall the brush guard.
10. Run the Roomba without the .dust bin and listen for the Cleaning Head gearbox running. Do you hear the gears .turning? If not, do you hear any noise at all? If the noise from the Cleaning .Head sounds abnormal or you cannot hear it, please skip to the bottom to provide .us with the requested information.

If you do hear the noise, reassemble .your robot and run it again. The issue should be corrected.

** NOTE: .Excessive build up of hair in Roomba’s brushes and bearings can permanently .damage Roomba. Inspect brush bearings regularly.

Title: Cleaning the Main .Brushes

If .the issue persists, please tell us which brush is not operating properly and .also respond with the following information for our verification .process:

• Your complete name and shipping address
• Your Roomba’s .product code. The product code is located under the dust bin near the brush .assembly.
• The original date and location that the Roomba was purchased .

Title: Where can I find the serial number/product code for my .robot?

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The vacuum cleaner does not pick up anything from carpet. It does not even pick up pieces of thread laying on carpet. On tile floors it blows dirt away instead of picking it up. I’ve tried all the settings on the brush and nothing works. It has done this since new
ANSWER : Sounds like there is a clog..
.Usually its in the hose – look closely.. Stretch the hose out straight and look in there good..
.Or a clog could be in the vac close to where the hose conects to the vac on either end..
.This is most case scenario with these types of vacs..
.I hope this helps !!
.Please rate me good ;o)

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My bissel vacume was not picking up the dirt on the carpet. So I found that the hose was clogged. I unclogged it but the vacume still is not picking up the dirt. I also changed the filters.
ANSWER : I found out that if you remove the front filter holder, tip vacuum back and look down inside. Sometimes there is hair caught back in there and you won’t get suction. I had to use something long, knife, very long type tweezers, to pull all the hair out. Worked great after that. About half way through vacuuming I will stop and remove the foam rubber filter and clean it. Oh yea, you will have to use a flashlight to look down inside to see all the hair caught behind the foam rubber filter cup.

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Irobot roomba 500 series not picking up dirt. Filter is clean, brushes clear, small wheel at front is clear. Seems to be operating fine other than not picking up dirt.
ANSWER : Pull roller brushes out .pull off funny looking yellow ends clean hair ect.

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