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Miele upright vacuums are outfitted with premium filtration innovations and strong cleaning performance to make your home the cleanest on the block. Miele U1 Dynamic uprights feature a strong 1200 watt suction motor with 140 cubic feet suction at the intake.
Please note as of 2023 Miele stopped the production of this upright vacuum to give way to its surging cordless vacuum selection.
Where do I find the serial number / model number of my Miele appliance? The serial number / model number of your Miele appliance can be found on the data plate.
Before we go any further, let`s remember that all Miele Vacuum Cleaners share some basic features: All Miele Vacuums come with a Quiet 1200 W motor. That means They all have the same suction power. They are all made of ABS Plastic, which makes them extremely durable but very lightweight.
The first consideration when picking a vacuum is the type of flooring in your home. If you have a lot of carpeting, you`ll need an upright or canister vacuum for deep cleaning. If you have mostly hard-surface flooring, you might be able to use a stick or robotic vacuum for light cleaning jobs.
Cylinder vacuums are typically more powerful and have a larger dust capacity, so need emptying less frequently. They also have a larger cleaning radius — the length of the cord — than upright vacuums. That`s why you`ll find the professionals use this type of vacuum cleaner in offices and hotels.
He said Miele was top-tier in the industry, it`s been around longer than most other dishwasher brands, and its dishwasher`s average lifespan is 10–20 years.
Bosch and Miele offer similar cutting-edge dishwashing technologies, but Bosch provides a more affordable solution. Both brands promise a decade or more years of reliable performance with sensor wash technology, flexible loading options, and high-quality materials for long-term use.
Notably, Miele has a factory in Dongguan, China. This factory has only been owned by Miele since 2009, and is used to produce some of the company`s cheaper vacuums. These include the Complete C2, Compact C1, and Compact C2 vacuums.
With 11 employees, 4 lathes, and a drilling machine, Miele and Zinkann launched their first cream separators and butter machines in 1899 in Herzebrock, Germany. Their guiding principle, “Immer Besser” – which translates as “Forever Better”, still shapes the company today.
When compared with Miele C1 series vacuums, C2 series are slightly smaller and easier to store and transport across multi-level homes. They also offer operate at a slightly lower volume, with an average noise output of 55 to 67 decibels.
Durability & Warranty – If you`re looking for a vacuum cleaner with durability and longevity, look no further than Miele. Miele vacuum cleaners are designed and tested to last for 20 years. Miele vacuum cleaners come with a 7-year warranty on the motor and a 1-year warranty on parts and labor.
Corded Vacuums

However, while they generally have reliable suction power, lithium-powered, cordless stick vacuums can perform just as efficiently. Corded vacuums will typically have more suction power than cordless options with non-lithium batteries.

Easy to Use

The one-piece design of upright vacuums makes them easier to move from room to room. Rather than bending down to deal with the canister, the handle on upright vacuums lets you push, pull, or carry the whole device with a single hand.

Upright vacuums have more capacity and can be more powerful than stick vacuums – here are our favourites of 2023. Upright vacuum cleaners might not be as sleek or enticing as cordless cleaners like the latest Dyson V11 but there are still plenty of reasons you might want to choose one.
Miele. Founded in 1899, Miele is one of the most popular high-end appliance manufacturers in their home country of Germany and internationally.
Miele quality

For more than 100 years: it has been a proven adage that you can trust Miele and rely on our appliances. We test our household appliances up to 20 years of use. Once a Miele, always a Miele: Miele customers around the world remain loyal to Miele and recommend Miele to others.

Bosch and Miele are the best dishwasher brands on the market today. Both represent the pinnacle of dishwasher design and uphold an uncompromising focus on quality and cleaning performance.
In 1978, two engineers founded SEBO in Velbert, Germany. Since then, SEBO has become the most important manufacturer of high-quality, commercial vacuum cleaners in the world, with sales in Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America.
It is because Miele designed it to be unbreakable, and in expansive look. Higher quality parts cost more than lesser quality, Is is also called as hoover in order to remove dust from the floor and other surfaces. It is generally electrically driven.
Miele appliances offer a whole new level of cooking, cleaning, and food preservation inspired by commercial-grade performance. And with great styles to choose from, Miele appliances are the best of form and function for a high-end kitchen or laundry room setup that will last for years of use.
Robert Bosch GmbH (/bɒʃ/; German: [bɔʃ] ( listen)), commonly known as Bosch, is a German multinational engineering and technology company headquartered in Gerlingen, Germany.
Miele`s competitors and similar companies include Bosch, Gaggenau, Amica, Le Creuset, Esmaltec and Dawlance. Miele is a manufacturing company that offers domestic appliances and commercial equipment.
Overall, you`ll pay more for a Miele dishwasher, but the longer durability and energy-saving technologies found on these models mean they can potentially pay for themselves over the course of their lifetimes. If drying is more of a concern to you, we recommend Bosch dishwashers with CrystalDry technology.

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Miele upright not sucking up? – Miele Powerhouse Plus Bagged Upright Vacuum
ANSWER : Sounds like there is something blocking the main airway. I doubt its the filter. You may have to partially disassemble it. Maybe a hairball or something is blocking it I sucked up one of my daughters thin socks one time, had to take it apart to get it out.
.My vac has an access panel in the back for this. Thankfully or I would have never been able to get it out. Remove a couple of screws, look for any blockage.
.Unplug the machine, and go hunting. If its not in the airways, it is likely close the motor blades. You can’t mess anything up, so grab a screwdriver and have at it. Just remember to replace all screws in place when done.
.Hope this helps some. Good Luck!

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I’m trying to get my S7000 Miele to stand upright an lock in this position. It wont , i tried to see if foot release was jammed but
cant tell it doesnt seem to release to let it move upright an lock in again..help
ANSWER : There is a rear dust cover that sometimes gets stuck, this will make it almost impossible to lock the handle up. First locate the cover which is at the rear right above the wheels. It’s about 2″x8″ and ribbed vertically and slides up behind the rear panel of the lower body. If it’s in there and stuck, just realign it with the 2 grooves on each side or remove it completely; it is a dust shield after all. The best fix is to replace the rear panel and dust shield and they are ordered together and the cost is fairly low. Also check the alignment of the rear body panel at the bottom There are 2 tabs that protrude down about and inch on each side, the one closest to the handle release lever sometimes gets bent and causes the unit to jam. If this does not help there is one more solution involving the rear wheel assembly. check to see that the rear wheel axel is straight, meaning both wheels are parallel at all times while releasing the handle. If the axel is crooked, the wheel assembly must be replaced and you should have a Miele service center order the part and do it for you.

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Extension hose on miele cat and dog upright hoover

Vacuum won’t **** in upright position, but there is suction from the hose in the upright position
ANSWER : Theres a knob that switches it from floors to carpet turn the to floors.please leave feedback

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Dyson DC25 upright not standing upright
ANSWER : Hi its Darran at Dyson.

So that we can help resolve, please contact our Helpline on 0800 298 0298 (UK) or 1866MYDYSON (US). It sounds as though your stabiliser has come out of place and one of our advisors should be able to help you pop this back in.

Kind regards
Dyson Customer Service

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Brush roller does not turn off in upright position
ANSWER : Make sure there is not a lever to move in order to stop the brushes/agitator…
.if the belt makes contact with the end of the shaft the brushes will rotate…
.tighten all of course/and take the panel of to check behind the bag to make sure all is tight. (fasteners)
.take off the face plate to make sure that the adjustment for the floor tools is not broke and belt is ok.

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Attach new torsion spring and bracket for miele s5211 vacum bag
ANSWER : Hi There, I put up a new video just recently showing how to fit the bag holder on a miele vacuum. Have a look it should be helpful.

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Dirt Devil upright vac
ANSWER : Spray a little wd40 down in between the release lever and work it up an down it might just be stuck.a build up of dirt will cause it to malfunction

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