How to Identify and Fix Common Vacuum Problems ?

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The reverse button may be stuck in the reverse position. – Press and release the button to see if it releases and allows the machine to sew in the forward direction.
If the fabric won`t move with the stitch length set properly, check the feed dogs` height. If feed dogs are too low to grab the fabric, adjust feed dog height. If the feed dogs don`t move when stitch length is set above 0, check for loose feed dog screws or broken parts.
To backstitch on an industrial machine, press and hold down on the back-stitching button and press on the foot control. You will notice your machine will start sewing backwards. Maintain the fabric straight so that the backwards stitch goes right on top of the forward stitch you sewed previously.
The direction of rotation of all Household Sewing Machine Motors can be reversed. These motors are called AC/DC or Universal motors. They are the only kind of Rod Building motor that can be speed controlled with a foot pedal.
When you start to sew, your machine creates a lockstitch at the beginning of your seam, and when you stop sewing, it creates another lockstitch. You won`t be able to sew in reverse if you`ve selected the automatic lockstitch option. Select a regular stitch and this should fix the problem.
Reverse Cycle Stitches

As the fabric moves, the machine forms two stitches forward and one stitch backward, sewing over itself. This stitch is best used for reinforcement in stress areas, such as armholes, pant crotch seams, and children`s wear.

A needle plate is a metal plate that is situated under the needle and presser foot. It helps to move the fabric forward during sewing.
12) Reverse Lever—Machine sews in reverse when pressed. Locks in stitches and secures seams so they won`t come apart.
The tension could be too tight or too loose. Set the tension to the basic thread tension setting or adjust the tension manually. The combination of the needle size, thread size and fabric is incorrect. Be sure to use the correct size needle and thread for the type of fabric that you are sewing.

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My Singer Izek sewing machine starts and stops and wont sew continuously. When I push down the pedal it sews about 2 inches then stops and light starts flashing, I have to let off of the pedal and push it again, over and over. It did this once before for awhile and then just started sewing right for awhile and now its started it again. I’ve checked everything.
ANSWER : If it’s not the thread and not the pedal then it’s definitely a power problem. You need to replace the power cable and then check again the functionality.

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My machine wont sew properly I broke the needle awhile ago and now it wont sew propery was hoping a manual would tell me what is wrong
ANSWER : Your possbly out of time ,meaning the machine isnt in synch after such a big event. check the website for putting back in time otherwise ,disconnect it off the drive and try and put it whare it needs to be

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I bought this machine about 3 years ago but hadn’t used it due to illness. Now when I tried to sew with the Tuff Sew ,the threads continually break. If I can make about a 3 inch line of staight stitches without the top thread breaking,I consider myself fortunate The direction in the manual are extremely poor. I had to finish my project with my very old Bernina. I regret buying the Tuff Sew straight stitch. JLWebb
ANSWER : I do not have one but these machines require heavy duty thread…
.The manufacture recommends using only “#69 Bonded Nylon Thread”
.You should have a 18 to 20 gauge needle for that size thread. Needle type is 135×17
.To be completely honest, these machines look like they are 20 to 30-year-old designs meant to be “store branded” machines (Woolworth, K-mart, Sears, …). As demand at these types of stores dried up, they may have tried (successfully) to remarket them as “tuff” machines. Almost all older machines used all metal gears – it doesn’t make them tough or high quality. The poor level of technical support and documentation would upset me too.
.I really hope the recommended thread and needle help with your problem.
.Good luck.

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Borrowed Brother XR7700 Sewing Machine

1st: Sewed one inch OK; moved fabric and it stopped sewing, motor made thudding noise. When push-button (NOT pedal) is used, gives error E6,
consistent with motor noise.

2d: In order to check threading had to manually PULL bobbin case toward me or it was UNDER needle plate. Cleaned a fair amount of dust out. Reinstalled bobbin, etc., per manual, rethreaded.

3rd: Will sew 2-3 stitches, then packs up again just like in 1st instance above. Have st

ANSWER : Have you checked your needle. it could probably be bent somehow. you should replace it first because that also can confuse the sensor causing that error.


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Hoover Elite motor runs when moving backwards but not forward
ANSWER : Are you sure its not just your belt on the beater of head slipping and needs to be replaced?

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My Bissell Proheat 12 amp is hard to push forward(whether on or off). There is a loud clicking noise when pushing forward and it ”jumps” up on every loud click. It’s OK when pulling backwards, sprays and vacuums up water. Belt appears OK. Thanks
ANSWER : I had this same problem and here is what solved it for me. On a previous cleaning session, my wife decided to take the two front screws out of the clear plastic shroud that covers the brushes in order to clean behind it. Upon re-installation, she did not secure the top part correctly. On the end near the water tank, there are two tiny half-moon tabs that absolutely need to be seated in their opposing slots in the chassis.This allows for a good seal which enables the machine to **** up the water. It also keeps the front cover level and from dragging on the carpet when pushing it forward. Both were problems I was experiencing. Hope this helps!

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I have a Dirt Devil Vision self-propelled vacuum cleaner. Recently, the self-propelled feature is stuck in the backward mode, so it only goes backwards! I can get it to go forward if I push really hard (i guess it is good for a workout!). I try to turn off the propel feature completely, but it will not turn off.
please help!
ANSWER : Hi, the problem you are having is going to be with the switch that controls the forwards and backwards settings so with this stuck in backwards their is no way you can get this turned off, the other problem is your not going to be able to replace this yourself as you cant get the parts, the only real option you have would be to find your nearest repair shop and get the switch replaces, usually one of your local hardware stores will be a repair outlet for your make of cleaner, or you could contact dirt devil via their web site and they would then tell you their nearest place to you for repair.

Now depending on how long you have had it would depend on whether your going to be charged for the repair, so check if you have any warranty left on it as this part would be covered by warranty, also this problem is known to dirt devil so they may repair it for free anyway, so your first option would be to contact them first and see what they come up with, if after doing this you dont want to pay for repair then you could get a local repair shop to remove this function from your cleaner by disengaging the self propelled motor so that it is just a normal vac, how ever this would be giving up and you would only be left with a normal vac.
the cost of repair would not be much so thats the way i would go.

let me know how you get on or if you need further assistance ok

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Brush won’t rotate when pushed forward
ANSWER : I had the same problem . The reason it acts like that is due to the cable that runs from the vacuum motor to the brush assembly has an intermittent open. My fix was to find the small cable that was causing my troubles and splice it. Making sure that I recovered the insulation. Of course my local repair station wanted to replace it for $75 labor plus parts and keep it for 3 days. I took it home and did it in 30 minutes .

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