iRobot Roomba 530 Robotic Vacuum

How to Identify and Fix Common Vacuum Problems ?

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Ensure proper maintenance on the rubber brushes, and filter is also being performed. If the brushes are not spinning properly, this could cause Roomba® to fail to pick up debris off the floor.
If Roomba® continues to indicate the bin is full after you have emptied the bin, it means you have not thoroughly cleaned the bin full sensors and/or the sensor ports. After you have cleaned all six full bin sensors and ports, it may be necessary to clear the error by rebooting the robot.
Description. Error thirty-six (36) means that the bin full sensor for your robot was not cleared when the robot evacuated debris into the Clean Base™. You may see the red Light Ring sweeping towards the rear of the robot.
Remove any debris from the debris evacuation port on the bottom of the Clean Base. Unplug the Clean Base™ Charging Station + Automatic Dirt Disposal from the wall. Clean the Clean Base™ debris evacuation tubing on the bottom, and then remove any debris.
Loose connections will cause your vacuum cleaner to lose suction. Make sure that the dust container, the hose, the tube and the brush are all attached properly. If the problem continues, your vacuum cleaner might have a technical problem. If you suspect this to be the case, contact an authorised service agent.
What`s happening with your vacuum cleaner is that a clog has built up and debris being agitated by the roller is spitting out or stirring up dust without sucking it in.
If the red full bin indicator is illuminated or blinking, it means Roomba® senses that the bin is full. Please empty the bin, and clean the full bin sensors and sensor ports thoroughly.
Error five (5) means the left wheel cannot turn. Please check the following: If Roomba® is stuck under an obstacle, move it to a new location and press CLEAN to restart. Use Dual Mode Virtual Wall® Barriers to block off problem areas.
Error 14 or 1-4 means Roomba® is not detecting an installed bin. Please check the bin contacts: Confirm that the bin is installed properly. Wipe the bin contacts on both the bin and robot with a clean, lightly dampened melamine foam, such as a Magic Eraser.
Tucked inside your robot`s dustbin is an air filter. It`s designed to trap fine dust particles inside the bin as air flows through the vacuum. Over time these filters will become clogged with lint, hair and other physical debris.
Clog located in the vacuum hose

Turn the unit on and feel the suction at the end of the hose handle. If there is no or low suction, then the clog is in the hose. You can remove the clog by running a long, stiff object through the hose, such as a butter knife, starting at the wall end.

One of the easiest ways to increase vacuum cleaner suction is to empty the dust bag or container. Dust containers need to have enough space for airflow, otherwise, they could get clogged and have less suction power. Regularly check your dust compartment and empty or change it when it`s already 70-80% full.
Soil and Plant Debris

Soil and plant debris can clog a vacuum, and damp or wet leaves can lead to mold in the bag or canister, so it`s best to use a broom or your hands to pick those up.

Fine particles. Fine particles are no match for even the strongest vacuums. Construction dust, makeup, used coffee grounds, fireplace ash, and other fine particles can burn out the motor and be released back into the air. It`s best to sweep these items up to keep your vacuum – and yourself – safe.
A: Yes. I use about 10-20% vinegar and distilled water. Works great and the slight smell dissipates within minutes once it dries.
The sensor module is fixed to the underside of the lid of your dust bin perpendicular to the deepest area of your bin, and away from the central dust vortex, Fig “A”.
If there is a solid red LED lit up on your Clean Base™ Automatic Dirt Disposal, this means the bag will need to be replaced. Follow these simple steps to replace the bag.
iRobot Roomba i3+

A Roomba`s cliff sensors, which help to keep it from tumbling down the stairs, can likewise become blocked by a layer of grime, while its dust filter will gradually become clogged with debris.

The infrared sensor at the very front of the Roomba allows the vacuum to bounce light off an object to detect its presence, even if it`s cleaning after dark and there`s limited natural light.
The Roomba® 600 series Bin and Filters are not designed to be washed or come in contact with liquid. Press the bin release tab and pull to remove the Bin.
Most owners believe that running their robot vacuums four times per week is sufficient to keep the floors dust-free. However, if you have children or pets, you should use your robot vacuum more frequently. Daily vacuuming is recommended if you suffer from seasonal allergies.
Error eleven (11) means the Roomba (e or i series) vacuum is experiencing insufficient airflow. If the error persists, please reboot the robot by holding the clean button for about twenty (20) seconds. Doing so should clear the error from the robot`s memory.
Error 7 means the side wheels cannot turn. This can happen if Roomba i Series was started on an uneven surface or got stuck on an obstacle. If this is the case, lift Roomba off the floor and place it in the center of the room and restart the clean cycle. Use Dual Mode Virtual Wall® Barriers to block off problem areas.
Error nineteen (19) means your Roomba® is experiencing an issue undocking from the Home/Clean Base™. Clear any obstacles that may be in front or around the Home/Clean Base™, then press the button. If the message persists, please perform a robot reboot from the robot and start your Roomba from the Home/Clean Base™.

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My irobot 530 is not collecting any dirt in its bin. Why would that be?
ANSWER : Most common issue is the filter is clogged try washing it out make sure you let it dry completely before putting it back in. replacement filters are available on ebay last time I checked they were 3 for under $10

The 530 uses a vacuum suction along with the spinning motion of the brushes to pick up dirt make sure its making a vacuuming sound if not could be only the brushes are moving and a motor has died on you.

lastly make sure that the brushes are spinning freely remove the tray that holds the brushes and clean it out with compressed air. the tray easily removes by first taking off the lower pan and removing the 4 screws that holds the tray in place. There are no wires to unplug when doing this.

hope that helps.

Dirt does not collect in container….collects in filter area
ANSWER : Small Filter at bottom of cannister may be clogged. Not letting enough suction draw dirt down.

My dyson DC05 has been playing up for a while. The motorhead would start fine with green light on and after a few minutes would stop and light would go green. then the power would go on and off – seemed to only work when I had the handle a certain way. Now no power at all. is there a way that I can check if its the power in the handle section as thats the only way you can turn this machine on? Thanks in advance
ANSWER : As the wires that control the motorhead run all the way down the hose it is a break in the wires you will need to buy the hose assy sorry its not thesort of thing you strip down and repair 

Bissell bagless sweeper sucks up dirt but will not put dirt in the canister cup. It will pickup until it clogs, then it will stop picking up dirt. It will really hold quite a bit of dirt before it stops completely up. Thanks for any help.
ANSWER : I had the same problem, called Bissell over 10 times! They send me 3 plastic inserts for the dirt chamber, not the problem. I solved it by throwing the Bissell away and buying a Eureka bagged vacuum, no more problems.

I have a roomba 530 pet series. It appears that the brushes aren’t turning. They are free of dirt and debris and move easily when manually turned. But, You can tell there may not be a motor turning, because the roomba is more quiet than normal when you turn it on. Also, the hair just collects along the bottom of the brush and doesn’t get pushed into the bin.
ANSWER : The belt either broke or has come off the track…. this should be easily accessable from the underside of vaccuum

Holes in top of dirt bin keep clogging
ANSWER : Make sure that your filter is clean. The holes are normally clogged.

Roomba Discovery My Roomba Discovery seems to work fine, mechanically, but it no longer seems to collect any dust. (The collection bin remains empty after the Roomba has circulated around the floor for quite a while). The brush has been replaced and spins normally. Does anyone have an idea why this machine’s vacuum function no longer seems to work? I would appreciate any feedback. Jeremy
ANSWER : Did you replace the filter? when you remove the dust bin there is a small filter that needs to be cleaned, or replaced. You can buy a maintenance kit that replaces the brushes and filters as well, its good to replace them all regularly

Hoover Mach 3 (Fusion): Dirt Will not enter dirt cup
ANSWER : There is a filter in the top over where the dirt canister clips in, and one under the dirt cannister by the motor. Sometimes removing and cleaning will help if you have not tried it already.