Roomba Robotic Floor Bagless Vacuum\015 My Roomba does not auto dock, nor does it seem to recognize the electronic walls and lighthouse. However, when the Roomba is turned on, the electronic lighthouse/wall units turn on. They are not in line of sight, and all, Roomba and units, are about 30 feet apart and in different rooms. Isn’t infrared a line of sight type transmission? If so, how are the remote units becoming aware the Roomba has been turned on? Similar to others who have described this issue, the Roomba seems to be oblivious to the docking station. It will drive all over it at full speed as if the dock isn’t there. This feature did work when I first received my Roomba, and rarely it will surprise me and actually dock. The docking procedure is a unique process. You can see the Roomba aligning itself with the transmitter atop the dock, as it slowly and carefully approaches. When contact is made with both metal contacts on the dock, the Roomba issues a proud little tune, and shuts itself down. A great feature when it works, but my impression so far is that it is a gimmick prone to failure. I’d be glad to take that back if a solution can be found for this issue, but as yet that has not occured.\015

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The Roomba automatically docks itself when the battery runs low.
Press and hold the Clean button for three seconds to clear out any prior cleaning jobs. Press the Clean button again, then press Dock. The Roomba should scoot over to the Home Base and dock itself.
Once the robot docks onto the Clean Base™, its bin should empty automatically and the “Empty Bin” button will appear in the app. If the issue persists after attempting this step, you will need to reboot your robot by pressing and holding its CLEAN button for 20 seconds.
When the battery power gets low, the vacuum starts looking for the infrared signal emitted by the charger. Once it finds it, Roomba follows the signal and docks itself to the charger.
Whenever a robot vacuum follows the route, they eventually will have to dock to recharge, but how do robot vacuums find their base? After cleaning or when the robot has run out of charge, infrared signals show where the base is. The robot vacuum navigates to the base. After recharging, it continues to clean the home.
Clean the sensors, especially the sensors on the front of the home base, but also those on the Roomba. If the sensors get covered with dust, they can start malfunctioning and create problems with the Roomba finding its dock properly.
This is normal behavior, designed to conserve energy. Ensure there are no Dual Mode Virtual Wall® Barriers or other Home Bases® located within >eight (8) feet (2.5 m>) of the Home Base®. These could cause infrared beam (IR) interference. Position the Home Base® on a hard, level surface against a wall.
Please try again later. Yes, All of these Roomba robots come with docking station and batteries included! Sorry, there was a problem. Please try again later.
If the red full bin indicator is illuminated or blinking, it means Roomba® senses that the bin is full. Please empty the bin, and clean the full bin sensors and sensor ports thoroughly.
If the red Full Bin Indicator is illuminated or is blinking, it means Roomba senses that the Bin is full. Please clean the Full Bin Sensors. If Roomba continues to indicate the Bin is full after you have emptied the Bin, it means you have not thoroughly cleaned the Full Bin Sensors.
Most owners believe that running their robot vacuums four times per week is sufficient to keep the floors dust-free. However, if you have children or pets, you should use your robot vacuum more frequently. Daily vacuuming is recommended if you suffer from seasonal allergies.
iRobot promises that the battery can run for up to 2 hours, and based on our estimates, will last about 400 charges. Save yourself the expense of a new battery and keep it vacuuming longer with these tips.
The robotic vacuum can be used in a different area without a charger. It will operate until the battery gets empty. Start the robotic vacuum in the same position as the charger should be placed, place the robot on the floor against the wall.
Start its cleaning cycle, Will detect its base using its laser while it is cleaning the room(s) and add a notation to its internal map for the base location, and. If mid-cleaning your robot runs low on battery power, it will return to base to charge and then return to finish cleaning where it left off.
Move the dock to a new location and see if the robot can locate it. The dock should be placed against a wall, have at least 0.5m of clearance either side and 1.5m in front. Then, clean the front signal transmission area of the dock and the robot`s front sensor, both of which are used for the robot to locate the dock.
iRobot Roomba j7. The Roomba j7 is an AI-powered robot vacuum that detects and avoids common robot traps, such as cords, cables, and pet waste. It works with a stylish clean base that will clean the dirt out of its bin so you don`t have to. Read our review.
If you get a more affordable model, like Roomba 675 you can expect a lifespan of up to two years. Go to the higher-end, like the iRobot j7+, and our research and testing suggest you can get five years plus of cleaning with proper maintenance.
Automatically recharges – Runs for up to 90 minutes before automatically docking and recharging. Adapts to multiple floor surfaces – unique auto-adjust cleaning head is specifically designed to tackle cleaning on multiple floor surfaces including hard wood and carpet.
Keep your robot plugged in and charging on the Home Base® or Clean Base™ when not in use. If your robot will not be used for more than a few weeks, we recommend placing the robot in ship mode.
You can use the vacuum without the base also. It will just stop on it`s own when it`s done cleaning the space it is started in, or it will stop when it needs emptying or charging.
Keeping the Home Base® on a level surface and flat against a wall will help your robot clean more efficiently. Putting the Home Base® at an angle will cause your robot to clean diagonally in motion with the wall.
The difference is that newer Roomba options have bristle-less rubber extractors, whereas the older options (600 series) have a squeegee and bristle combo. This combination has been proven in tests to clean carpets well.
End Job: The robot will automatically end its job once you get home*. Off: If you turn off the `When I return home` toggle, the robot will continue its cleaning job with no interruptions.

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My Roomba 560 does not automatically dock as advertised either..
ANSWER : You may not believe this, but the new 500 series lighthouse virtual walls have both infrared and radio frequency communication. How they work and associate with the Roomba is pretty complicated. The best posting I’ve ever seen about how they work is here:

Check out that link to understand how the communication works.

If your Roomba is contained by the virtual walls, then you can assume the IR sensor on your Roomba us good….you should test that though. Then you might have to replace the “home base” which could have a bad IR transponder . New ones can be found for reasonable price at or you could order straight from iRobot for twice the price.

If the Roomba is not contained by the virtual walls, then the IR sensor on the Roomba is likely bad and you’ll need to change the bumper on your Roomba. Again ….parts are available through ebay, or Follow this link if you need it.|301%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A30

Roomba Discovery My Roomba turns on and moves but the brushes won’t turn. Someone told me that I had forgotten to put in the yellow and black end bearings, but I did. Help, I miss my Roomba
I have a Roomba 530, I have had it for 2 weeks and really loved it. I have followed all the cleaning instructions etc.. Then the Roomba wanted it’s brushes cleaning “please clean Roombas brushes” So thinking that something was stuck I removed and cleaned the brushes, (yellow tabs on and in place by the way)
ANSWER : I read somewhere that you need to clear the software in case there is a glitch. To do this, take the battery out and then, simultaneously hold down the “spot” and “clean” buttons for 30 seconds. Replace battery. This has worked for my Discovery model.

Roomba 560, the small red light above the schedule button will not reset and the roomba will not run. The problem started when I the roomba sat dead for 12 hours. I tried the spot dock reset trick with no luck. The clock and sunday light stay let also.
ANSWER : This work ok for me ihave a 560 thanks

Roomba 560: it only spins in one place, then stops & doesn’t dock either.
ANSWER : If there’s no message its probably a sensor malfunctioning. It might be a cliff sensor, the bump switch, or wheel-drop (left, right, or caster). Try cleaning the sensors and vacuuming things out as a first step.

Battery charge I just purchased a new battery pack insert for my Roomba, Replacement
was a breeze and it now works great. My question is; The last battery I
bought ( not from you) was a full cased roomba battery pack that didn’t
last a year. Roomba says leave the r Roomba charging all the time so
it’s ready when you need it, and that’s nice but I feel that leaving it
charging like that it will kill the battery faster as it is always warm
to the touch. These battery’s should last at least 5
ANSWER : Dave you are correct. You should never over-charge anything like a Roomba, Cel Phone, etc. That will kill a bettery very quickly.

Our roomba 560 wont charge have replaced the battery Tested the charing unit with another roomba that all seems ok put the uncharged battery into another Roomba but im guessing it now has a memory as this wont charge in the other hoover. Any ideas what may be wrong
ANSWER : Try cleaning the battery contacts with a little rubbing alcohol or contact cleaner on a foam swab, or a bit of paper towel. Take a litle time, it doesn’t always dissolve instantly. (Don’t use a pink pencil eraser, it would scrub off the plating that prevents corrosion) Clean both contacts on the battery pack and both of the contacts in the Roomba. Make sure the battery is oriented correctly when you put it back in. Also clean the charging base contacts and the corresponding contacts on the Roomba itself.
.I’m not sure entirely sure what you’re trying to recover – the new battery pack, the old battery pack, or the Roomba itself – but since you can swap parts back and forth, you can clearly isolate the problem. The old battery pack might be rehabilitatted if you have the equipment to recondition it, but if it may not work. The new battery shouldn’t have been harmed that easily.

I have a Roomba 560 (it’s still in warranty !!) and, after my summer vacation, it has a problem.
When I’m charging Roomba, the orange light blinks (and this is normal!) but this orange blinking continues forever…. the light doesn’t change to green.
If I detach Roomba from the charger, the light become green and it works normally until the light changes to red and I have to charge it again.



ANSWER : The problem is not with the charger itself but it is with the battery inside the Roomba. It sunds like one or more of the cells has gone bad so its not holding the same charge as it did. I would recomend sending it in while the warranty is still valid so they will replace it. Your charger and the Roomba itself should be fine.

A few tips to keep the battery working longer:
Only charge the battery when it is drained all the way to zero. It will help keep the battery active.

Only charge the battery until it is full and then disconect it from the power source. It will keep it active longer plus it will help keep your electric bill down.

Roomba 560 goes in circles. appears lost – iRobot Roomba 560 Robotic Vacuum
ANSWER : I had the same problem. This is the 9-beep error. It goes in backwards circles. Pretty much a bad component in your Roomba, makes it think that it is constantly in collision mode. This makes it go backwards in circles. I fixed mine using this repair kit.