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How to Identify and Fix Common Vacuum Problems ?

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Charging Error nine (9) indicates a permanent battery fault. Remove the battery from the robot for at least 15 minutes, and replace it. If the error persists, the battery may need to be replaced.
Why does a Roomba go in circles? It`s usually a problem with sensors or with mechanical movement. While spinning in circles may look alarming, it`s rarely a permanent problem, although your robovac definitely needs some care before it`s ready to resume duty again.
Roomba cleaning FAQ

** A Roomba may frequent the same place multiple times due to an immense amount of dirt on the floor, or more likely due to dirty sensors or low light.

Cached files and storage on any application`s database can cause error codes. Users should clear cached files data from time to time to prevent such issues. This problem generally happens to Android users. Clearing the cached data can help fix error code 9.
Overview. Error nine (9) means the bumper is stuck and is not moving freely. Briskly tap the bumper several times to dislodge any debris that may be trapped underneath, and then press CLEAN to restart. If no debris is found, it is also possible the bumper could be dislodged from the robot.
If you get a more affordable model, like Roomba 675 you can expect a lifespan of up to two years. Go to the higher-end, like the iRobot j7+, and our research and testing suggest you can get five years plus of cleaning with proper maintenance.
The average bumper repair bill can vary widely depending on the severity of the damage, the type of car you drive, and who is doing the repairs. Generally speaking, though, a basic bumper repair will cost around $400-$600.
Yes, you can pick up and move your Roomba. Be sure to do so when your Roomba is not on a cleaning job.
If we run this code using the F5 key or manually, we will get Run time error `9`: “Subscript out of Range.” To fix this issue, we need to assign the length of an array by using the “ReDim” word. This code does not give any errors.
9E is a reserved code, it means nothing to you.
Roomba Combo: Open the lid and locate the recessed Reset button to the left of the On/Off switch. Press and hold the Reset button for ten seconds.
iRobot Roomba vacuums can operate even with simple ambient light, but not in total darkness. What may help with either the i7 or s9 robots is to run a training mission and/or clean your floors with the closet light on until your floor plan map is complete.
Error 10 means a side wheel cannot turn. Please check the following: If Roomba gives this error when it is stuck under an obstacle, move Roomba to a new location and press CLEAN to restart. Use a Virtual Wall® to block off problem areas.
Error Fifteen (15) means your Roomba® j Series robot experienced an internal error and was able to take care of itself. It`s just letting you know about that afterward.
You can easily check the status of the battery in the iRobot® HOME App. A battery icon will be displayed in the top-right corner, indicating the current status of the battery.
Made by iRobot, these robotic vacuum cleaners use sensors to detect walls and items in a room, becoming smarter the more frequently they clean.
A: Yes, I do. My Roomba 780 runs at it`s schedule time, 10am, then sometimes, I`ll run it again in the evening if I have a particular area that needs to be done (I do my master suite, guest suites & upstairs each separately).
Error 10 means the left wheel cannot turn. Please check the following: If Roomba® gives this error when it is stuck under an obstacle, move Roomba® to a new location and press CLEAN to restart. Use Dual Mode Virtual Wall® Barriers to block off problem areas.
A: Yes. I use about 10-20% vinegar and distilled water. Works great and the slight smell dissipates within minutes once it dries.
DIY sensor cleaning is completely safe. As long as you do it the right way, you shouldn`t have any problems. Many photographers regularly do their own sensor cleaning without any issues.
To view a Clean Map™ Report of the most recently performed cleaning job, open the iRobot® HOME App and select the card under History from the Home screen. To see other previous cleans, either scroll through the cards to the left or select the > next to History.
Yes, you can and should repair a damaged bumper. For one thing, it`s a matter of safety and, in some places, it`s the law. But it`s also an inexpensive upgrade to your car that you`ll also love seeing. A damaged bumper is as hard to hide as a bad haircut, and as important for you to fix as a broken tooth.
(Note: If there`s no water or pad installed, Roomba will ask if vacuum only is ok.) Hey Google, start cleaning. Hey Google, tell (robot name) to start cleaning.
You can use the vacuum without the base also. It will just stop on it`s own when it`s done cleaning the space it is started in, or it will stop when it needs emptying or charging.

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Roomba Discovery My Roomba turns on and moves but the brushes won’t turn. Someone told me that I had forgotten to put in the yellow and black end bearings, but I did. Help, I miss my Roomba
I have a Roomba 530, I have had it for 2 weeks and really loved it. I have followed all the cleaning instructions etc.. Then the Roomba wanted it’s brushes cleaning “please clean Roombas brushes” So thinking that something was stuck I removed and cleaned the brushes, (yellow tabs on and in place by the way)
ANSWER : I read somewhere that you need to clear the software in case there is a glitch. To do this, take the battery out and then, simultaneously hold down the “spot” and “clean” buttons for 30 seconds. Replace battery. This has worked for my Discovery model.

Roomba Discovery Roomba is fully charged and cleaned with sensor wiped clean. When turned on it it sounds normal and commences to go, but it then acts like it is putting on the breaks, spins, tries to go and manages a short distance and breaks again, just not making any progress because it keeps breaking after a foot or so and turns and tries again. Sometimes is gets so stuck from moving forward at all, like it is stuck in one spot just trying to go while seemingly surrounded by barriers. Somet
ANSWER : I had the same back-up, turn, move forward a couple inches, backup-up, etc. problem. Try cleaning/cutting the hair, etc. out from around the brushes, as well as around the ends of the brushes. Also, try a Q-tip to clean out the four pair of sensors (on my Roomba there are four pairs of little lenses under the bottom of the bumper) that (apparently) can cause the Roomba to think it is going over a cliff so it backs up. I didn’t have a can of compressed air, so I turned it over on the grass and went after it with a leaf blower..up close. Lots of dust came out and it has worked fine since.

Took Roomba apart to clean and now the pick up brushes start and stop during cleaning. The vaccum is clean but will not constantly spin. Runs great but pick up brushes start and stop. Is there a number for Roomba? Warranty? This one is less than one year old.
ANSWER : You can go to . This is the roomba website. You should be able to find replacement parts, customer support, videos or the Roomba product, and more.
.When you cleaned your Roomba, did you also clean the wheel wells and outer most edges of the brush brush cartridges? There can be lint, threads, and at my house, cat hair, wrapped around the outermost edges of the brush cartridges.
.I hope my suggestions help. If so, please contact Fixya and rate my solution.
.Thanks and Good Luck!

Windtunnel first one used 6 times beater bar stopped working, took apart cleaned and belt was fine. this one had a reset switch for beater bar. had insurance at best buy so returned for a new one. used 2x beater bar not working and not dirty, no reset switch on this one., now back to the store for another? i don’t even want the same one. I wonder how many they are gonna give me. This seems to be a common occurance.
ANSWER : Sorry, you feel like that. I have rentals and 6 windtunnel’s (I prefer the bagged ones) and have never had a problem such as you have described. I think Hoover makes a great vacuum.

Roomba keeps saying clean brushes yet are clean!
ANSWER : Make sure you take off the little cap at the end (the one that spins — just grab it and pull it straight off) and clean under it too. The rest of the brush may look perfectly clean but what happens is that hair gets stuck under spinning cap and, like a slowly growing washer, it pushes the whole brush toward the gear box. When it gets pushed over enough, the large yellow ring starts to rub against the side of the brush deck making it harder for the motor to turn the brush and you get that “remove and clean brushes” message.

I have cleaned & cleaned this thing! It runs for about 2 mins & stops, says “Clean Brushes”! and now it’s very noticeable it’s not picking up well… but is picking up a bit. I take the dust bin out, and the brushes spin…. and it has much more power…. and is very clear it is working! But it’s useless without the dust bin! LOL

It’s only 9 months old…. called customer service, but it was the one time it worked just fine! Of course, I thought I’d stop here first before calling again! Than

ANSWER : Ok, this is a “Brush Height Adjustment” issue. It will probably work great on a hard surface but on carpet the brushes bog. If you’ve taken the unit apart already…Sorry….do it again. When you do, you’ll see a String which allows the brushes to “Float” on different surface heights. Loosen the screw a little and pull a bit more string through. Re Tighten the screw and put it together enough for a test run. Now reset the roomba.To reset the Roomba, power the Roomba on, and press the Spot, and Dock.buttons together for at least 8 seconds. Until it plays a tune. The.clock, and any schedule is erased at this time. Try running the Roomba.with the dust bin removed to see the brushes spin easier..
Second method, is taking off the bottom cover, and removing the.battery. While it’s removed, and not plugged into the charger, press.the clean button for at least 20 seconds. This will erase the memory..Replace battery, and cover. Run the Roomba to see if the brushes spin. You can also remove the brush housing by removing the 4 screws.and reseating it, to see if it was a bad connection, since you have the.bottom cover off.

My iRobot Roomba 560 starts spinning sporadically during the cleaning, and after over 3 minutes it complete stops and beeps 9 times. It is necessary to turn it on until it decides to work properly, and keep waiting for the next time the same failure will occur. I tried to reset it, and I have all the dust removed including from the bumper and sensors.
ANSWER : It’s the bumper. Blow it out with compressed air and clean the cliff sensors. If you still get the 9-beep error, call support.

My Roomba will not move forward. It will try and spin itself and then try to move forward but then spin itself again until it stops and beeps. I tried cleaning the whole unit but it still is unable move forward. Help please!
is it 5xx Roomba ? is it 9 beep that it sounds ?

Please look for other same problem posted here 😉
You are probably facing a bumper sensor issue.
Try to clean the bumper first and if this goes on, either call iRobot service, or
take a look at this page for the step by step 9 beep fix.
Have fun