Miele S548 Bagged Canister Vacuum\015 I had trouble with this Miele vac starting, it would try to come on when the rewind would move; I took it apart found the electrical connections inside the rewind to be dirty and not making good contact because what seemed to be too much end play at the rewind axle, put a washer there, cleaned the copper rotary electrical connections and it seemed to do the job; So I put the unit back together and my wife informed that the carpet beater would not come on. So I take it apart and look to see if something was left unconnected, did not find anything that looked obvious. I checked to see if it was sending 110 volts to the connection where the vac hand held hose plugs into the cannister, no voltage; it had continunity from where the hand held hose connection plugs into the vac all the way back to the connections inside the motor compartment, it was good. Also I checked that the cover safety lockout was going into its socket to make a connection, was OK. Could I have got some wires switched inside where the rewind electrical connections are, is there a schematic to show me something on wiring detail or did something short out that feeds 110 volts to the power head unit. Do you have some advice where I may need to check next or what parts I need to check…..My wife is having a fit………………….Thanks……Ronnie…….\015

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Miele offers three different styles of power heads. The models differ in the functions they have and the cleaning width. The available features are automatic 5 height adjustment, headlight and automatic shut off for brush roll protection.
Manufactured in Germany the Miele Complete C3 line sets a new standard in floor care. Utilizing the 1200 watt Vortex motor allows the Miele C3 41GDE040CDN limited edition to effectively remove heavy sand and dirt from bare floors with very little noise.
A vacuum cleaner gets power from a regular electrical socket, with the average upright design requiring between 450 and 3000 watts. However, the most often used versions use around 1400 watts, equivalent to approximately 1.4 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity each hour.
The typical consumption of Watt for industrial vacuum cleaners will be between 1000-4000 W depending on the application. For a machine with one motor it is typically 1000-1500 W.
A powerhead vacuum comes fitted with a separate motor in the floor head to drive the motorised brush and effectively eliminate allergen triggers. Proven to be more powerful than a regular floor head tool, it`s the best cleaning tool to help those living with allergies or asthma.
An upright vacuum cleaner should be around 100 air watts and a cylinder vacuum cleaner needs to be about 220 air watts.
But not to worry, appliances are designed to operate within a range of voltages from 110 to 120. For the purposes of understanding vacuum cleaner specifications the only thing about voltage we really need to know is the formula, amps x volts = watts and conversely, watts/volts = amps.
The 240 volt version motors are not used very often, so vacuum shops around the country will normally stock the 120 volt motors, but not any 240 volt options.
Miele Complete C3 Cat and Dog Canister HEPA Canister Vacuum Cleaner with SEB228 Powerhead Bundle – Includes Performance Pack 16 Type GN AirClean Genuine FilterBags + Genuine AH50 HEPA Filter.
A regular sized household vacuum cleaner will use between 500 and 3000 watts of energy, an average best selling model will use around 1400 watts.
Power. Most people should only require a 3.5 to 5 peak horsepower motor for their wet/dry vac. If it can suction up water and sawdust, you`re probably good to go.
Max(4000 PA): It can deeply clean the place that needs cleaning, dust cleaning is up 80%, garbage collection is up 30%, and the cleaning times are up to 80 minutes.
The higher the number, the higher the suction power. Could you imagine what 2000Pa means? It means that the Roborock S5 has enough suction to pick up AA batteries off your floor. That`s quite a punch for a little robot vacuum and more than enough to pick up anything you might want a vacuum to remove.
By spinning motors faster and using tapered fan technology, better performance is achieved without increasing power consumption (wattage). That means we can get better performance with low wattage or energy consumption.
If you need to vacuum bare floors only, you do not need a powerhead or a power nozzle as it`s called. If you will be using it on carpet, be sure that you purchase one with a power nozzle, which is a motorized beater.
A robot vacuum cleaner with a Pa of 3000 or higher and a dust pickup rate of 95% or more will have excellent suction power.
The minimum suction power (12,000 Pa) is engineered for routine cleaning and removing small particles. The 5-layer HEPA filtration system captures up to 99.99% of ultrafine particles, be it pet fur/dander, long human hair, pollen, dust mites and other allergens.
With a 1600W suction power, the Complete C3 Extreme Powerline is Miele`s most powerful vacuum cleaner.
Efficient Miele Vortex Suction Motor

The powerful 1200 Watt, Miele Vortex suction motor produces plenty of suction for cleaning all heights of carpets when used with its SEB 228 Powerbrush. As such it is a very effective 1440 watt (12 Amps.)

Most upright cleaners are seven to 12 amps. Many canister models are 12 amps.
Wrong, It`s a Myth.

The Amp Rating on the motor has absolutely nothing to do with the performance of the vacuum. Most vacuum cleaners with 4 Amp motors clean better than most vacuum cleaners with 12 Amp motors.

Battery voltage: the higher the battery voltage, the more powerful the vacuum cleaner absorbs the dirt.
Conversion of AW (Air Watts) in kPa (Kilo Pascal)

1300 – 2200 mm / H2O. 13-22 kPa = 13.000-22.000 Pa.

A 240V outlet has two 120 volt wires and a neutral wire. Older homes often have three prong 240 volt outlets, but modern outlets have a ground wire and four prongs.

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Power head attachment works great when plugged into the hose part of the vacuum. The problem is when I attach it to the tube for normal use there is no power. I have checked all the connections and switched the power switch on and off still no power from tube to power head.
Is there anything else I can try? Model Callisto
ANSWER : Try having someone turn the machine on and off while you pull the cord in and out with the cord more angled towards the on/off switch. Sometimes these models have a break in the cord rewind and will not put the power through to the motor.

Keep in mind this is repairable, and if the unit is less than 5 years old it should still be under warranty.

Good luck .

My carpet cleaner (bissell proheat plus) is not steaming, dispensing cleaner. Seems like there’s a little thingy that should be spinning or turning….. When I work a small area of carpet, it just leaves behind dry blobs of carpet gunk like pet hair. I had to use a carpet sweeper to clean up. FYI – I filled the cleaning fluid container and after trying to clean the carpet, it did empty out but the carpet isn’t wet. Any tips? The manual doesn’t help.
ANSWER : You need to replace the pump belt. Here is the belt you need:

Bissell ProHeat Belt

The motor on my Epic 6500 works, the hose is sucking, but the power head isn;t working… I tried the sidestep power head and that one works. Ive opened and replaced the belt and that is fine. The bulb was already burned out and wasn’t replaced so I cant tell if theres power to the head. What else could it be?
ANSWER : Connect the power nozzle directly to the hose and try.
.Check the terminals where the wand connects to the PN. If any are discolored or cracked, that may be the problem.
.Open the PN and check for loose or broken wires and connections. Repair or replace as necessary.
.The reset switch could be broken or worn out. You can check this with a continuity tester or multimeter.
.If none of these solve the problem the vacuum needs to be taken to your local Aerus Electrolux store for diagnosis and repair.

I have a Kenmore Elegance Vacuum with Dirt Sensor, Model # 116.30750400C, Serial number M41901532. When vacuuming the carpet the power head will work for 3-6 mins then automatically shut off, power is still there and lights work but the power head motor turns off and the suction stops. I will turn it off and on, check the outlet, flick the on off buttons…nothing. I will turn it off for a couple minutes and it turns back on and runs like normal. I’ve check the bags, filters, cleaned the hos
ANSWER : It is an electrical problem in the handle, if you can or know somebody that has any fix it ability it can be fixed in about ten minutes. Oh, and Sears SUCKS!!

Our Electrolux canister vacuum just stopped working when we were vacuuming the floor. The power does come on when the power head is attached but as soon as the power head is removed the power shuts off. I tried pressing the reset button but that doesn’t help. Is there a solution that I can try at home?
ANSWER : Sound like you problem is in the connection going to the power head you will see a small screw on the power nozzel where it joins to the handle take out the screw and take it a part you will see where one of the bars have been disconnect from the power.

Power head has power but motor won’t run
ANSWER : Circuit brealer switch may be bad, but the fact that Rainbow nozzle made this strange sound makes me think that it may have happened because there is something wrong with the motor.
.While unplugged – remove the brush and belt. Try turning brush ends – see if they yurn easily… Try turning the motor shaft – see if it turns and if it does – if it turns smoothly and if makes any strange sounds…
.To really test the motor you can just bypass the circuit breaker switch.

Power to power carpet head
ANSWER : Once again remove the electrical connections and clean it and also blow the dirt and then fit it tightly and carefully.if anything broken inside replace it.

Power head and wand connection is intermittent.
ANSWER : If there is a rubber bumper on your power head you must slip it off before the two halves will separate.