Bissell 8910 ProHeat Clear View Upright Vacuum\015 I took apart my bissell 8905 steam cleaner to replace the pump. Mixture piston fell off when I took off cover. I can’t re-position it properly and top cover will not sit in position either. I need very detailed instructions or a good diagram to explain how to put piston and cover back together.\015

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Check to see if the collection water tank outside the bladder is full. The float will activate to cut off suction. Empty the collection tank and test for suction. If there is still no suction at this time, please visit a BISSELL Authorized Service Center.
Check your hose for any cracks or holes that can cause loss of suction. You may also have a clog in the lower hose. Pull down and at an angle to disconnect. A clog in the main hose could also be the problem.
Locate the brush reset button on the lower back right of the vacuum. Press the button to reset the brushroll To ensure the brush has been reset, plug the vacuum back into the electrical outlet.
There could be several factors as to why your BISSELL PowerFresh steam mop is not producing steam. First, check to make sure the unit is plugged in and is in a working outlet. Next, check to make sure there is water in the tank. It is very important to make sure you are ONLY using water to fill the tank.
Should the brush not rotate freely there may be debris tangled around the ends of the brush, carefully remove any obstructions or replace the brush with a new one. We recommend that you fit a new belt and brush once per year to keep your Reactive vacuum working efficiently.
Although you should leave some vacuum pump repair to an expert, there are things you can do to diagnose and fix faults in the equipment. A vacuum pump repair facility may offer services to train you internal maintenance men to do various levels of pump repairs.
Your dirty water tank may not be secured tightly. Check the rubber tab on the dirty water tank and press firmly on all edges to secure it tightly. The accessory hose door also needs to be closed securely. Check the door and make sure it is locked in place.

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Belts fine but no suction Bissell 8910 – Bissell 8910 ProHeat Clear View Upright Vacuum
ANSWER : Here are some simple troubleshooting steps to help out:

How to replace elt on bissell 8910 – Bissell 8910 ProHeat Clear View Upright Vacuum
ANSWER : I have listed a link to the owners manual and a link to the belt you need. Hope it helps you!

Bissell 8910 User Guide (PDF)

Bissell 8910 Replacement Belts

Reassambly bissell 8910
ANSWER : I am in the same situation with my 8910 if you get an answer will you let me know my email is [email protected]

Need Diverter Door for Bissell ProHeat 8910
ANSWER : HI there SmartAlec from here. I am an australian service agent for bissell. If you go to my website and use the link to put in a request I can get the parts for any Australian bissell machine. Your question doent give your location so i am not sure if this is a help or not.
.Regards Alec

8910 is making a funny noise. maybe clogged? – Bissell 8910 ProHeat Clear View Upright Vacuum
ANSWER : Could be, but it could also be from the seals if.they are old and need to be replaced. They are.rubber strips (like used in some screens), and.can make a horrible noise when they need to be.replaced.

My bissell proheat will not release water – Bissell 8910 ProHeat Clear View Upright Vacuum

Here is a tip that will give you all the information you need to fix your BissellProheat Vacuum Problem.

Bissell Proheat Upright Wet/Dry Vacuum Problems

heatman101 .

Hello, I just bought a Bissell Powergroom (model 92L3-W) vacuum and a Bissell Proheat Pet (model 8910-3) deep cleaner and I love them both. My problem is, when we unpacked them we somehow lost the manuals; I think I had too many helpers that night – they may have gone out to the trash with the boxes. I need replacement manuals if you would be so kind as to help me out. Could you email me a manual for each of these two machines, or tell me exactly where to find them online? I’ve been looking, but
ANSWER : Follow the link below and enter the model numbers to access the User’s Guides.

How do i use the little green bissell – Bissell THE BISSELL LITTLE GREEN MACHINE Vacuum
ANSWER : <font size=”2″>.BISSELL User&rsquo;s Guides can be downloaded at </font><a rel=’nofollow’ href=””></a><br /><font size=”2″>.On the front page under Customer Service click on User&rsquo;s Guides and enter the model number of your unit.<br />.User Guide will be displayed as a PDF file.<br /></font>