Dyson DC25 All Floors Bagless Upright Vacuum

How to Identify and Fix Common Vacuum Problems ?

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The Vacuum will not Stand Upright

Locate the u-bend cover, press the yellow release button, and look for any possible blockages. These blockages may be preventing the machine from locking in its upright position as well as reclining when already locked. See below link for visual guides.

Position the wand into the end of the hose. Press the wand release button on the end of the hose and slide the wand all the way down.
If the vacuum does not stand on its own, the vacuum`s latch may be broken. Call customer service to inquire about latch replacement options. When you buy the vacuum you have a 5-year warranty, so broken pieces are easily replaceable. You can purchase replacement parts either on Amazon.com or on Shark`s website.
Dyson`s upright vacuum cleaner combines multi-floor capability, making it an optimal design for all floor types. From carpet to hard floors and delicate surfaces, the Dyson light ball multifloor+ is the best upright vacuum for every home and indoor space.
To remove, wash and replace the brush bars:

Use a coin to turn the end cap a quarter counterclockwise until it clicks into the unlocked position. Rotate the end cap to the open position. Gently slide the main brush bar out of the cleaner head.

If you have lost suction from the wand handle on your Dyson vacuum, remove the handle and check the hose suction, if the hose suction is good then obviously you have a blockage in your wand handle. Common sense but its surprising how many callouts I have had for this simple problem.
Check the Rotator Brush and Wheels

Sometimes pieces of string or other objects get wrapped around your vacuum`s rotating brush or around the wheels of the vacuum. Unplug your vacuum. Turn it over and have a look at the wheels and brush. If you see any pieces of string or objects lodged there, remove them.

A reason why your Dyson may not be smoothly running over your floors could be all thanks to the brush bar. Over time the brush will become entangled by hairs and fibres resulting in it to no longer turn. Safety First! Please make sure your appliance is switched off before beginning any maintenance work.
Suction too high

If the vacuum is hard to push, the suction could be too high. Make sure the power button is on the right setting for the respective surfaces. Position I is for bare floors and position II for carpets and rugs.

Dyson vacuum cleaners are designed based on first-of-its-kind Cyclone technology, which helps maintain strong suction and efficiently separates dirt and allergens from the air. Additionally, they are bagless, easy to maneuver, and equipped with powerful motors, making them stand out from traditional vacuum cleaners.
A Dyson vacuum cleaner has a lifespan of around 10 years. This is considerably longer than most other vacuums. So, if you`re looking for a high-quality vacuum cleaner that will last you for a long time, a Dyson could be a good choice. However, remember that Dyson vacuums are expensive.
Hold the floor tool as best as you can using your foot and twist the metal pipe.. this should `break the bond`. As soon as you have movement after twisting the pipe, you should find that it pulls free.
A carpet beater bar is essentially a floor nozzle for a vacuum equipped with a rotating beater bar that spins while the vacuum is in use. By spinning, it agitates the carpet and loosens any lead dust that might be stuck in carpet fibers.
If you find that your machine is turning off intermittently, the filter in your vacuum is most likely full and covering the ventilation system. Remove the filter, then empty and wash it. Allow the filter to dry for at least 24 hours, or until it is completely dry.
Give it a break

By letting the battery run down to empty at least once a month, you`ll help to prolong its life. If you have a spare battery, we recommend you swap them out from time to time, so that they both have time to naturally discharge.

You can wall hang your Dyson without having to drill holes in the walls. Even if you don`t rent you might prefer to keep your walls damage free and avoid having …
Brush Head Bearings Are Clogged or Have Failed

These are symptoms of bad or dirty bearings. You should remove the brush roll or rolls from the vacuum. Check to see that the bearings at the end of the brush roll allow it to spin freely. Make sure that there is no hair trapped in the bearings.

The simplest place to start: empty your dirt container. Debris in the main cyclone passage will cut suction rapidly. If the container was really full, you should also check the filters because they can get loaded with dust if the Dirt container is too full. Test the vacuum, and see if the suction is back.
Putting in the incorrect amount of oil, putting in the wrong type of oil, and oil contamination can all cause the pump to not reach full vacuum. For this reason, you must check the oil regularly to ensure that it is not only clean, but also properly filled.
Clog located in the vacuum hose

Turn the unit on and feel the suction at the end of the hose handle. If there is no or low suction, then the clog is in the hose. You can remove the clog by running a long, stiff object through the hose, such as a butter knife, starting at the wall end.

Check the LED light to determine the battery level. A solid blue light indicates that the machine is in normal operating mode. A flashing blue light indicates that there is no power, and the battery needs to be charged for a minimum of 3.5 hours.
It really does have a suction feature complete with a little compartment for anything it sucks up that you can empty. My only issue with this is that is doesn`t stand up by itself unless you really work to balance it.
The hissing sounds you hear are the vacuum leak. If you have a serious engine vacuum leak, you may also hear suction sounds. These sounds mimic the noise that your household vacuum hose makes.
For a vacuum cleaner to glide easily on a carpet, air must flow into the nozzle and through the machine. Block the air flow and the vacuum seals itself to the carpet and is hard to push. And, unfortunately, that`s what many consumers have discovered when their new carpeting is installed.

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Red footbar stuck and dyson unable to stand upright
ANSWER : These have a problem with the undercarriage units to which the red foot pedal you refer to is attached. If you see no obvious obstruction, and this is a late model machine, ask Dyson to repair it under the five year warranty.

My dyson seems to have lost its suction therefore is not picking up anything yet i have found that when my dyson is standing upright it has a little more suction but nothing like how it use to work. This has only happend in the last 2 weeks. I sanded a floor & though the sander picked up majority of the dust i did use the dyson to pick up the excess and it is since then that my dyson has not been working to its full potential.
ANSWER : Hi there,
.Sorry to hear you’re having a problem with your DC07. You should be able to resolve the issue by following these simple steps: http://www.dyson.co.uk/support/help.asp?article=1940&product=DC07-SY
.If you’re still experiencing difficulties, please get in touch with us, free, on 08002980298 (UK), or 1866MYDYSON (US), so we can run through some checks over the phone.
.Kind regards,
.Dyson Customer Service

I have a Dyson DC14 upright vacuum cleaner that after cleaning out I am unable to stand the vacuum upright so that I can use the tools any idea of the problem?
ANSWER : Normal. 0. . . false. false. false. . . . . . . . . MicrosoftInternetExplorer4. .. . ...... /* Style Definitions */. table.MsoNormalTable.\011{mso-style-name:”Table Normal”;.\011mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0;.\011mso-tstyle-colband-size:0;.\011mso-style-noshow:yes;.\011mso-style-parent:””;.\011mso-padding-alt:0cm 5.4pt 0cm 5.4pt;.\011mso-para-margin:0cm;.\011mso-para-margin-bottom:.0001pt;.\011mso-pagination:widow-orphan;.\011font-size:10.0pt;.\011font-family:”Times New Roman”;.\011mso-fareast-font-family:”Times New Roman”;.\011mso-ansi-language:#0400;.\011mso-fareast-language:#0400;.\011mso-bidi-language:#0400;}....Hi its Darran at Dyson.

This procedure.should solve the problem. Before you start it, please make sure the machine is.unplugged.
..First, remove the.airway inspection. It’s located at the side of your cleaner.
..Next, hold the.main body of the cleaner halfway between the floor and upright position. Then,.place two fingers in the square hole left by the airway inspection (you should.be able to see a round hole at the base) then pull that plastic piece sharply.upwards. You should hear a click as you do so.
..Your machine.should now stand upright and you may also notice an improvement in the suction,.too.
..If this procedure.hasn’t worked, please call our experts on 0800 298 0298 (UK) or 1866MYDYSON (US).

Many thanks
Dyson customer service

Dyson animal will not stand upright – Dyson DC25 Animal Bagless Upright Vacuum
ANSWER : Hi there,

I’m sorry to hear you’re having difficulty standing your DC25 Animal upright. It sounds as if the stabiliser needs realigning. This is simple to do – please follow the steps shown in the video below.

If you’d like any further assistance or advice, please give our customer Helpline a call on 0800 298 0298 (UK), or 1-866-693-9766 (US).

Best wishes,

Dyson Online Customer Support

Dyson won’t stand upright
.If you go to the Dyson web site in there help section it shows how to sort out this problem its very easy to do.

Dyson DC28 handle stuck in upright position – Dyson Ball DC24 Bagless Upright Vacuum
ANSWER : You DO NOT have to take your machine to a “certified technician” to fix
this problem. Stand behind your machine, lean
over and look at the front: Right in the center of the opening between the
machine and the beater bar head, you will see a black tab. Simply slide a
thin, flat-head screwdriver down and magically the machine will
release. NOW: once it\\’s released, simply examine the area where your
screwdriver JUST slid down…see the dirt and gunk? DON\\’T follow the
MANY suggestions of adding lubricant “which only works for a short
while” (by their own admission) WIPE AWAY THE DIRT AND GUNK and voila!
YOU are now a “certified technician” and you didn\\’t have to sit through
any technical school to get there! You go girl!!!!!!!

Dyson DC25 upright not standing upright
ANSWER : Hi its Darran at Dyson.

So that we can help resolve, please contact our Helpline on 0800 298 0298 (UK) or 1866MYDYSON (US). It sounds as though your stabiliser has come out of place and one of our advisors should be able to help you pop this back in.

Kind regards
Dyson Customer Service

Dyson DC28 Air Muscle Vacuum that is stuck in upright position
ANSWER : This turns out to be an easy fix.
.First, get some graphite lube.
.Lay the vac on it’s ‘face’.
.1) On the underside of the vacuum, there is a 1/2″ wide ‘groove” in the motor housing, that runs up the centerline of the machine. Follow this groove from the front of the machine towards the back. As you follow it ‘up’ into the machine, the groove will ‘end’. Just past this point there will be a small black plastic piece with little ‘ears’ that is resting in another groove that continues just past the point where the first groove ended. This is the upright position lock that isn’t releasing. (I’ve painted the ‘ears’ red in the attached photo)
.2) Using a screwdriver, or butter knife, etc, gently lift this piece out of the groove. The vacuum head should now easily tilt down like it should.
.3) Flip the vacuum over onto it’s ‘back’ and you will be able to see the grooves, now visible on the front of the lower head. Apply the graphite to the smaller (upper) groove and try working the unit in and out of the upright position several times to work the graphite into the locking mechanism